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5 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong Working With Bloggers


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Spending seven years working with PR agencies, marketers, brands direct and bloggers provided the basis of 5 things consistently done wrong when trying to get bloggers to work for you. Try implementing some of these inexpensive and practical strategies instead.

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5 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong Working With Bloggers

  2. 2. I’mthepublisherandcreator ofYMC—THEonline destinationforCanadian womenwithkids. IstartedYMC8yearsago. TheYMCnetworkof bloggersandinfluencers reaches5millionpeople everymonth. Iknowbloggers.
  3. 3. Iwenttoour #YMCCommunityof influencersandasked THEMwhatyou'redoing wrong.
  4. 4. 1.
  5. 5. 1. Know your blogger and their content. • What’s their blog about? • What is their background? Are they married? Where do they live? Do they have kids? Do they have pets? Nut allergies? Hardcore likes or dislikes? Bottom-line beliefs? • Um… what’s their name?
  6. 6. 1. • Stop with the “hey there” and “dear <insert name>” • Stop sending the wrong people the wrong releases • Understand how your brand fits with the voice, content, and audience of your chosen blogger(s)
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  8. 8. Influencers with large followings may look good for reach, but… • Can they write a proper sentence? • Is their content original? • Are their posts helpful? Relatable? Shareable? • Are they actually the best fit for your brand? • Are they really engaging with their audience? 2.
  9. 9. 3. Blogging is an actual profession. True story. • If you book a blogger you better have a budget • Bloggers are your copywriters, freelance writers and journalists, speakers, hosts, and brand ambassadors • Value your bloggers and pay for every part of their involvement – from pitch to reporting
  10. 10. • Compensation should also include accommodations, transportation, and other – if not all related expenses. 3.
  11. 11. Campaigns don’t manage themselves • Did you discuss reporting? • What kind? Click thru’s? Page views? Retweets? Repins? Likes? Shares? Impressions? • Does the blogger have a reporting template? • Will they be providing you with screenshots? • Do they have vetted ‘rules and regs’ for contests? • Do you? 4.
  12. 12. 4. Not going to do your job? You’ll attract bloggers who... • Share and RT without ever having clicking a link or vetting an article • Fake stats • Copy and paste your press release with out really engaging with brand
  13. 13. Trade love’em and leave’em one-off campaigns for long term engagement. • Don't just use bloggers for quick one off campaigns • Develop a strategy for how you want to leverage their skills, their unique voice, klout and reach • Create long term initiatives and develop working relationships 5. #PGMoms #streamteam #YMCBabyandMe
  14. 14. What you SHOULD be doing with bloggers: • Research your bloggers • Quality over quantity • Pay your bloggers • Outline your KPIs • Get post-program reports • Build long term relationships 5.
  15. 15. Erica Ehm Publisher, @yummymummyclub