Social Media for Public Schools


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  • Social Media for Public Schools

    1. 1. Engaging the community through Social Media Presented to: Fenton Area Public Schools Board of Education PR Committee
    2. 2. Eric Szczepanski Social Engagement Specialist • • •@ericski "To motivate me, all you have to say is 'That can't be done"- Geraldine Laybourne
    3. 3. Is the interaction among people in which they can create, share and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Defined Source: Wikipedia:
    4. 4. State of the WWW 93% Marketers use social media 90% trust peer recommendations 14% trust advertising Ford Explorer campaign launched on Facebook to more traffic then superbowl ads Twitter is #1 marketing tool for the music and media industry Gen Y, Z judge, research a brand, University or Firm by their social activity before visiting there website If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google Source: “Social–Nomics” Erik Qualman
    5. 5. What outlet is right for you, Social Networks where is your audience? Why/How a social presence benefit your organization? Messuring ROI Rules of Engagement What are your goals: 3 reasons for social media Strategy
    6. 6. Stakeholders District Residences Parents Teachers Students Community members Influencers Your Audience
    7. 7. Social Networks
    8. 8. Customer Service Two way interactive communication Real-time updates and information Amplify your message The Added Value of a Social Presence
    9. 9. Create your community , @Twitter… Your Brand Spread the word: integrating with overall Marketing and Communication Strategy Getting Started
    10. 10. Get Noticed: Follow, Like, Comment, share Mentions, RT’s, collaborations Cross Promotions - Support efforts across platforms Create Buzz… # , Facebook Ads, Likes and Follows
    11. 11. Videos, Photos, Polls, Q & A Contests, Throwback Thursday, TGIF Inform:   Events (Sports, Performing arts) School Closing… Content Creation
    12. 12. SM ROI is your Business will exist in 5 years! Non-Financial ROI Financial ROI Qualitative  Influence, relationships Quantitative  SEO, Analytics and Insights Our Success: ROI
    13. 13. Rules of Engagement Professionalism and proper use Dealing with degrading and defamatory posts Policy Guidelines
    14. 14. Communication  Social Engagement Public Relations  Share stories Branding and Marketing  Identity, beyond the community Three Reasons Public Schools are using Social Media Source: Forbes Article: “Why Public School Leaders Should Embrace Social Media”
    15. 15. The End