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Learn how Ericom's cost-effective, simple, yet powerful solutions can help you manage challenges such as moving to the cloud, mobile & BYOD and enhancing user experience.

View this presentation to see how Ericom's portfolio of remote access solutions are designed to access any application, from anywhere and any device. They can be used in combination or each on their own; centrally managed or unmanaged. Ericom's RDP clients can also integrate with the Ericom Secure Gateway, which can be used with or instead of a VPN or an SSL VPN.

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  • Since the launch of Ericom Connect, we have received a lot of industry coverage that reflects our product innovation and leadership.
    We have also been named as a Major Player in an IDC MarketScape report covering Virtual Client Computing.
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  • Ericom Corporate Overview

    1. 1. Introduction to Ericom Software January 2016
    2. 2. Ericom Software Established: 1993 Offices: USA, UK, EMEA Countries: Over 45 Customers: Over 30,000 We enable organizations across all industries to provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data 2
    3. 3. GOVERNMENT INDUSTRYEDUCATION FINANCE OTHER Ericom Selected Customers Worldwide 3
    4. 4. Ericom is the “Access Done Right” company Any Application AnywhereAny Device 4
    5. 5. Our Market Story: Innovation Timeline PowerTerm WebConnect Affordable, easy-to-use virtualization Productivity, Performance, Fast Remote User Experience Clientless HTML5 browser remote access from any device Hyper-scalable, centrally managed access to any application from any device anywhere 2005 2009 2011 2015 Ericom Blaze Ericom AccessNow Ericom Connect 5
    6. 6. Ericom in the Marketplace - Analysts Perspective 6 “As a “Major Player”, Ericom has followed a design strategy of prioritizing virtual client, management and business analysis features that organizations need” Robert Young, IDC Research Manager “Homegrown innovation….a scalable product designed to up to 100, 000 concurrent user sessions and installs in less than 20 minutes.” John Abbott, Founder, Distinguished Analyst, 451 “Ericom’s default browser-based access, powerful embedded analytics tools and centrally managed access from a single, Web- based management console are real differentiators!” Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions, Ovum "Ericom provides visibility into user activity, a variety of app access options, and core architecture to deliver apps and desktops at the scale required to keep pace with today’s business priorities.” Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.
    7. 7. Industry Mega Trends Mobile & BYOD User Experience & Collaboration Moving to the Cloud 7
    8. 8. Ericom: Bridging OLD and NEW Windows based apps Stationary workforce Dedicated work machines On-premise based security Cloud based apps Work from anywhere Device agnostic Highly secure Super scalable 8
    9. 9. Thin Clients Remote User PCs Local PCs Smartphones Google Chromebooks Tablets Ericom’s Access Portfolio and Technologies Virtual Desktops (VDI) Windows Terminal Servers Blade PCs Legacy Hosts (IBM Mainframe, AS/400, UNIX, etc.) Ericom Connect Ericom AccessNow Ericom Blaze Ericom AccessToGo Cost-effective Central Management The BYOD Enabler Remote User Experience and Productivity Speed, Freedom and Mobile Access Convenience 9
    10. 10. What is Ericom Connect? Powerful for the enterprise Next Generation Ericom connection broker Focus on scalability and ease of use The features you need without the complexity and overhead 10
    11. 11. Ericom Connect – Product Highlights • 100,000 managed users per connection broker server • Security complied with industry standards • Hyper scalability and flexibility • Reporting, business intelligence and analytics • Multi tenancy and delegated administration
    12. 12. Why Now?  Mobility  BYOD  Cloud  DaaS  Security  Governance  Industry Consolidation 12
    13. 13. Ericom Demo Sites 13
    14. 14. Questions? Comments? Connect with Ericom
    15. 15. Thank You!