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  1. 1.  “As opposed to tragedy, comedy creates a more optimistic perspective on life, as it tends to end happily” It deals more with minor human mistakes than larger human sins. Get Shorty has a good ending and instead of focusing on the deaths caused by Bones it instead focuses on the mistakes of Leo, Bo, and Harry.
  2. 2.  “A work or manner that blends a censorious attitude with humor and wit for improving human institutions or humanity.” The satire in Get Shorty is used to show how a criminal from Miami can come to Hollywood and not only be accepted as one of them but also be better than most of the people we meet.
  3. 3.  This idea is characterized by the empathy we feel for a character that is more of a villain than a good guy. A prime example of this is found in children’s cartoons.
  4. 4.  We often sympathize with the villains or antiheros in stories due to our connections with rebellion in American history. Even according to Thomas Jefferson “evil is productive of good”, and that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”(Woodward 193)
  5. 5.  The characters in comedies often have simplified characteristics. In combination with the genre of Sympathy for the Devil, Get Shorty has characters with very simplistic goals and motivations with very little else. Ex: Bones only tries to get the money from Leo, but he doesnt have any other motivation than pure greed.
  6. 6.  Chili Palmer Bo Catlet Karen Flores Harry Zimm Ray Bones Leo Devoe Michael Weir Bear
  7. 7.  A wise guy from Bay Ridge Brooklyn. An Italian American but not “FBI” so can’t be a made man Moves to Miami after his wife leaves him. Main Character that is smart and clever. Comes up with the idea for Mr. Lovejoy. He s a shylock chasing after Leo Devoe while being chased by Ray Bones
  8. 8.  Can be compared to Nora Ephron’s Character, Vinnie Antonelli, in My Blue Heaven, played by Steve Martin. watch?v=nzDy3byWrQY
  9. 9.  A limo driver in Hollywood. Intelligent and is connected to the gang lifestyle. Dies in a strange event. Can be compared to Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York h?v=ADmX9eMEV9U
  10. 10.  These two are an example of foils because Bo and Chili are both mob men trying to make it big in Hollywood. They are very intelligent and use their wits against each other. As foils they contrast because Catlet tries to get rid of Chili because he wants his spot as producer on the movie but it doesn’t work out for Catlet.
  11. 11.  Karen is a female actress that makes it big when she is given a studio head Job She was in movies with ZigZag productions She once dated Michael Weir She is very successful and intelligent
  12. 12.  Harry Zimm is an over weight out of shape movie producer. He produced mostly horror movies and is working with Chili on Producing Mr. Lovejoy. Harry lacks intelligence
  13. 13.  Harry and Karen are both in the movie business. They have made many movies together and sleep with each other in the beginning of the novel. Karen is very intelligent and understands Chile’s business and the movie business. Harry is stupid and doesn’t know much other than the hype of the two worlds. This is why Karen is given a studio head position.
  14. 14.  Ray Bones is in the mafia with Chile. Chile owes Ray Money. Ray and Chile have fought constantly through out their lives. Ray isn’t to smart and is caught by the DEA handling money that he took from Chile that was a set up for Chile
  15. 15.  Both men are Mafia wise guys but neither are made men. This means they are not protected by the heads of the families. They are constantly after each other. Whether it be Ray trying to get his money or Chile fighting with Ray over leather Jacket.
  16. 16.  Leo owes money to Chile. His death is staged when a plane he was suppose to be on went down. He ended up with insurance money and ran with it. Chile wants his money so he chases Leo down to get the money.
  17. 17.  Leo’s wife tells Chile to get him. Chile ended up in LA looking for him and that’s how the whole Hollywood thing comes into play.
  18. 18.  The movie’s name sake comes from this character. Michael Weir is an amazing actor that is being casted for the lead role in the movie.
  19. 19.  Michael is short and they are trying to get him for the movie hence Get Shorty Michael is a bit spacey and was with Karen Flores prior to the beginning of the story.
  20. 20.  Bear has a daughter he loves Stuntman Bo’s muscle Chile fights Bear but it’s really goofy Bear sets up Bo so that he falls off the railing
  21. 21.  The reason we have sympathy for Chile even though he is a murderous mafia type is because we hate those like Bo and Bones that oppose him.
  22. 22.  From Rooting for the bad guy “When you empathize with someone and put yourself into his or her position by sharing his or her perspective, you are identifying with that person”(Leonard 132).
  23. 23.  A “good” bad guy and “bad” bad guy for contrasting view point. › Necessary to allow the audience to see the “good” bad guy as the lesser of two evils › To help the reader focus contempt towards “bad” bad guy A “good” bad guy must have some hint of humanity and self imposed code of ethics › Displays compassion and integrity but still allows of the above the law image of the character › Allows for the audience to connect by freeing part of the characters id while attempting to respect the voice of their superego.
  24. 24.  Conflict between “good” bad guy and “bad” bad guy to force the audience to choose sides › Typically the audience will choose the lesser of two evils and the character they can most connect with.
  25. 25.  Leo thought about it another minute and said, “I don’t see any difference who takes the money, you or this other guy. Either way I’m cleaned out.” [Chili] “Yeah but there are different ways of getting cleaned out,” Chili said. ”Ray Bones’ll take everything you have-“(Leonard 199). “Then he’ll hit you with some kind of heavy object if he doesn’t shoot you, so you won’t tell on him. I won’t do that”, “I’m going to take the three hundred you scammed off the airline, but the rest
  26. 26.  of it, the ten grand? I’m gonna borrow that and pay you back sometime.” [Leo]“You take all my money, but you’re borrowing part of it?” [Chili]“At eighteen percent, okay? And don’t ask me no more questions, I’m leaving.” [Leo] “You’re saying you want me to loan you the ten grand?” [Chili] “I’m not asking you, Leo. What I’m saying is I’m gonna pay you back” (Leonard 200).
  27. 27.  Allows comparison between Chili and Ray Bones › Chili makes the point that if Bones found him the consequences would be more severe Displays self imposed ethical code of Chili › The fact even though Chili could just take the money and walk off he doesn’t. › He sends the $300,000 to Fay and tells Leo he’s going to borrow the other $10,000 at interest.
  28. 28.  “Chili shook his head, tired of this, but still feeling a little sorry for the guy. The Bear didn’t seem to have his heart in it; he was going through the motions, doing what he was told. Chili looked off in kind of a thoughtful way, turned to the Bear again and kicked him in the left knee, hard. The Bear stumbled, hunching over. Chili grabbed him by the hair with both hands, pulled his head down and brought his knee up into the guy’s face. That straightened him and now Chili hit
  29. 29.  him high in the belly as hard as he could, right under the rib cage. The Bear gasped and sucked air with his mouth open trying to breathe, helpless now and in pain. Chili took him by the arm saying , ‘Lie down on you back. Come on if you want to breathe.’ He got the Bear down on the concrete, straddled his midsection and reached down to lift him up by the waist of his pants, the same blue ones he had on yesterday, telling him, ‘Take deep breaths through your mouth and let it out slow” (Leonard 281).
  30. 30.  Shows an inner humanity and compassion within Chili that is essential for the audience to connect with the character. Also shows the Bear’s transition between being a “bad” bad guy and a “good” bad guy. Displays novel as a Bildungsroman for the character of the Bear.
  31. 31.  Get Shorty is a quest story for that Hollywood dream. The novel follows a collector for the Miami Mob, Chili Palmer, out to Las Vegas to get 300 Grand from a dry cleaner who faked his death and scammed an airliner doing so. When Chili arrives in Vegas he here’s ofan opportunity to go out to LA to collect money from a movie producer.
  32. 32.  Once Chili arrives in LA,he shares his movie idea with horror film producer, Harry Zimm. Harry and Chili work together to get the money they need to start producing the movie “Mr. Lovejoy.”
  33. 33. ch?v=yNLaTtpovys
  34. 34.  Chili Palmer finds his place in the movie industry but he handles his business as if he is still a loan shark. He realizes the movie business is hard work but he enjoys a challenge. “Rough business, this movie business. I’ll have to take a break and go back to being a loan shark” (Get).
  35. 35.  As he continues on in his quest he discovers he enjoys the movie business a lot more than being in the Miami Mob. In the end, he becomes the producer he wanted to be, but still continues to handle the movie business like a loan shark.
  36. 36.  A young boy, Amsterdam Vallon, witnesses his fathers death in a bloody clash between the Native Americans and the Irish Immigrants. Amsterdam vanishes and 16 years later comes for vengeance on his fathers death. He seeks out the man who killed his father, Bill “The Butcher” Cutting.
  37. 37.  Amsterdam starts his quest as a young boy looking for vengeance. When he returns 16 years later, he infiltrates the butchers inner circle and becomes a trusted assistant all knowing that when the time comes, he will take revenge upon the man that killed his father. Before Amsterdam can carry through with his plan, his identity is discovered and he is horribly beaten, which then starts the second war between the Natives and the Irish Immigrants.
  38. 38.  Amsterdam ends his quest with a dual between him and Bill “The Butcher.” In the end Amsterdam kills Bill by stabbing him with a knife, just as Bill had done to his father 16 years earlier.
  39. 39. Comparisons Amsterdam Vallon and Chili Palmer both set out to accomplish major tasks throughout their quests. Both characters succeed in what they set out to do. While on their quests, they both discover who they really are and what they were meant to do. Both men fall in love during their quests.
  40. 40. Differences Amsterdam › More set on vengeance for his father rather than something for himself. › Has to work hard to get what he wants in the end. Chili › Sets out to discover more of himself. › Makes it seem as if getting what he wants is easy.
  41. 41.  allows the reader to look at the world differently always means more that what it implies“It compares two things in such a way that you findthe comparison interesting”“Figurative language enriches literary motifs andthemes by adding further layers of style, meaningand “flavor.”
  42. 42. Allusions MetaphorsPersonification Similes Symbols Hyperbole
  43. 43. Similes: uses the words “as” or “like”, making thecomparison less direct “They were in the kitchen now. It was as big as the kitchen in the Holmhurst Hotel, Atlantic City . . . ” (33).
  44. 44. Hyperbole: uses wild exaggeration for comiceffect “Karen was slimed to death within twenty minutes of her first appearance on the screen” (29).
  45. 45. Understatements: to represent as less than inthe case; usually for ironic effect (opposite ofhyperbole)“He’s going upstairs in a hotel to have it out with Bobby Duvall” (163).
  46. 46. Incongruity: the quality of incongruous ordisagreeing (when two unlike objects or characters are put together in a story) “. . . I noticed the way Harry was hanging on to that script. Like it was made of gold. . .” (142).
  47. 47.  Although a fictional literary work, it is based on Erich Remarque’s personal experience The Germans are thought of as the bad guys in the First World War
  48. 48.  Former Confederates Numerous movies made about the leader, Jesse James Controversy surrounds Jesse’s death, some say he was not killed on April 3rd, 1882 but rather escaped and died of old age some time around the 1940’s All have become American Icons of the lawlessness of the frontier
  49. 49.  Stared Clint Eastwood Confederates are generally portrayed as the “Bad Guys” A Confederate who ends up on the run from the Union soldiers who murdered his There are some comedic elements within the film Had to flee the Union Soldiers much like Chili fled from Bones
  50. 50.  Due to the hard times, he was loved by the public despite being a notorious bank robber Operated during The Great Depression
  51. 51.  Harry Zimm mentions actor Gene Hackman as his first choice for the lead role in his movie (88). Gene Hackman plays Harry Zimm in the movie Get Shorty Numerous other actors are mentioned such as: De Niro, Cruise, Pacino, Nicholson, and others.
  52. 52. ZigZag Productions- "Zig for the maniac, escaped lunatic and dope-crazed biker pictures. No vampires or werewolves. Zag for the ones featuring mutations fed on nuclear waste, your slime people, your seven-foot rats, your maggots the size of submarines. ” B Grade Horror Films › Grotesque, Part Two › Slime Creatures › Hairraiser › Freaks Twilight Zone
  53. 53. Dec 29, 1972- Eastern Air Lines TriStar carrying167 people crashed into the Everglades, first fatalaccident involving the new breed of jumbo jets. “Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors” “Wings of Hope”
  54. 54. Chili forces his way into the Hollywoodscene, ties his shylock lifestyle into dealing withmaking a movie Polo Lounge Conference with Harry, Michael Weir, and Elaine