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Breeder Barn Maintenance - Flat Chain Feeder


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An overview of maintenance practices to keep your flat chain feeding system performing optimally. Covers corner care, tensioning, and drive sprocket wear.

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Breeder Barn Maintenance - Flat Chain Feeder

  1. 1. Breeder Barn Maintenance Flat Chain Feeders
  2. 2. Chain Tension • Lift chain out of trough in first section after drive wheel. It should lift 1.5” above the top of the trough • Remove links and reconnect if too loose • Add links and reconnect if too tight • If at any point caterpillaring is noticed, remove 2-3 links until properly tensioned. Power supply should be properly locked-out/tagged-out before testing tension
  3. 3. Oiling Corners • Remove thumbscrew from corner cover • Add a few drops of SAE 10W oil in center post • Replace thumbscrew Oil corners every 60 days
  4. 4. Checking Drive Sprocket • Compare wear on the drive side and the back side • If significant wear is seen on drive side, remove wheel, turn around, and replace
  5. 5. Gearbox Lubrication Check oil level every 6 monthsCheck Change oil every 12 monthsChange Use approximately ¾ quart of 80W-90Use
  6. 6. Remember… • Never run the system without feed for an extended amount of time • During flock cleanouts, all drive components should be inspected for wear that indicates misalignment
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