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25 most common orchid species


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25 most common orchid species

  1. 1. 25 Most Common Orchid Species Brought to you by Types of Orchids
  2. 2. Phalaenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchids) • Most common indoor grown Orchids • Will thrive and re-bloom at home • Forgiving of mistakes, great for beginners • Available in all colors by blue and black • Looks like a flying moth when in full bloom
  3. 3. Cymbidium Orchids • Very popular Orchid • Last for months as cut flowers in water • Great for beginners • Needs temperatures to stay above 50 degrees
  4. 4. Paphiopedilum Orchids • Nicknamed the “Lady Slipper” • One of the most exotic looking Orchid Species • Hard to grow in pots indoors • Healthy root system is key to survival
  5. 5. Phaius Orchids • Grows flowers in bunches • Available in several colors • Extremely fragrant • Prefers temperatures between 65-70 degrees
  6. 6. Vanilla Orchids • The original producer of Vanilla • Produces great scent and taste • Takes several years to begin producing flowers • Hard to propagate
  7. 7. Laelia Orchid • Grow large flowers, up to 12 inches across • Prefer bright indirect sunlight • Need well-draining soil to thrive • Used to cultivate thousands of other species
  8. 8. Epidendrum Orchids • One of the first established Orchid genera • Produces bunches of red, orange, or yellow flowers • Prefer indirect sunlight and direct sunlight can kill this species
  9. 9. Cattleya Orchids • Sometimes referred to as “the queen or Orchids” • Storied past • Requires 4-7 years to flower • Produced in all colors by blue and black
  10. 10. Dendrobium Orchids • One of the most common houseplant species • Over 1000 verieties of this species • Can be found in both warm and cool climates • Flower size varies per variety from large to small
  11. 11. Brassia Orchids • Produce flowers that look like spiders • Attracts spider wasps for pollination • Colors match the local spiders, green or yellow
  12. 12. Masdevallia Orchids • Need cool environment to survive • Live in cool mountains and breezy coastlines • Require a large amount of humidity • Produces unique showy flowers
  13. 13. Brassavola Orchids • Produce unique white or fold flowers • Flowers droop from the base of the plant • Perfect for hanging baskets
  14. 14. Vanda Orchids • Commonly grown as a houseplant • Need warmth and high humidity • Obsorbs humidity through surface roots • Flowers produce strong scent
  15. 15. Angraecum Orchids • Nicknamed “Darwin’s Orchid” • Pollinated by a single insect species • Produces star shaped flowers with a tail
  16. 16. Maxillaria Orchids • Well known to Orchid enthusiast, but not very popular • Grow single flowers on short spikes • Flowers are typically shaded by dense foliage • Produces very strong Coconut fragrance
  17. 17. Odontoglossom Orchids • Well known for strong scent • Available is all colors but blue in black • Has thousands of hybrid variations
  18. 18. Zygopetalum Orchids • Smallest group of Orchids with 15 types • Strongest scented Orchid • Commercially produced for cut flowers • Very tall
  19. 19. Blubophyllum Orchids • Largest group of Orchids • Strong scent attracts flies • Grown in warm environments
  20. 20. Miltonia Orchids • Flowers are mostly pink or purple • Can be plain, dotted, or striped • Scent compared to a rose • Flowers last months at a time
  21. 21. Anguloa Orchids • Commonly referred to as “Tulip Orchids” • Scented like cinnamon • Produce one flower a year • Deciduous leaves, meaning they die and grow back yearly
  22. 22. Bletilla Orchids • Great survivability rate, prefect for beginners. • Can be stored dried from months • Flowers grow at the leaf tips
  23. 23. Catasetum Orchids • Explode pollen onto insects to pollinate • Feed off of decomposing wood • Require a dormant period • Grows spikes while dormant
  24. 24. Cycnoches Orchids • Produces flowers in clumps • Require dry period during winter • Flower a few times a year
  25. 25. Disa Orchids • Have evolved significantly over the years • Produces red flowers on long spikes • Commonly used as cut flowers • Prone to root rot, need to be kept dry
  26. 26. Lycaste Orchids • Produce flowers with only three petals • Scented like clove or cinnamon • Each stem produces a single flower • Produces veined leaves
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