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Resume 1.0


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Resume 1.0

  1. 1. CHEN WANG 7421 Frankford Rd Apt1634 Dallas Texas 75252 Mobile: 469-269-7181 Email: OBJECTIVE To obtain a full-time job in software engineering as a developer to contribute skills in area of Java Programming, Python Programming and Web Programming. EDUCATION THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS Richardson, Tx Dec. 2015  Master of Computer Science BEIHANG UNIVERSITY Beijing, China Jun. 2013  Bachelor of Automation Science in Electrical Engineering SKILLS Programming Language: Java, Python, Shell, JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, JQuery, AJAX, C, MySql, XML, JUnit Foreign Languages: English and Chinese (Mandarin) Operating System: Linux, Mac(OS), Windows, IOS Academic Projects Cloud Monitoring Systems and Data Standardization (related tools: C, Python, Shell)  Cloud monitoring systems is critical element in cloud environment. It provides cloud status information so that other management components (such as load balancer, etc.) can react to the situation accordingly  Modified the RRD source code and program software in Python to integrate RRD with Ganglia  Established and activated Ganglia with RRD and let the system collect monitoring data automatically 20 Newsgroups classification -----Nature Language Processing (related tools: Python, Shell)  Generated the Text Preprocessing (such as deleting the stop-word, characteristic vector extraction)  Implemented Naive Bayes classifier to classify news by 20 topics and test the classification accuracy. Database Project----Library Management System (related tools: Java, MySQL)  Generated the database of library information included book-search, book-loan and borrowers-management  Designed and implemented the GUI application of the library management system. The GUI application interfaces with Library database via an appropriate MySQL connector and all interfaces with the Library (queries, update, deletes, etc.) can be performed from the graphical user interface by GUI. Stock Market (related tools: PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL)  Stock Market web application is designed to allow registered user to check current market statistics, current and historical data of any single stock, add/remove any single stock into/from user’s watch-list and buy/sell any stock.  Implement the validation-function byAJAX in order to make sure all mandatory fields (such as email address, the strength of password, etc.) are filled out by rule.  Established database include user information and transaction information and updated the database based on the request from users. EXPERIENCE Cloud Manufacturing Group, Advanced Simulation Lab, Beihang University Beijing Jun. 2011-May. 2013 Undergraduate Research Assistant Project: Text mining based knowledge discovery (related tools: Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS)  Implemented the knowledge discover software to examine the text tendency of the key word indexed text file in addition to matching the key word and text file name  Utilized latent semantic analysis to train the matrix with input description and conducted the knowledge discovery by the analyzed highly correlated words Project: Design and implementation of a virtualization platform resembling Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide virtualization services to clients (related tools: Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS)  Researched and surveyed the Amazon EC2 platform and task migration algorithm  Implemented dynamic migration algorithm in Java in order to keep load balanced of physical machines  Programmed background page of online task migration system to real-time monitor CPU utilization, memory utilization, read/write rate in order to ensure migration start when pre-set threshold values are met Project: Service Management under Service-Oriented-Architecture(related tools: Java)  Implemented a software to search optimal service sequence based on the service graph (directed graph) considering of the cost of each service and some parameters required. Visa Status: F1