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Ericsson 5G Radio Dot Infographic


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Published in: Technology
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Ericsson 5G Radio Dot Infographic

  1. 1. Ericsson5GRadioDot 90% 8X oftimespent indoors datatrafficgrowth IoTand IndustrialIoT 4K/8Kvideo streaming VirtualReality& AugmentedReality Immersive Media 1billion 5Gsubscriptions 60% unsatisfiedwith indoorcoverage Thenextbigthinginsmallcells Youneedfastrolloutof5Gindoorcoverage Stepinsideforbreakthroughindoorcovarage Today? 2024 Enterprisesandconsumersdemand SameRadioDotarchitecture-Betterperformance Deliversspeedsupto2Gbps Supportsnew5Gmidbands-3-6GHZ Ericsson5GRadioDot