How To Get Sponsorship For Student Orgs


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A guide for student organizations on how to request sponsorship from companies and local businesses.

How To Get Sponsorship For Student Orgs

  1. 1. THE SPONSORSHIP PROCESS Presented by: Erica Kosa Team Internship Program Manager
  2. 2. AGENDA Types of sponsorship Evaluating your assets Finding the right sponsors The request The follow-up
  3. 3. SPONSORSHIP TYPES Monetary In-Kind • Every organization wants more $$$ • The often forgotten “easy ask” • Money doesn’t always need to • Goods or services (not cash) come from engineering • Supplies or parts for engineering companies: competitions • Associated Students, • Schwag, prizes, and giveaways • Dean’s Matching Funds, • Shirts, banners, other promotional • Trade Organizations (SDSIC, materials Biocom, Connect, Commnexus) • Law offices • Consider asking specific vendors: • Food (restaraunts or grocery • Consider: what is the company stores) actually paying for? • Shirts or banners (promotional • Specific items (such as parts, materials companies) shirts, etc) • Supplies (hardware stores) • Package deals (event admittance and other benefits)
  4. 4. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER? • Marketing (Tangibles) – Marketing, Publicity, Branding – Signage, logos on display, shirts, website, etc – Event attendance and feature – Guest speaker at event • Recruitment – Meet with and recruit students – Promotion of company’s internships/jobs via posting flyers and featuring to org members • Philanthropic – Service to the community – Outreach (K-12 is a hot topic right now for STEM)
  5. 5. FINDING THE RIGHT SPONSORS • Don’t ask everyone! You’ll look like a hobo! • RESEARCH! – Has this company sponsored events like this before? – Do they have relationships with similar orgs at other schools? – Are there alumni at the company? (LinkedIn is your friend) • Don’t approach a company until you have a budget and “ask” in mind. • Find the right contact – Human Resources – University Relations – Alumni – Community Outreach – Diversity Officers
  6. 6. THE REQUEST What will theAlign your org w/the sponsor get in Use Keywords The ask The re-askcompany return?How does your Create levels of Support Don’t just email your Always follow-upproposal align with sponsorship letter blindly regardless of theirtheir criteria, long- Partnership answerterm goals, and 3 levels is advised Contact via phonepurpose? YES Relationship Follow-up with email Thank you! Secure a document after call timeline for fundingPrioritize your top 3 Write a sponsorship Career Oriented Start early! MAYBEgoals for the event letter What concerns do youand share them Career Focus have? 6-9 months to create aw/prospective 1 page w/key points sponsorship plan (for What might make thissponsors Recruitment new events) event more appealing? Create a website Do you need more information?Has this company • Description of org Marketing 3-6 months minimum to Listen to their needs &sponsored your org • Description of event begin asking adapt your request:before? If so, remind • Personal anecdote or Brandingthem of past testimonial Stay in constant contac t NOsponsorships they throughout the year to • Levels of sponsorship Publicity • Not the right personparticipate in let them know what is • Benefits of sponsorship • No budget going on • Thank you & follow-up • Not interested
  7. 7. THE FOLLOW-UP (After sponsorship) • Thank you – Email AND letter/card – Send photos if possible – Summarize their contributions and benefits received – Recognize your sponsor uniquely (social media, awards, hand-written notes) • Ask for feedback (if the sponsor attended the event) – Collect testimonials for the future – Ask about likelihood of sponsoring again – Create a follow-up plan with the sponsor for the next year’s event
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Make the request Target the right audience FOLLOW-UP! Know your assets
  9. 9. Questions?Thoughts? Concerns? Hopes? Dreams? FAILS?
  10. 10. THE SPONSORSHIP PROCESS Presented by: Erica Kosa Team Internship Program Manager