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Helping Organizations to Find Solutions for Digital Learning

Recently we have heard a number of disheartening stories of schools of all sorts - from academic to trades to athletic to creative - that are considering closing as a result over uncertainty over how long the doors to their physical locations will be closed as we work to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19.

We can help your organization to transition into an online learning environment for both the short term and long term (if that is so desired). What this could involve is finding and setting up the right digital learning solutions for your organization, training your instructors in building and teaching their courses online, helping your instructor's get their courses online, and fine tuning instructor's online courses and the organization's online classroom environment in the long term.

Please reach out, if we can be of help to you.

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Helping Organizations to Find Solutions for Digital Learning

  1. 1. Ahimsa Media … Helping Organizations to Find Solutions for Digital Learning An Introduction to Who We Are and How We Can Help Create Digital Learning Solutions for your Organization to Reach and Teach your Students and Clients Online
  2. 2. Who We Are & What We Do Our team at Ahimsa Media are Storytellers, Educators and Technologists. We build storyworlds and learning experiences across platforms of media. This has involved us finding and creating media solutions to teach and share different educational pieces. With this, we have been teaching, building courses, and developing programs on and offline for post-secondary schools for the past decade. Through these courses, and the talks and workshops we give around the world, we teach others how to use digital and experiential media to bring their stories to life - whether for education, marketing, traditional storytelling, tourism, or a non- profit organization.
  3. 3. Finding On and Offline Educational Solutions Over the past two decades our work in education, media, and technology has involved developing on and offline educational solutions for schools, TV series, films, production companies, children, parents, fitness studios, tech companies, tourism groups, theatre companies, natural and cultural heritage sites, and more, in addition to the post-secondary schools with whom we work. As an example this past week, that has involved online courses with BCIT, building an upbeat online storytelling course for a group of kids from a cheerleading school to motivate them, helping a yoga studio to find online solutions for their courses, and building an online classroom environment for StoryToGo.
  4. 4. How We Can Work With Schools & Instructors to Get Their Courses Online In working with a client to find them educational solutions to their problems, we do this in three stages: ❖ Stage 1 : Initial Consultation • identify the needs of the organization • identify what infrastructure the organization currently has in place • identify the digital knowledge base of the instructors • identify the immediate need and timeline to meet that need • identify any long term or on-going goals and the timeline to meet those needs ❖ Stage 2 : Build Infrastructure (if the organization does not currently have an LMS in place) • help the organization to set-up an infrastructure for online learning that meets their immediate needs and long term goals ❖ Stage 3 : Instructor Training • set-up online instructor training in how they can set up their courses online with the organization’s infrastructure for online learning • this could involve an instructor training online course, including text and video tutorials, user guides, and discussion boards, as well as individual coaching ❖ Stage 4 : Physically Build the Course • dependent on the instructor’s needs, this could involve some simple fine tuning, editing, and instructional design; or our team physically building whole courses online from the instructor’s lesson plans • should the organization’s goal be to build long term online courses, then our team will help instructors to fine tune their courses, create media for them, and build interactive solutions for learning online Depending on the organization’s needs, timeframe, and what they already have in place, each of these different stages may be more or less involved.
  5. 5. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you for your time and consideration! 604-785-3602