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  1. 1. Page | 1 Resume Erick N. Maxwell, Ph.D., P.E., SM-IEEE 8023 WINDMARK PLACE, LITHIA SPRINGS, GA 30122 WORK: (404) 407-7339 CELL: (813) 503-9963 EMAIL: I. CAREER OBJECTIVES To make a significant impact through research and development, management, teaching and k-12 STEM outreach. II. ACADEMIC/WORK HISTORY Educational Background Degree Dates University Field Doctor of Philosophy (Conferred Dec. 15, 2007) 08/2000–12/2007 University of South Fl. 4202 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33620 Electrical Engineering  Nominee Best Dissertation  GPA: 3.95 Master of Science (Conferred Dec.. 12, 2003) 08/2002–12/2003 University of South Fl. 4202 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33620 Engineering Management  2 – Certifications (2006)  GPA: 4.0 Master of Science (Conferred May. 3, 2002) 08/2000–5/2002 University of South Fl. 4202 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33620 Electrical Engineering  RF/Microwave Option  1 – Certification (2003)  GPA: 3.9 Bachelor of Science (Conferred Dec. 16, 1994) 06/1988–12/1994 Southern University and A&M P.O. Box 9454 Baton Rouge, LA. 70813 Electrical Engineering  Magna Cum Laude  GPA: 3.803 Employment History Title Dates Organization Years Principal Research Engineer ELSYS Chief Engineer ELSYS Lead STEM Coordinator 06/2009–Present Georgia Tech Research Institute Electronic Systems Laboratory 400 10th St. N.W., Atlanta, GA 30332 7.60 Lead RF & Commun. Systems Engineer 02/2008–06/2009 MIT’s Charles Stark Draper Laboratory RF and Communication Systems Group 555 Technology Sq., Cambridge, MA 02139 1.33 Post-Doctoral Research Engineer 12/2007–02/2008 University of South Florida Wireless and Microwave Research Group 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620 0.17 Hardware Development Engineer a & Research and Development Engineer b 05/2005–08/2005b 05/2004–08/2004b 05/2003–08/2003b 05/2002–08/2002b 05/2001–08/2001a 04/1995–08/2000a Harris Corporation Government Communication Systems Division Electronic Packaging Group a & Microsystems Tech. Research Group b 1000 Charles J. Herbert Dr., Palm Bay, FL 32905 6.60 Eng. Cooperative Education Student 05/1994–08/1994 01/1993–07/1993 Delco Electronics 1 Corporate Center, Kokomo, IN 46904 0.75 Professional Registration/Certifications 2015 Registered Professional Engineer (State of Georgia - No. PE039844) 2011 Departmental Certification in Sponsored Programs, Georgia Tech 2008 Single Scope Background Investigation (Recertification in 2014) 2006 Certification in Total Quality Management, University of South Fl. 2006 Certification in Technology Management, University of South Fl. 2003 Registered Professional Engineer (State of Florida - No. 60170) 2003 Certification in Wireless and Microwave Engineering, University of South Fl. Current Fields of Interest Erick Maxwell is an expert in RF/microwave Circuits and Systems and their application towards the rapid development of prototypes. He is also passionate about using his mastery of Circuits and Systems and background in Engineering Management as a platform to advance k-12 and post-secondary STEM education, in an effort to improve the overall global competitiveness of the United States. As such, Dr. Maxwell’s current fields of study include RF/microwave circuits and systems development as well as STEM Education with an emphasis on applications in microwave receivers, antennas, ultra-wideband pulse generation, dielectric spectroscopy measurement, computational electromagnetics, and medical device development.
  2. 2. Page | 2 III. WORK EXPERIENCE Jul 1, 2009 - Present Principal Research Engineer (7 years 2 months) Key Product: Electrical and Computer /Biomedical Engineering Dept. Instructor 8/23/2010 - Present Taught Spring/2017, ECE2020-D: Fund. of Digital Syst. Design, 41 students Taught Spring/2017, ECE 4012-L8B:Capstone Design Project , 15 students Taught Fall/2016 ECE 4012-L48:Capstone Design Project, 11 students Taught Fall/2016 BMED 4823-BME:Capstone Design Project, 21 students Taught Spring 2016, ECE2020-IE3: Fund. Digital Syst. Design, 38 students Taught Spring 2015, BMED 4602-C:Capstone Design, 22 students Taught Fall 2015, BME 4602-C:Capstone Design Project, 22 students Taught Fall 2015, BME 6402-E:Capstone Design Project, 19 students Taught Fall 2015, ECE 4007-L1G:Capstone Design Project, 11 students Taught Fall 2014, BME 6402:Capstone Design Project, 23 students Taught Fall 2013, ECE 4007:Capstone Design Project, 42 students Taught Fall 2012, ECE 4007:Capstone Design Project, 52 students Taught Fall 2011, ECE 4007:Capstone Design Project, 43 students Taught Fall 2010, ECE 4007*:Capstone Design Project, 52 students Key Product: ELSYS Chief Engineer 7/1/2014 - Present Review proposed IRAD submissions Seek upper-level funding for ELSYS proposal Plan, organize and promote ELSYS academics Monitor and report on IRAD spending and progress Support ELSYS Chief Scientist meetings Lead internal and external systems engineering initiatives Serve as a backup for the ELSYS Chief Scientist Support strategic and tactical planning Provide management oversight for discretionary IRAD projects Represent ELSYS and GTRI to external visitors Provide leadership in developing cross-division technical teams Identify mentoring opportunities for young researchers Key Product: ELSYS Lead STEM Coordinator 03/27/2011 - Present Directed 6 annual rapid prototyping programs for high school students Wrote 9 training curriculums in electronic system prototyping Supervised & Trained 57 students in circuits and systems development Served as GTRI-STEM Liaison to Maynard Jackson High School Recruited 10-14 mentors, 8-trainers, 6-tour guides annually for 6 years Proposed, budgeted and secured funding in support of annual program Envisioned and developed a GTRI-Navy SeaPerch Competition Developed a process for onboarding minors Coordinate regularly with EHS, DO, OHR, RSD, TAG-Ed, and APS Planned and Supervised execution of ELSYS Rapid-EDP program Conducted mentor and student surveys for continuous improvement Ensure EHS, BOR, and ELSYS compliance for all minors/supervisors Key Product: ALE-50 Root Cause Failure Study 09/23/2013 –09/29/2014 Lead decoy hardware failure Analysis Team Planned and Supervised the development of decoy testing fixtures Planned and Supervised a successful effort to reverse engineering a decoy Determined the failed circuit board within the decoy Identified areas of interest for future investigation Supported customer-initiated inquiry to Raytheon Supported customer- initiated inquiry to Meggitt Key Product: GTRI Sensiotec Subproject 05/13/2013 – 02/07/2014 Lead performance improvement and expanded capability Planned, Supervised and Assisted in the redesign of a Heart Rate and Respiration Monitor Designed, Developed and Simulated the performance of Radar Board Identified improvement areas and supported customer inquiry Delivered a drawing and design package to the customer
  3. 3. Page | 3 Jul 1, 2009 - Present Principal Research Engineer (7 years 2 months) Key Product: ALR-69 and ALQ-213 Tech/ALE-50 Campus 03/01/2013 – 10/18/2013 Lead investigation of ALE-50 performance Evaluated 1553 traffic data Analyzed test reports Gathered data from AATC Tested severed tow-line Gathered Information and Coordinated Test assets of Warner Robins AFB Key Product: Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) Vendor Test Plan 08/19/2013 – 08/22/2013 Provided advice and input on test plans Reviewed the IMA Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) test plan Reviewed the IMA Qualification test plan Reviewed the IMA Specification Verified the traceability of the IMA specifications to a qualification test Key Product: Crystal Video Receiver (CVR) Vendor Test Plan 07/11/2013 – 08/20/2013 Wrote sections of the CVR First Article Design Verification Plan (FADV) Reviewed the CVR Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) test plan Reviewed the CVR Qualification test plan Reviewed the CVR Specification Verified the traceability of FADV with Specifications Key Product: Electronic Warfare Block Down Converter Module 02/10/2012 – 12/10/2012 Lead development of Block-Down Converter (BDC) Module Redesign Planned and Supervised development of four custom Analog/RF designs Developed card-level specifications for Block-Down Converter Module Conducted customer/internal specification, prelim and critical design reviews Designed, Developed and Tested CCA for Instant Frequency Measurement Designed, Developed and Tested a CCA for RF to IF conversion Designed, Developed and Tested CCAs for Frequency Synthesis & Power Distribution Delivered 10 BDC modules Key Product: Electronic Warfare Master Amplifier Module 03/01/2012 – 09/01/2012 Lead development of Master Amp Module (MA) Re-Design Planned and Supervised development of three custom Analog/RF designs Developed card-level specifications for Block-Down Converter Module Conducted customer/internal specification, prelim and critical design reviews Developed I2 C control card and GUI for Master Amp Control Designed, Developed and Tested CCAs for Microwave Gain Amplification & Signal Combining Designed, Developed and Tested CCA for I2C controller of AGC-RF Switch Delivered 2 Master Amp modules Key Product: Electronic Warfare Front-End Receiver Active Assembly Module 07/01/2009 – 11/01/2011 Lead development of Front-End Receiver (FE) Module Planned and Supervised development of 32 custom RF and Digital designs Developed I2 C control card and GUI for controlling Front-End Receiver Developed 6-18 GHz, 5-Band, 10-Channel, Front-End in 11”x3”x1” size Designed, Developed and Tested 10 CCAs for banded Front-End Gain Designed, Developed and Tested CCAs for Power and Control distribution Designed, Developed and Tested 20 custom CCA’s for Filter Interfaces Designed, Developed and Tested CCA for AGC, Bias control, and Power-up Key Product: Electronic Warfare Front-End Receiver Passive Assembly Module 07/01/2009 – 11/01/2011 Lead development of Front-End Sum/Difference (SD) Module Planned and Supervised development of 5 custom Analog/RF designs Developed 6-18 GHz Microstrip Rat-Race Coupler and Limiter CCAs Designed, Developed and Tested 5 CCA’s for power limiting and coupling Developed performance specification for a Broad Band High Power Limiter Coordinated development and delivery of Broad-Band High Power Limiter Key Product: Armored Personnel Carrier/Rapid Equipping Force TBI Design 07/07/2011 – 10/11/2011 Lead development of high power passive RFID prototype Planned and Supervised development of RFID System design Designed, Developed and Tested performance of RFID System
  4. 4. Page | 4 Feb 25, 2008 – Jun 30, 2009 RF Comm. Systems Lead Engineer (1 years 4 months) Key Product: Phase Noise Measurement System Developed TCXO phase noise measurement system for DARPA Vanishingly Small System Key Product: Antenna Study and Surveillance System Performed survey and trade-study of UHF, S-band, L-band antennas for SLV Developed code, architecture and debugged HW for surveillance system Key Product: Power-Line Radar Conducted study of power-line radar for fine resolution load signature ID Wrote/Delivered report of findings Key Product: Tunable L-Band Antenna Developed varactor-tuned L-band antenna Performed efficiency study and modeling Wrote/Delivered a feasibility report Key Product: Small-Guided Projectiles Study Evaluated requirements for an L-band projectile antenna Surveyed suppliers Wrote and Delivered a feasibility report Dec 21, 2008 – Feb 22, 2008 Post-Doctoral Fellow (0 years 2 months) Key Product: L-Band Radiometer for Biophysical Monitoring and Measurement Designed an L-band Dicke radiometer with 500 MHz bandwidth (BW) and variable integration time Developed and tested 500MHz L-band Total Power Radiometer (TPR) using horn and patch antennas Apr 3, 1995 – Aug 12, 2005 Hardware Design Engineer ( 6 years 7 months) Key Product: Industry Wide Sensor Survey Update 05/2005-08/2005 Updated research on novel sensing technologies being developed in academia and industry. Recommended a beacon arbitrated, self-managed nodal network of sensor Wrote report from SBIR/STTR survey and DOD awards: “2005 Industry Sensor Survey” Key Product: Industry Wide Sensor Survey 05/2004-08/2004 Conducted research on novel sensing technologies being developed in academia and industry. Developed classification system for sensors Wrote “2004 Industry Sensor Survey” Key Product: Video Card and LCP Antenna for UAV 05/2003-08/2003 Miniaturized Mini-Bob II Video Text Display (VTD) Card Designed GSM and GPS Antennas for UAV using liquid crystal polymer Performed current/temperature profiling of traces on flex circuit Key Product: DARPA Proposal Development 05/2002-08/2002 Assisted in development of sensor related research proposal Developed “QUAD” charts documenting technologies w/ integration potential Key Product: Concord 2000 Program 05/2001-08/2001 Designed and Coded the Input Control Function, and Pipeline Function for PINF Gate Array (FPGA) Wrote test benches (TB’s) to test the functional and back-annotated design Performed simulations to verify functionality of design
  5. 5. Page | 5 Apr 3, 1995 – Aug 12, 2005 Hardware Design Engineer ( 6 years 7 months) Key Product: Tri-Band Anti-Jam Modem Suite Program 02/2000-08/2000 Performed redesign of modem predecessor Designed with TMS320LC5410 DSP, in-system programmability and design for testability Key Product: F-1 Proposal 01/2000-02/2000 Wrote a proposal for a mini-space to ground link receiver Determined costs, manpower, modifications, challenges and time Key Product: Alliance Program 02/1999-01/2000 Developed card-level specification for DSP and test cards Performed design and test of 2”x3”, 14-layer, two-sided, blind and buried vias Designed w/ 5-mil traces/space & over 400 surface and BGA components Conducted internal and customer design reviews Key Product: Field Programmable Unit II Program [FPU2] 04/1998-02/1999 Performed design and test of miniature CCA Interfaced with a modified PRISM chip set Key Product: Concord Program 02/1996-04/1998 Performed design and test of a 6Ux9U, 14 Layer CCA with Emitter-Coupled (ECL), Backplane- Transceiver (BTL) and Transistor-Transistor (TTL) Logic Designed with Versa Module Eurocard (VME) bus, 4 Clock Regimes, 7 32-bit busses, 4 power levels, and 55 MHz signals Interfaced with 4 external interfaces including a daughter card, krypto graphics encryption device (KG), and Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem coding Wrote VHDL code for 19 FPGAs, and 7 PLDs (Programmable Logic Device) Achieved First Pass Success on complex design: No Re-Spins Key Product: Kingfish Program 01/1996-02/1996 Developed a 6K gate design for ACTEL FPGA using schematic capture Key Product: Phantom Program 08/1995-01/1996 Performed design and test of Antenna Control Card using of PLDs Key Product: Video Semiconductor Program 07/1995-08/1995 Performed ACTEL FPGA design/sim. of Video DRAM controller w/ Cadence Key Product: IRAD 5000 Program 04/1995-07/1995 Performed redesign of I/O controller with red/black data issues, using PLDs and PAL devices IV. SELECTED ORIGINAL AND INNOVATIVE WORK 1. E. Maxwell, “Ultra-Wideband Electronics, Design Methods, Algorithms, and Systems for Dielectric Spectroscopy of Isolated B16 Tumor Cells in Liquid Medium”, Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, Fl., (2007). 2. E. Maxwell, T. Weller, and E. Odu, “Design and Analysis of a Multi-Port Circuit for Shaping Sub- nanosecond Pulses,” IEEE Transaction on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol. 56, no. 12, pt. 1, pp. 2764- 2770, Dec. 2008. 3. S. Thompson, E. Maxwell, and A. Serna, “First Article Design Verification for the AN/ALQ-184 Crystal Video Receiver”, Electronic Systems Laboratory, GTRI, Atlanta, Ga., Technology Report AL18431000R02 (FA9201-11-D-0096-0008), rev-, Sep. 12, 2013. 4. E. Maxwell, M. Warrior, and A. Craven, “Feasibility of an IFM-based System for Broadband Tunable Gain Slope Equalization,” in Proceedings of the 82nd ARFTG Conference on Characterization, Modeling, and Design of RF and mm-Wave Devices and Circuits, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH: IEEE, Nov. 18-22, 2013. 5. E. Maxwell, T. Weller and J. Harrow, “A Tunable Ultra-Wideband Pulse Generator Using a Variable Edge Rate Signal,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, Singapore: IEEE, Dec. 4- 7, 2006, pp. 1724-1727.
  6. 6. Page | 6 V. ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL HONORS Research Recognition Awards 1. GTRI Distinguished Outreach Award, ELSYS Rapid-EDP Team, Atlanta, Ga, 2015 2. Elevated to Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013 3. GTRI Spot Award for Best IRAD Deliverable, Atlanta, Ga., 2013 4. $16,600.00 GTRI IRAD, Gain Slope Equalization, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Ga., 2013 5. GTRI Spot Award: Development/leadership of RAPID-EDP, Atlanta, Ga., 2012 6. GTRI Spot Award: Leading Block Down Converter Development, Atlanta, Ga., 2012 7. GTRI Spot Award: Development/Leadership of Intern Program, Atlanta, Ga., 2011 8. One GTRI Collaboration Award: Support Largest Cross-lab team, Atlanta, Ga., 2011 9. Inducted into USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors, Tampa, Fl., 2011 10. $16,824.00 GTRI Faculty Teaching Fellowship, Georgia Tech, 2010-2013 11. $100,000.00 Power Line Radar IRAD, MIT’s Charles Stark Draper Lab, 2009 12. $52,000.00 UNCF/Merck Science Initiative Dissertation Fellowship, 2006-2007 13. $30,500.00 Grad Education Opportunity Grant Multicultural Fellowship, 2006-2007 14. $3,125.00 Rise Fellowship, 2007 15. $85,000.00 Integrative Grad Education and Research Traineeship, NSF, 2004-2006 16. $95,000.00 McKnight Doctoral Fellow, Florida Education Fund, 2000-2005 17. $2,000.00 Florida/Georgia Louis Stokes AMP Scholar, 2004 18. 1st Place-Student Paper, IEEE Sarnoff, Princeton University Princeton, NJ, 2006 19. Best Presentation, Harris Corp., Palm Bay, Fl., 2004 20. Best Technical Presentation, Harris Corp., Palm Bay, Fl., 2003 Patents 1. E. Maxwell, “System and Method for a Dynamic Liquid Core Patch Antenna and Broadband Frequency Agility,” Full U.S. Patent 8,970,439 B2, Mar 03, 2015. 2. E. Maxwell, T. Weller, E. Odu, “RF Microwave Circuit and Pulse Shaping Method,” Full U.S. Patent 8,248,125 B1, Mar. 13, 2012. 3. E. Maxwell, T. Weller, “System and Method for a Single Stage Tunable Ultra-Wideband Pulse Generator,” Full U.S. Patent 7,869, 526, Jan. 11, 2011. 4. E. Maxwell, T. Weller, “RF Microwave Circuit and Pulse Shaping Method,” Full U.S. Patent 8,134,394, Mar. 13, 2012. 5. E. Maxwell, “Technique and Methods for A Simple Coaxial Transmission-Line Dielectric Measurement of Liquid Samples,” Provisional U.S. Patent Applied For 60/916,042, 2007. 6. E. Maxwell, “Self-Mammogram Assisted Resolution Tool (SMART),” Provisional Patent/Disclosure GTRC5023, Sep. 2011. 7. E. Maxwell, “Cast Embedded Vascular Ultrasound,” Provisional Patent/Disclosure GTRC5395, Apr 2011. 8. E. Maxwell, “Acoustically Enhanced EKG,” Provisional Patent/Disclosure GTRC5396, Apr 2011. Other Honors and Awards 1. Youth Advocate Award, Technology Association of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, August 3, 2016 2. NSF HBCU-UP Award for Outreach, Service and Research, Alabama State Univ., Montgomery, AL, 2008 3. Carl Crawford Award for Outreach and Service, Florida Education Fund, Tampa, FL, 2007 4. NSF HBCU-UP National Research Conference Diversity Award in recognition of “outstanding commitment to promoting diversity in graduate education,” Washington, D.C., Oct. 4-7, 2007. 5. Kuwait Liberation Medal, U.S. Armed Forces , 1992 6. Presidential Citation, U.S. Armed Forces, 1992 7. U.S. Veteran of Foreign Wars, U.S. Army, 1990 8. Southwest Asia Service Medal with 2 Bronze Service Stars, U.S. Armed Forces, 1991 9. National Defense Service Medal (Period: 9/11/90-6/30/91), U.S. Armed Forces, 1990 10. Army Commendation Medal, U.S. Armed Forces, 1990 11. U.S. Army Award of Honor, U.S. Armed Forces, 1989 References: Furnished Upon Request