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5 glimpses into our 5G future


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To learn more about the opportunities that 5G will create, Ericsson commissioned a detailed survey of more than 650
decision-makers from eight key industries. Here, we have gathered five glimpses into their 5G future.

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5 glimpses into our 5G future

  1. 1. 5 glimpses into our 5g future
  2. 2. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 2 While many manufacturers are looking ahead to self- driving cars enabled by 5G, they consider self-driving systems a less immediate priority. Instead, enhanced GPS with instant traffic and map updates is the most favored use case for 5G globally, by 67% of respondents. The connected car is the next big thing
  3. 3. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 3 5G will enable both battery- dependent devices to have a long lifespan—10 years or more—as well as fast, reliable communication. This advancement will make it possible to have massive deployment of sensors in a smart and cost-efficient way. costs, secure facilities Expect examples like leak detectors on a pipeline in the near future. Utilities are also interested in using robotics connected by 5G in dangerous or remote places
  4. 4. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 4 Nearly all of the public safety executives surveyed say that their organizations are investing to take advantage of these technologies to create operational value for citizens (96%) and for operational efficiency (90%). 5g will help keep people safer First responders can use enhanced GPS to reach their destination faster
  5. 5. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 5 The healthcare industry foresees the adoption of remote house calls with diagnosis via video and video push for patient tutorials. Virtual reality could revolutionize medical training while haptic control gives physicians the “feel” of a patient’s body during remote examinations or even remote surgery. Making remote medical care a reality 5G promises to make remote medical care a reality—and to be a change agent for the future of the industry.
  6. 6. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 6 The higher capacity of 5G will put media and gaming companies on track to adopt 4K streaming and even virtual reality to mobile devices. Truly immersive experiences from live concerts and sporting events will become common. A significant majority of executives surveyed point to live personal 3D broadcasting and fixed wireless broadband as additional developments expected from 5G. 5G will bring truly immersive experience
  7. 7. Ericsson Internal | 2016-03-28 | Page 7