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Best seo services

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Best seo services

  1. 1. An overview of today’s SEO
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization techniques and method has changed a lot over the past few years. Google has been changing their mode of ranking the websites. Google has brought some updates to eliminate the spam websites.
  3. 3. Percentage of people using internet through various devices 8% 10% 82%
  4. 4. Mobile internet progress. 2010 2011 2012 2013 ----------- ----------- ----------- --- 4% 6% 7% 8% --- 4% 2010 6% 2011 7% 2012 8% 2013 ----------- ----------- ----------- Smart Phone Tablet
  5. 5. Google frequently revises and alters their algorithm in order to develop the organic search. Listed below are the latest updates: Introduced to target webspam, to take down sites with low quality links. Introduced to target webpages, to push down sites which use poor quality, duplicated or very little quality content. Most probably the next update to come from Google is Zebra. This will be focusing on social factors of a website.
  6. 6. SEO services will help you stay updated with the Google updates by working on the followings factors; SEO will help in creating relevant and simple URLs for your website. SEO services comprise of creation of high quality Infographics that have the potential of going viral through the targeted users.
  7. 7. Uploads engaging and informative videos that the targeted audience can easily access and share. Create quality and informative blog posts that readers will want to share, like, tweet.
  8. 8. Create excellent and engaging contents for your customers. Outreach your content to a network of relevant bloggers. Promotion of quality content on relevant websites.
  9. 9. While SEO develops it is essential to make sure you are building up and promoting your social gestures.
  10. 10. SEO services are essential for every business to make a stand in the online world. It is difficult to adapt yourself to the Google updates and keep on updating websites. Treuemax provide quality SEO services at an affordable price. Treuemax studies about the clients and work according to the needs of that particular client.


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