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10 Points about Corrugated Boxes are Really Important for Business


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Corrugated boxes go through the process of matching factors for corrugated fiberboard boxes with the requirements of usage. Experts work hard to control the cost of corrugated boxes while meeting the demands of goods these boxes are expected to carry. Moreover, printing bar codes, labels, and graphic designs are important. The main common use of corrugated boxes is as shipping containers. These specific type of boxes can protect the products inside by providing adequate cushion during shipments. Future of corrugated containers is that they will be produced using Kraft paper made through recycled packaging instead of trees and soybean oil based inks are used for printing.

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10 Points about Corrugated Boxes are Really Important for Business

  1. 1. About Corrugated Boxes Corrugated sheets are a kind of packaging cardboard that is composed of several layers arranged in the form of one board that is further folded into box shape for packaging. The two outer sheets are flat liners and the middle sandwiched sheet is in rippled form. Corrugated fiberboard sheet is formed by using a glue to stick these layers consistently together. Corrugated boxes are the most in demand type of packaging boxes in the industry. This industry of storing, transporting and delivering merchandize will not endure without these boxes. They are most preferable because shipping is a difficult process and corrugated boxes keep products safe.
  2. 2. 10 Points about Corrugated Boxes are Really Important for Business
  3. 3. Corrugated Boxes Ideal for Stacking During Shipments Most of the times it is essential that custom corrugated packaging have strong crush resistant qualities because they are always stacked in the warehouses and during shipping. Box closure can also effect the stacking ability of the corrugated boxes. Many factors affect the stability of the boxes such as the quality of corrugated board, design of the box, direction in which fluting is done for the box, the supporting material provided inside, and the product itself will give substantial support to the box. It is inevitable to make the boxes moisture resistant and double in strength if they are expected to survive humid places.
  4. 4. Highly Cost Effective Packaging System Manufacturers try to get high quality material but cost effective and Cheap Packaging. Investments done on corrugated boxes eventually results in the well-organized and safe products. Profit rates will immediately rocket up as the customers start giving positive reviews about smooth delivery of the products.
  5. 5. Corrugated Packages can Carry Heavy Goods Easily Most commonly corrugated boxes are used to carry heavy products such as electronics, food bulk packages, cosmetics, furniture and other goods in bulk quantities. Transporters and producers use this packaging material confidently because of its outstanding weight carrying abilities. The fluted sheet provides cushion as well as strength to the boxes.
  6. 6. Made of Easily Available Material Corrugated packaging boxes are manufactured from eco-friendly and easily accessible material. Wood from fast growing trees is used that makes them easy to make and the glue used to combine the liner sheets is ordinary glue.
  7. 7. Strong but Light Weight and Cost Less Ever wonder why all the manufacturers use corrugated boxes without flinching for a second? They have got so many advantages and still cost less than most of the packaging materials. Light weightiness makes them more desirable as the shipping charges become far less than any other packaging.
  8. 8. Corrugated Boxes are Reusable Even customers also dig these custom printed corrugated boxes because they can be folded flat and stored easily. Whenever required people can refold them into a box and its ready to transport anything you like. This means sellers are not only sending the products in a presentable and safe way, but also giving a high quality reusable box to consumers.
  9. 9. Types of Materials Used to Manufacture Corrugated Boxes Corrugated sheets to make impressive boxes for all kinds of products are mostly manufactured from Kraft paper or plain cardboard. The basic trick is to assemble the sheets properly with the help of an adhesive and to keep the surfaces quite smooth. The material we use to form such high quality and strong boxes is recycled easily and is biodegradable
  10. 10. Corrugated Sheets for Boxes have Different Wall Constructions There are many wall designs used in the corrugated fiberboard for wholesale corrugated boxes. Single wall corrugated boxes have only three layers it is lightweight. Double wall corrugated sheet means it has two fluted sheets sandwiched between three layers of cardboard. It is obviously stronger, less flexible, but reliable than the single wall design. Triple-wall corrugated boxes consist of three fluted mediums and four linerboard facings.
  11. 11. Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes Custom Corrugated Packaging are convenient to assemble and unfold; also, they can resist strong impacts and can hold a lot of weight. They are extremely easy to transport, recycle and provide a cost effective way to package all kinds of products.
  12. 12. Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Shipping Boxes? Cardboard boxes can be more presentable and elegant but they cannot take the rough ride of shipping damages. Manufacturers may want to use cardboard boxes for their products but they still have to get these safe and stackable corrugated boxes to ship their merchandize to far places.
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