Best Practices of Engineering Career Services Centers in Higher Education


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Many universities do not have an engineering-specific career services center. This study defines the importance of discipline-specific career services centers and determines the best practices of an engineering career services center. A literature review was conducted in conjunction with a Kano-modeled survey distributed to career services staff. A total of 23 career services staff participated in the study. The results were tabulated according to the customer satisfaction coefficient. Programs/features were then divided into must-be, one-dimensional, attractive, and indifferent qualities. From these results, a list of best practices was created that current and future engineering career services centers may utilize in order to improve customer satisfaction.

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Best Practices of Engineering Career Services Centers in Higher Education

  1. 1. Overview0 Introduction0 Literature Review0 Methodology0 Analysis and Findings0 Conclusion
  2. 2. Introduction0 Problem0 Research Question0 Hypothesis0 Approach
  3. 3. Literature Review0 Most Common Services0 Career Services Issues0 Discipline-Specific Career Services0 Kano Model
  4. 4. Self-Stated Importance Example
  5. 5. Functional & Dysfunctional Question Examples
  6. 6. Evaluation Table Example
  7. 7. Kano Results Chart Example
  8. 8. Methodology0 Settings and Participants0 Procedure0 Measures
  9. 9. Survey Questionnaire Example
  10. 10. Analysis and Findings0 Kano Model Analysis0 Self-Stated Importance0 Programs/Services Offered and Not Offered
  11. 11. Customer Satisfaction Coefficient
  12. 12. Self Stated Importance Ranking
  13. 13. Programs Offered
  14. 14. Programs Not Offered
  15. 15. Conclusion0 Summary0 Research Questions & Hypothesis0 Best Practices0 Implications0 Limitations0 Questions for Future Research
  16. 16. Research Questions & Hypothesis0 Research Questions 1. What are the most important services or programs for engineering career services center to provide to students and alumni? 2. What services or programs do the top engineering schools provide to students and alumni? 3. What are the best practices of an engineering career services center in higher education?0 Hypothesis 1. Student focused programs or services are offered more frequently than employer and alumni services.
  17. 17. Best Practices: Must Be0 One-on-one student meetings with an advisor0 Employer hosted information sessions0 Mock interviews0 Resume reviews0 Career fairs0 An internship program0 Group workshops of profession development topics0 Placement assistance0 An online student resume database or job board* accessible to employers*Over 50% of study participants reported that this service is not offered.
  18. 18. Best Practices: One Dimensional0 Walk-in advising*0 Student organization advising0 Alumni career services0 Employer hosted technical talks0 A peer mentoring program* *Among the services listed as not offered within career services.
  19. 19. Best Practices: Attractive0 A professional development course within the engineering curriculum0 Employer hosted professional development talks.These 2 features will providethe most influence on highercustomer satisfaction.
  20. 20. Implications0 Obvious gaps in services desired and actually offered 0 Example: online student resume database0 Indifferent qualities can be ignored 0 Leadership certificate within engineering 0 Online chatting with advisors0 Beginning framework for an engineering career services center model
  21. 21. Limitations & Questions for Future Research0 Time constraint0 Kano model confusing for some participants0 Including more participants to increase external validity0 Surveying students and employers0 Exploration of attractive features
  22. 22. Author Information0 Erica Kosa 0 Lewis University 0 MA in Organizational Leadership Candidate 0 University of California San Diego 0 Manager,Team Internship Program0 Contact 0 Email: 0 Website: 0 Phone: 858-822-6772