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Social Media for Planned Giving Professionals


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Presentation used at the 2016 Washington Planned Giving Annual Conference in Seattle to ignite and education planning giving professionals on social media.

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Social Media for Planned Giving Professionals

  1. 1. the heart & science of philanthropy (and social media) May 2016 | Erica Klinger, Director of Marketing
  2. 2. Social media will only get more important to planned giving
  3. 3. Can you ignite planned giving through social media?
  4. 4. Start with a plan
  5. 5. Social media is “Word of Mouth” marketing and not a direct response channel. Focus on the SHARE, not the donation.
  6. 6. Create clear and measurable goals Increase REACH with 100 new subscribers Increase ENGAGEMENT with 1,000 post interactions Acquire 15 NEW DONORS from social media channels
  7. 7. Tactics to increase REACH • Post during high engagement hours • Pay to boost your posts • Use relevant Twitter #hashtags • Remind people to share!
  8. 8. Tactics to increase ENGAGEMENT • Create a content calendar with awesome content • Tag partners and influencers • Use scheduling to automate posting • Moderate and reply quickly to comments
  9. 9. Tactics to acquire NEW DONORS • Link back to your website – always! • Set up forms for email capture • Create urgency and have an “offer” • Follow up with relevant resources
  10. 10. Create “sharable” content
  11. 11. Content changes along the journey Donate
  12. 12. TOP CONTENT IS SIMILAR FOR ALL GENERATIONS. Source: Pew Research Center 2015
  13. 13. Think about content people will share Surprise people (interesting images & facts)
  14. 14. CHAMPAGNE PREVENTS ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. Most shared content in 2015 on London Evening standard site.
  15. 15. TOMS ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES - INSTAGRAM. For each photo posted of bare feet, TOMS gave a pair of shoes to a child in need. Millions of people around the world spent the entire day barefoot and tagged their friends to do the same.
  16. 16. Examples in our Community
  17. 17. Leverage a Trend (viral videos, celebrity endorsements, zombies, etc.)
  18. 18. RELATE RECENT NEWS TO PLANNED GIVING. While extraordinarily generous, Prince did not leave a Last Will and Testament, therefore, his legacy philanthropy is left to the discretion of his family AFTER the government’s review.
  19. 19. IF IT WORKS, DO MORE OF IT. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an exceptional example of viral social media content. It leveraged the “feel good” factor and is still going with over $115m raised since 2014.
  20. 20. GIVEBIG PSA VIDEO. Sounders FC Captain Brad Evans voiced his GiveBIG support with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Downtown” soundtrack. Over 31,000 views, a 23% increase compared to 2015
  21. 21. Inspire People (stunning photos or quotes)
  22. 22. PICTURES SPEAK A THOUSAND WORDS 50% of social network site users have shared news stories, images or videos, and nearly as many (46%) have discussed a news issue or event.
  23. 23. CURATION OF 51 BEAUTIFUL LITERATURE QUOTES. This blog post had over 9m views and over 1.4m shares. Most people have favorite books and quotes.
  24. 24. CHARITY: WATER STORYTELLING. Through both video, written text and curated images. They also dedicated an entire page of their website to heart-warming, positive-outcome stories.
  25. 25. Know your audience
  26. 26. 70% More than ½ of all online adults 65 and older use Facebook (56%). This represents 31% of all seniors. 27%38%59% 22% NETWORKS ALL AGES USE DAILY: FACEBOOK STILL RULES. It accounts for 70% of daily users. But the proportion of daily users in 2015 on Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn increased significantly from 2014. Source: Pew Research Center 2015
  27. 27. Identify your target audiences and define key messages
  28. 28. Estate Planners Listen to this free planned giving podcast with 5 clever ways to leave charitable money in your will. #leave10
  29. 29. Prospective Donors Our Planned Giving LinkedIn group needs your attention! We need your opinion on this debate on leaving a legacy. #philanthropy
  30. 30. Current Donors Watch this video with 3 new ways on how to navigate your way through the process of planned giving #legacy
  31. 31. Don’t be afraid to ask for engagement
  32. 32. Professional Advisors It will take you 5 minutes to read this post on Girl Scout cookies – learn critical lessons on confidence, clarity and creating value. @thisissethgodin
  33. 33. Seth Godin, author of “All Marketers are Liars” “What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie?” (reframe message to position your org as adding value)
  34. 34. Give them heart
  35. 35. What is your unique and compelling story?
  36. 36. SHOW THEM WHO YOU ARE. Your subscribers want to know the people behind your Facebook page. Share your expertise, events, news and passion for your cause. This post had 418 likes, 47 shares and 38 comments.
  37. 37. Leverage brand ambassadors Build a list of people that love your organization and will share your content in their social networks. • Employees • Volunteers • Board • Family • Friends • Media and bloggers • Celebrities
  38. 38. Listen to the science
  39. 39. Do frequent analysis, work smarter not harder
  40. 40. Watch your shares.
  41. 41. Track blog engagement
  42. 42. Benchmark your emails.
  43. 43. A quick review…
  44. 44. Set your goals and have a clear Call to Action (CTA)
  45. 45. Make storytelling fun & interesting Fun
  46. 46. Learn from your failures $%(L@#!
  47. 47. Review analytics and remove friction
  48. 48. Make the “ASK” at the right time and in the right channel
  49. 49. Keep it simple.
  50. 50. Resources • - Case Studies, Research and Training • – Author and Blogger • - Pew Research Center 2015 • – Content Marketing Platform • – SEO and Search Software
  51. 51. Questions?