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With Ericom AccessNow™ – Google Chromebooks
offer a complete educational access platform!
Empower students and staff to ac...
1. Open the web page
2. Enter your log-in credentials
3. Click ‘Connect’ — The desktop (or application) appears
directly i...
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Ericom® AccessNow™ and Google Chromebooks in Education


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Using Ericom AccessNow, schools can empower students and educators with immediate access to Windows and web-based educational, administrative and assessment applications anywhere and on any device, including Chromebooks.

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Ericom® AccessNow™ and Google Chromebooks in Education

  1. 1. With Ericom AccessNow™ – Google Chromebooks offer a complete educational access platform! Empower students and staff to access all of their applications — Google Apps, and Windows applications, virtual desktops and all websites. All you need is a Chromebook and an Internet connection. Ericom AccessNow is a pure HTML5 RDP Client, providing access to Windows applications and virtual desktops running on Windows Terminal Services/RDS/VDI platforms directly from Chromebooks. The Chromebook and AccessNow Combined Solution Does away with Windows PCs software management. Does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other underlying technology on the end-user device, significantly reducing IT overhead. Gives students and faculty the mobility to access Windows apps, desktops and websites from anywhere (school, library, home, or lab). Using AccessNow students can connect through the internet and access their Windows desktops and applications, including VMware View virtual desktops right from the browser. Simple, easy and inexpensive to maintain, works through the browser on all devices, for non- Chromebooks it does not require any upgrades or patches on the user’s device — NO software installation or plug-ins required. Providing students with Chromebooks rather than PCs simplifies the life of system administrators. Enables BYOD implementations — supports access from any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform, including Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android, etc. Work with your Web apps and any Windows applications — simultaneously! Real Benefits! AccessNow and Google Chromebooks are the ideal solution for education; schools that need to provide access to both Windows applications and desktops and websites, with ZERO client installations: AccessNow for Chromebooks Visit Read about these and other Ericom AccessNow deployments: • Richland School District Two Acquires a 30,000 User License of Ericom AccessNow • Ericom AccessNow Enables Hanover School District to Implement One to One Computing and BYOD Using Google Chromebooks, Students and Faculty Can Now Access Windows Applications & Desktops and All Websites
  2. 2. 1. Open the web page 2. Enter your log-in credentials 3. Click ‘Connect’ — The desktop (or application) appears directly inside the browser window 4. That’s it. “AccessNow fits right in with our goal to provide students with a computing experience that closely matches the traditional, full desktop computing experience and is affordable and productive …We quickly discovered how easy AccessNow is to deploy and use. You simply log in and you have your Windows desktop. It just works.” Tommy Carter, IT Systems Engineer for Richland School District Two Copyright © 2013 Ericom Software Ltd. Ericom is a registered trademark of Ericom Software Ltd. Google and Chromebook are trademarks of Google, Inc. Other company and brand, products and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. North America Ericom Software Inc. 231 Herbert Avenue Closter, NJ 07624 USA T +1 (201) 767 2210 F +1 (201) 767 2205 Toll-free 1 (888) 769 7876 E-mail UK & Western Europe Ericom Software (UK) Ltd. 11a Victoria Square Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 8DE United Kingdom T + 44 (0) 845 644 3597 F + 44 (0) 845 644 3598 E-mail International Ericom Software Ltd. 8 Hamarpeh Street Har Hotzvim Technology Park Jerusalem 91450 Israel T + 972 (2) 591 1700 F + 972 (2) 571 4737 E-mail DS-G-130204-100Q Alternatively, Ericom AccessNow can be integrated into the school’s portal. By simply clicking on an icon, the user connects to their Windows apps or desktop. 1. End-user navigates to the AccessNow URL to start the connection 2. Client connects to AccessNow Server using WebSockets — AccessNow Server is usually installed on RDP host itself 3. AccessNow Server translates WebSocket communication to/from RDP 4. Remote Windows desktop/application UI is displayed inside the browser window NOTE: Optionally, client connects to AccessNow Server through Ericom Secure Gateway It’s so simple! All you need is a Web-browser, and an internet connection. Resources available: • Product info and free evaluation, visit: • Online demo, visit: Ericom – Access Done Right Ericom® Software, is a leading global provider of Application Access, Virtualization (VDI) and RDP Acceleration Solutions. Since 1993, Ericom has been helping users access business-critical applications running on a broad range of Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops (VDI), Blade PCs, legacy hosts, and other systems. Ericom provides concrete business value by helping organizations realize the benefits of their IT investments. With offices and representatives in the United States, United Kingdom and EMEA, Ericom also has an extensive network of distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Far East. Our expanding customer base is more than 30 thousand strong, with over 7 million users. How Does AccessNow Work? Ericom AccessNow Components: