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  • Target’s consumers women who are in their 40s and make roughly $64,000 a year, I want to target younger women who are just starting (first timers) their life either on their own with their significant other with a little one. Women who make a little less but show them target has low prices but great style and quality.
  • The age range I chose I close to the age range of Target’s current biggest shopper. I think it is important to still Target women because women are the predominant household shopper. This age range is great for a digital marketing campaign because they are the ones who are social media and blogs the most. You can reach a different age of women within this age range through all the different types of social media.
  • Social media traffic- More women in this age range liking the facebook page, following target on instagram and twitter. Sharing their thoughts on facebook comments and hashtags on twitter or instagramAwareness- More women 25-35 becoming aware of the low prices and high quality Target has to offer them More traffic to the website whether it is browsing or buying Increase in sales- By having an increase in sales in these selected areas it shows that we are reaching our target audience. These selected areas are the ones where these women have their necessities and will notice the low prices offered on these goods.
  • We want to get real women in this age range to share their thought on social media. By doing this our target audience can see and relate and what to shop at target because of what other women in our target market who already shop there say. To do this and get these women to share we will have weekly topics on facebook, twitter and instagram. Example: Share your favorite target must have, #targetmusthave. As an incentive to get women to share each week we will select 1 person who shared to get a $100 Target giftcard.This will generate a lot of comments and sharing for other women to read and see why they need to shop at Target.
  • Facebook- Get people to like Target’s page, share special promotions and have a link to On facebook we will be able to elaborate more and get more and longer comments/feedback from the consumers. The moms will mostly be on facebook sharing pictures of their kids Twitter- Women on the go, can be creative and engage in the hashtags to share their ideas and comments. Post videos of commercials and links to weekly deals, special promotions and things on Also can utilize the promotion function of twitter to ensure we are reaching them.Instagram- A picture is worth a thousand words. Instragram is great to also be creative and use hashtags but it is great to actually show our target audience what they can get, not just from target’s instragram but others who are shopping their as well.
  • An everyday women will write the blog, someone who can relate to our target audience and share things they want to hear. Shares deals not only that she is finding but what other people are finding. Shares feedback she hears or finds on our social media sites good or bad from consumers to get others to speak on that as well. Target will continuously look at the blog to respond to comments and answer questions and more.By having a blog we can share it through all our social media outlets.
  • The Target app will be really beneficial for the digital strategy. It is something that is already set up we just need to get people to download it by sharing information on social media, in the blog and in ads. This app goes hand in hand with a digital strategy and can can create more traffic.
  • This budget is for the digital strategy only. It is something comparable to the year just a little more to accommodate any shifts in popularity with advertising that decision need to be made last minute.21% of the budget needs to be spent on the digital strategy to cover social media costs, and the agency costs for the workers and the hours that will go into creating this.
  • Digital Strategy for Target

    1. 1. Target Digital Strategy By: Erica Nappier
    2. 2. Who to Target?  Women 25-35  Great age range reaching all types of “first timers”.  First job  Just married  First baby
    3. 3. Why them?  Easy to reach with a digital strategy  Different but close to Target’s biggest shopper currently  Women do the household shopping  Target has a lot to offer them
    4. 4. Results  Social media traffic  Awareness  Increase in people shopping and going to  Increase in sales for Target  Household supplies  Mom and Baby  Grocery  Decorative Home
    5. 5. The Campaign We want REAL women to share with our target audience
    6. 6. Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram
    7. 7. Blog Everyday woman A blog that Target will frequent Share the link in social media
    8. 8. Target App Link to in social media Share information and benefits on the blog An easy asset to the digital strategy
    9. 9. Budget  Last year’s budget, $1.62 billion  This year’s budget, $340 million  Digital strategy (only)  Obtainable  21% of budget
    10. 10. Summary Increase sales Reach a new market Support the already target culture Good budget Uses a wide variety of digital experiences
    11. 11. Thank You!  Pictures         