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GMIC Slides

  1. 1. DIGITAL DMC Introducing, a totally new way to organize destination services for non-group tourist.
  2. 2. First, for travel agents to book destination services for their customers. Then, for the customers to book it themselves.
  3. 3. One page summaryJust like every computer brand needs an OEM, every tour agentneeds a DMC (Destination Management Company)The DMCs are the oversea contractor for the local branded touragents. They provide destination services like Hotels, Transportservices, Tour guides, Sightseeing and other Tourist Activities.(just like Foxconn to Apple.)In a highly fragmented market the world’s top 10 DMC’s canstill achieve a combined sales of more than $20 billion.Using latest Smart phone and GPS technology, Tourism Mediahas developed a disruptive solution and will be the first moverto launch a Digital DMC. It provides end to end solution for theagents – PreTrip & OnTrip services at a fraction of current cost.We have signed up a host pre-launched collaborators. We aretargeting sales of $25m, $100m and $200m; respectively forthe first three years. Tourism Media Pte Ltd
  4. 4. Defining the size SIZE OF DMC BUSINESS LodgingSightseeing Tours Transportation
  5. 5. Defining the size DMC Top ten DMC handles about $20 billion worth of business mainly through travel operators.
  6. 6. Defining the size DMC More than 200,000 bookings a day More $5 billion a year. In 2010 GTA was acquired by their competitor (KUONI) for S$1billion.
  7. 7. From a Destination view
  8. 8. Defining the entry strategy Our strategy, is to offer a radically lower cost, to service the current DMC customers which are the travel agents.
  9. 9. Defining the entry strategy On, an apple to apple comparison, our cost to the agent, can be as low as 30% lower than current operating method. $1,000 $700 Traditional DMCs Digital DMCs
  10. 10. Defining the entry strategy We can achieve it because: 1. we leverage on, smart phone adoption, GPS technology, and the mobile Internet. 2. we offer an end to end digital solutions with less human intervention. 3. we leverage on google earth technology to allow customers to visualize their journey tour routing. 4. we leverage on the latest meta search technology. 5. and most crucial. we own, the worlds largest depository, of location based tourist stories.
  11. 11. Defining the our Value It will totally change the way how DMC, operates. This new breed of mobile powered DMC, will provide, end to end solutions. Tour agents will enjoy tremendous savings, which, they can pass it back to the travelers.
  13. 13. A Tourism Logistic Service (Aka Mobile DMC) We have the facilitating box Our content and travel tools GPS-DIGITAL Location-Based Mobile Tour Guides Services Our pipeline connecting to tourism Multi Media content We control the last End User mile to customer content and toolsNavigational Services OnTrip Program CRM & Concierge Manager services House Brand End User Our House brand: Management Reports End User Multi City Hotels Payment services Material Sourcing Customer Our customer Brand End User Operators (Hotel, transport, attraction Restaurants & Airline Entertainment Tour Operator s) Car Operator Cruise companies Location Advertising Web Mktg Web Travel Portals platform Services End User Travel Stores We charge by Transportation the number of POWERS the above Service Layers: layers used. This frees the operator from logistic tasks and focus full time on Product design and marketing
  14. 14. Introduction Our assets: Internet Technology Content The world’s largest depository of • Meta search for to sniff out the best room location-tagged touristic stories rates of 300,000 hotels. (20,000 minutes & growing) • World’s first Dynamic tour-package pricing system. • Innovative multimedia web travel brochures. Relationships. Mobile Technology • Business relationships with • An intelligent & robust algorithm, to more than 300,000 suppliers. trigger the media at the defined • Business relationships with place to the defined profiled value-added resellers and visitor, via the smartphone. affiliates partners. • A suite of innovative touring tools that enriches touring experiences for the targeted market
  15. 15. OPERATORLogistic hub A Tourism Services PAY MODEL Aka Mobile DMC Customer THE VALUE TO CURRENT OPTION Competitive Our Advantage income: ESTABLISHMENT Airlines Allows airlines to operate multi Restricted to single city FIT tours destinations only using human guides 1. Reduced Average US$3- Liability US$10 a day Tour Ability to power independent touring Inbound agents using human 2. Lower cost. depending on job packages. tour coordinators 3. Multi scope. Operators Ability to operate multi languages language capability 50-50 Share in Allows car rental companies to package Packaged with hotels without 4. Scalable advertising Car Rental the transportation services with hotels guides operations revenue. Companies and guide service. 5. Consistent quality Other revenue: 6. Lower Cust Allows cruise companies to sell do-it- Operates only coach tours Travelomization Cruise yourself shore excursions, a new source operating CRM Companies cost - User Concierge service of income. customize Product integration own Pre-Purchase ToolsRetail Agents Provide retail/online agents to earn Very limited FIT tour products. package additional income with a system Sells mainly air tickets and(Online & B&M) supported FIT touring product that group tour products. requires minimum service support.