Question 1-in what ways does your media product


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Question 1

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Question 1-in what ways does your media product

  2. 2. As part of the task of our media products we had toconsider many different horror conventions. Wecould either use some that are already exits ashorror convention, play around and develop themfurther or challenge them so its different. The mainhorror conventions that expected to see in mosthorror films are isolatedlocation, sound, blood, death, final girl, jock, andgeek girl and boy.I have selected 11 frames from our final productexplain the conventions uses.
  3. 3. Frame 1 In this frame in the background there is a school, with three schoolgirls walking out of it. This suggests that they are very innocent and it sets the scene of the horror film, as you wouldnt expect anything happen to the girls. Also the fact that the girls are leaving at quite a gloomy and dull time it makes the girls look vulnerable and this makes it appropriate for a horror film. Furthermore the girls look very involved with school due to that fact they are holding folders and books, which show the audience, they are willing to work. Also in this scene we had the camera on a tripod and the effect it gave was very professional as the establishing shot of the place was very noticeable and also made the people stand out within the shot. If this part was hand held I don’t think it would have looked as effective because we wanted it to stand out that the school was significant to the personality of the three girls.
  4. 4. The clothes that they are wearing are typicalAmerican film style clothes that they would wearin a horror film. One of the films in which gaveus the idea of this is "Friday The 13th". Theclothes are very casual and also one person isin sports wear in which Ericka is in ours. Wehave played on the fact she is wearing sportsclothes is because its meant to represent thatshe is a strong character and would be able todefend and protect herself but actually she is theone that week and isn’t able to escape the killer.I think the idea of having quite chilled out clothesmakes them all seem the same. In a horror filmthis is key because it’s a mystery and nobodysknow who the killer is and it makes him or her alllook similar.
  5. 5. Frame 2 This frame is showing the girls walking towards the woods entrance. This shot we decided to focus more on the location of the place. From frame one the shot is very open and freely but suddenly it brought to a narrow and more compact setting. This mean the girls with in the shot have to become closer to on another which emphasis the fact it’s the last time they will be this close together. The setting and the way the characters act can give hints to the audience of something that might happen. Furthermore the lighting within the clip is very gloomy and most horror films have a gloomy effect to make it more dramatic and horrific atmosphere.One of the films that we were influenced by was “Blind Alley” and firstly I likethe idea from the title. The word Blind suggest if you go down an alley youwouldn’t know what to expect and this is what we want the audience to feelfrom our movie. The fact that the walls are enclosing the area it show theaudience that there is no where to run and once they are there then it meansthere is no way out. In our film we have showed this more through onecharacter, as she is the one that gets killed.
  6. 6. Frame 3 This frame works a lot on how the camera is positioned as it is through the trees. The trees give the spookiness of the horror film as they scatted and enclosed to the entrance of the woods. This is from the killers point of view so it emphasis that something bad is going to happen and the fact that it is before they arrive at the woods it suggest that the killer has its eyes on the target. Point of view shot are a conventions of horror are this reflect how the killer is feeling and what he may do to strike a sceneThis picture has the same effect that we do inour film as it show the killer want to strike andhurt the girls. The fact in our horror film hasthree girls it shows the innocents that girls canhave. The picture is a shot from “Night Mare onElm Street”. It seems that most of the shot fromthe killer’s point of view are in medium shot thisis probably because the killer is able to see thearea that they are in and who there victims
  7. 7. Frame 4 This shot is similar to the one above and links in with the points that I made but the killer has its eyes more on the target of the victim that it wants. We can tell from this shot as it victim is close the killer is staying in a more significant hiding place and this is suggest by the tree having leaves and the camera is looking through a smaller gap. I think this creates suspense to the audience as we to hints that something might happen now. Also the lighting in this scene is dull around the leaves and brighter where the girl (Ericka) is walking past and this shows her innocent life and how chilled she is.
  8. 8. Frame 5This shot is of the killers feet which is alittle bit of iconography because when everthe audience see this they will be able totell that the killer is there. The fact thatthere is a close up on the feet shows thatthe killer at the moment wants to keep theiridentity hidden and this happens a lot inhorror films. Furthermore the fact that itlooks like the killer is taking small steps itsuggest to the audience that he is creepingup on it final out come. This was doneeffectively in scream, as you never actuallyknew where the killer was only by theiconography of the weapon and mask
  9. 9. Frame 6 This shot suggest a lot about horror films. Firstly the location as it is set in woods and as the place isn’t full of people and not popular it straightaway suggests that it’s a perfect place of a horror film to take place. People tend to avoid woods as it enclosed with trees and isolated from anything else. This frame shows Ericka looking around as she noticed some kind of noise. Another thing that is very effective is as part of the sound and the diegetic sound of the twigs cracking as it sounds like something is approaching and with the fear on the girls face we can tell that so is suspicious that she can hear something that is around her. Also from this we can tell that is a stereotypical sports person as she is grabbing her basketball as part of her defenceThis is a shot from Cabin in the woods and I thinkdoesn’t want to lose it. and thishas influenced, as most with the staging and the lookwe wanted to get across to the audience. This is shownthrough the fact that the person is in fear and hassomething as part of their defence. Also there is no oneelse within the shot, which then again suggest that theyare alone and has no one for protection. Furthermore inhorror films the killer will often victimise the people whoare alone because there is none to get for help and itmakes it easier for them to attack.
  10. 10. Frame 7This frame also emphasis on herstereotype of a good sports person as sheis running as she hear lots of noise andsaw someone in the distance. To add tothis we have challenge the fact of herbeing the jock as stereotypically it’s themale character in this play this characterbecause they are shown as stronger. Thefact that she is running suggest that shewill be quick enough to escape from thekiller but yet to know she doesn’t reallyhave any common sense because afterthis she just stands behind a tree, insteadof escaping. This is where we challenge aconvention because the audience willexpect her to be a strong and fastcharacter that would be able to escape andprotect anyone else but she is the one whois hurt. I think we did this effectively
  11. 11. Frame 8 This is another significant screen as it shows a lot of iconography. One that we already said was the shoes but there is also the rope and the mask now. I think this has been done very well as the identity of the killer is still being hidden behind the mask and we can’t tell who at all who it is. In this scene we focus completely on the person/killer because this is the first time we able to see the whole body. The film “Friday the 13th” influenced the looks of our character.We liked the idea of the mask covering the face so we don’t know who it isand also gives a spooky look with it being whit and because when peoplegoing white it means there is something wrong with them and thisdemonstrate that the killer (Jason) is different and strange to anyone else.On our mask we decided to cover it in blood to show that the killer hasdone other stuff before and so it afraid of anything. Also with Jason fromFriday the 13ths his jacket is similar colour to the wood as it is brown andblends in well so he is well hidden, we have also gone for this effect so itshows like it the killers home and is use to the area in which hecommittees murder in. Lastly we decide to challenge the weapon that wechoose to use because most horror films use knifes and axe as theirweapons in which they kill with. As children like to make swings out ofwood in woods we thought this would be a really good weapon to have aswe have a setting of woods.
  12. 12. Frame 9This frame really reflects the personality ofEricka and how she doesn’t have commonsense. The first thing that is noticed is she islooking the wrong way and lets go of herbasketball which then tells the kill where she is.There is suspense also created in this clipbecause we know the killer can see her and wedon’t know when he will strike, I think theiconography is effective because the killerhimself makes him stand out. I think thisbecause of the fact the killer is holdings the ropewhich suggest to the audience that it will beused very soon and also the way that it is beingheld with both hands and the look that the killeris giving the girl. Through my research in anaudience point of view of watching a horror I seepeople like hiding in a cupboard in which theycan’t get out and this straight emphasis that theygoing to get killed, so by the ball rolling we have
  13. 13. Frame 10 The fear on Ericka face is very strong as she doesn’t have any back up to help her only option which she took was to scream but by the facial expression on her face she knows it’s too late. Most horror film have a very dramatic and horrific scene when it comes to the victim getting hurt by the killer as it takes time and build up to get to this part so the directors like that part to be the most significant and this is what we have done through different camera angles and sound through out our clip to lead up to this.
  14. 14. Frame 11This is one of the main conventions withina horror film and that is the blood. This is tomake is more dramatic as when peoplesee blood that know something horriblemust have happened. The challenged thisa little as most horror film you expect tosee a lot of blood but we decided to cut itdown and have a little dripping down fromwhen she was hung. The colour of it is redwhich emphasis the angry anddetermination that the killer has withhanging people and making people sufferthrough pain. I think scream was the filmthat influences us most on how much bloodwe were going to use because the killergets straight to the point in our film andalso scream. In scream he usually stabbedsomeone once and then he is finished andthe blood that he sees is mostly on his
  15. 15. SoundThe sound is a key convention of horror as it builds up the main part of thehorror film. From listening to different sound track we were mostlyinfluenced by the tract from “dead silence” as we wanted something thatbuilt up to the thing that happened. The music that were thought would workbest is music that fades in and gets louder and it makes the audience thinkof when something might happen and leaves them in suspense as theyhave no idea ad the track them repeats itself.
  16. 16. Conventions not IncludedJock- We did include this but our jock which was Ericka as she wasmade out to be the bigger character was soon lost due to the fact weplayed around with her character to make the audience have differentopinions on her as the film goes on.Geek girl/boy- we decided not to have these, as we want a group offriends that were very similar to get other and had the same sort ofpersonality just different hobbies. I think if we had included this our filmwouldn’t have worked as well as there would have had to have beenmore dialect and the amount we had was very effective and it was verymystery like.Dumb-We didn’t really have a dumb character that was veryemphasised; we just had a character without common sense. Wedecided to not use this as we wanted it to be more original and notcommon so it create suspense to the audience as they wont knowwhat might happen.
  17. 17. ThemeThe theme of our movie was teen and slasher as the three girls attend a highschool and this is suggest right at the beginning when the are walking out fromschool. I think by having a teen cast shows the innocent within the characters wellbecause they are only young and only just staring life. Furthermore it is slasherbecause of the killer going around and killing people, I think before of the themeswork well together. This was influence through scream as this is the same sort ofthing that we wanted to do but we attempted it in different ways.