Mobile Event AppsCorporations Embrace Mobile for All Kind of EventsIntroductionOf the more than 1.8 million meetings that ...
Creating an Enterprise-Wide                                Mobile Event Apps:Mobile Channel                               ...
How Can a Multi-Event Mobile App Platform Help?Mobile event applications were initially constructed following the pattern ...
Improved Content Creation and SharingIn addition to facilitating content sharing among peers, the multi-event app is atool...
In-App Travel and LogisticsIn the next 2 or 3 years, corporate event apps will includepersonal travel itineraries and plan...
Relevant Content On Demand                                            The main role of enterprise-wide mobile event apps i...
ConclusionMobile apps were originally developed to replace paper event guides, capitalize onthe growing dependence on mobi...
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White paper corporations embrace mobile event apps


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White paper corporations embrace mobile event apps

  1. 1. Mobile Event AppsCorporations Embrace Mobile for All Kind of EventsIntroductionOf the more than 1.8 million meetings that took placeannually, approximately 52 percent, or 1.27 million,are corporate events. Large companies may havehundreds, even thousands of events every year.A company typically hosts these gatherings withattendees representing customers, partners andemployees. In many cases, each event is treatedindependently, from budgets and branding, to planningand printing. When planning multiple events within alarge organization, a number of challenges can occur,such as inconsistencies in branding, overall securityand privacy, flexibility, scalability, redundancies thatmay cost significant time and money, and addressinga multi-lingual audience.Event owners are constantly looking for ways toimprove their events’ return on investment whileboosting value and improved experience forattendees. An active and engaged audience translatesinto higher quality meetings, better feedback and astronger connection with the corporate brand. Mobiletechnology is a fundamental catalyst that is changingthe way meetings are planned and managed, andis dramatically improving audience engagement atevents around the world.This white paper will discuss how mobile technologydelivers more than just a great experience forattendees. Mobile technology can provide a flexible,scalable and customizable platform that can be usedas effectively for an internal employee event as it canfor an external customer or partner conference. Andit can provide all participants with a growing suite ofservices that were never before available; creating anew channel that transforms events into dynamic,year-long conversations. 1 1
  2. 2. Creating an Enterprise-Wide Mobile Event Apps:Mobile Channel A Remedy to Some Traditional Corporate HeadachesMore companies are beginning to embrace the“Mobile Event 2.0” world, characterized by a multi- In large organizations, it can be difficult to track theevent app development platform and “connected” activities going on in different departments, let alonesmartphone applications that facilitate greater overall in different buildings, cities and countries. Whether inparticipation, increase information creation and sharing sales, marketing, support or human resources, thereand foster collaboration at conferences and events. is a constant need to get people together to facilitateCompanies are increasingly realizing the value of a innovation, conduct business, build relationships or trainmobile app as an effective channel for streamlined, and inform employees. As a result, company meetingsengaging communications. are often planned independently of one another, which can create a number of challenges for the organization.A mobile meeting app is a natural next step fororganizations as most employees already own theirown devices (“BYOD” - Bring Your Own Device) and Branding Suffersare very familiar with smartphones, tablets and amultitude of applications. By 2016, Cisco estimates With each department, branch, division or country planning their own events, branding, particularly corporatethat there will be more mobile devices (8 billion) than messaging and look and feel, can often suffer. Whether it ispeople while Apple recently surpassed more than using an old logo, an unapproved tag line, the wrong colors25 billion app downloads and Android users have or old brochures, they can distract from the corporation’sinstalled more than 10 billion Android apps. current goals and objectives.Corporate mobile event apps are growing morepopular and sophisticated, providing the capability to Planning Glitches Proliferatedeliver consistent, branded real-time information. They If the planning process is different for every event,can also remedy many problems that are associated organizers are likely to use different internal andwith organizing a large number of meetings within an external resources and processes to get thingsenterprise. (See sidebar) done. The company may have established meeting guidelines or an approved list of vendors that deliverThe real potential upside for enterprise-wide meeting products and services that meet corporate guidelines.apps is to extend the lifespan of the event and the If these guidelines are not followed or approved software vendors are not used, the planning processability for companies to continue to connect and may result in poor work product and inconsistenciescommunicate with their employees, customers and redundancies that could ultimately cost time andand partners. Mobile apps are permission-based money.communications and marketing solutions, designed tospeak to employees or customers when they chooseto listen. Enterprise-wide apps that consistently Budget Costs Spikedeliver relevant, timely and personalized information Planning meetings in silos means that meeting organizersthat build upon previous conference experiences miss out on the savings of negotiating contracts withand create anticipation for future events will remain vendors and suppliers or having enterprise-wide solutionson an attendee’s device, experience higher usage for multiple events… savings that can reduce eventand adoption each year, and become a trusted budgets or allow event marketers to allocate more fundscommunications channel. to other areas. 2
  3. 3. How Can a Multi-Event Mobile App Platform Help?Mobile event applications were initially constructed following the pattern of traditional printed conference event guides – everyyear requires a new printed guide, so each year a new app is created. Many organizations plan hundreds; even thousands ofevents every year, making printing event guides a time-consuming and costly exercise. Mobile apps provide more flexibility fordistributing information to event attendees, allowing meeting organizers to deliver real-time updates while engaging attendeeswith a variety of mobile tools, from networking and social media features, to surveys and games. Rather than developinga new app from scratch for every event, a single-branded enterprise event app can serve as a foundation for all companyevents. Below is a comprehensive list of the benefits of using a company-branded multi-event app platform:Impact on PlanningTraditionally, mobile event apps are designed to allow a company to manage oneevent through a content management system. Now, imagine how much time canbe saved by using a single master app as the foundation for deploying a mobilesolution for every meeting or event year round. Whether someone attends oneevent or 10, attendees will only have to download the app once. With a multi-event Event 1app platform that includes content management and an event app framework, thebulk of the development budget is used on the initial development of the master Event 2app, including branding, security and custom features. Subsequent company Event 3events can be built using the platform with much less time and expense. With anenterprise-wide multi-event app platform, event owners and marketers can focusthe bulk of their efforts on driving attendance and engagement and developingcontent, rather than vendor coordination and printing. Branding A multi-event app platform ensures consistent branding across all corporate meetings and events. Once the master app is built, the branding elements are locked in, providing a consistent company look and feel. Mobile Event 2.0 apps embrace the full graphical and rich media capabilities of contemporary mobile devices and the mobile event application is entirely branded to convey the unique visual identity of each event. Depending on the end user or the event, specific brand elements and designs for customers, partners or employees can be deployed. Better Networking Once authorized access is given, the user can connect with other registered attendees, communicate through private built-in messaging tools, and share information. As users expand their contacts and build their networks on their devices, the app becomes a tool they will use to stay connected 24/7/365. An enterprise-wide multi-event app provides users access to specific customer, partner or employee lists based on who they are and/or the type of event they are attending. Using login credentials, the mobile app can unlock certain networking features and functionality specific to that type of user (marketing, technical, executive etc.) or to the events he or she is registered to attend. 3
  4. 4. Improved Content Creation and SharingIn addition to facilitating content sharing among peers, the multi-event app is atool for event owners, presenters and ALL participants to create and distributeinformation with other attendees, employees, prospective customers andpartners. Event owners can communicate with event participants throughoutthe year, sending content and statistics from previous meetings, marketingmaterials for future events, and relevant articles, surveys and blog posts andother information that users may find interesting and useful year-round. The appusers can even create content, such as photo galleries, tweets, comments,feedback, surveys, polling, likes, links etc. that can be moderated by thecontent administrators of apps. Presenters can also use the mobile app to stayconnected and share content with attendees, from linking social media accounts,to sharing presentation materials and blog posts leading up to or after an event. Fully Secure Unlike paper-based programs or publicly accessed web-based event materials that can end up in the wrong hands, an enterprise platform and Mobile Event 2.0 multi-event app includes security features that ensure that users only access and receive the information they are authorized to receive based on their credentials for the events they are registered to attend. This means that customers cannot access employee-meeting materials even though the same mobile app platform is used across all company events. The ability to integrate with an enterprise’s internal security policies is also a critical component to an enterprise multi-event app, ensuring the app fully complies with the organization’s standards designed to protect proprietary and sensitive company information. For example, multi- event apps now provide a single sign-on for employees for all events, allowing enterprises to centrally control which information is accessible by each employee. Enhanced Event Engagement By aggregating content and integrating features, companies can focus attendees on a convenient unified application reducing a fractured, fragmented experience using multiple apps. Most corporate meeting organizers are looking for ways to engage attendees and help deliver a more memorable event experience. An enterprise-wide mobile meeting app has proven to help attendees immerse themselves into the events, allowing them to become active participants. Attendees have the opportunity to express their opinions and provide feedback about presentations and event activities. They can also leverage integrated networking, social media and gamification tools to create relationships with other attendees. Meeting organizers can also dramatically extend and improve the number of attendee interactions including sales opportunities, peer-to-peer networking, access to content and other event activities well beyond the days of the event, helping to strengthen brand loyalty and build anticipation for future events. 4
  5. 5. In-App Travel and LogisticsIn the next 2 or 3 years, corporate event apps will includepersonal travel itineraries and planning capabilities foremployees, customers and partners, allowing them to trackschedules and stay organized. Users will be able to createand modify travel plans, personalize and coordinate pre andpost event activities and coordinate with other attendees,travel suppliers, hotels, airlines and car rental companiesfrom the mobile app. Incorporating travel and logistics toolswill shrink the amount of busy work involved in attendingcorporate conferences and help attendees to be moreproductive.A Personalized ExperienceUnlike paper-based program guides, enterprise-widemobile event apps allow users to personalize their eventexperience, plan their own event agendas, and create andshare content with other attendees. These capabilitiesincrease the value of the enterprise app to the user, furtherincreasing the likelihood that it will remain on the mobiledevice for extended use.Ongoing Message ControlCreating, maintaining and distributing content throughthe enterprise mobile channel enhances meetingowners’ ability to control relevant, timely messagingwhile reducing the inherent risk of printing confidentialor private materials. With digital mobile content, there isno intermediary. The content that is distributed from theevent owners originates and is permanently controlledby them. Event marketers or corporate communicationteams control the messaging, and can communicatewith one attendee or a group of attendees. They alsocan employ additional security controls to withdrawinformation or prevent certain content from beingaccessed or forwarded to unauthorized users. 5
  6. 6. Relevant Content On Demand The main role of enterprise-wide mobile event apps is to facilitate communications, from static content to real-time updates and integrated social media. A corporate mobile app can regularly deliver new and relevant information, build upon past event experience and create anticipation for future events; becoming a trusted resource and communications channel for the user and brand. With a single master app, companies can share corporate information with their employees in new and more effective ways, while engaging partners and customers using more targeted and personalized methods whenever they want. Push messaging services can further enhance the experience by sending reminders or personalized alerts when new or relevant information is available.The Impact of Enterprise-Wide EventApps on Corporate EventsEnterprise-wide mobile event apps are changingthe way meetings are planned and operated.Once on attendees’ devices, these corporatemobile apps change behavior at meetings. Itmakes it easy and enticing to explore new waysto interact with their peers, plan their experienceprior to the event and build a network that theywill communicate with before, during and afterthe event.Perhaps the biggest impact that corporatemulti-event apps will have in the future is theimprovement in communications consistencyand employee engagement. Mobile Event 2.0apps take the meeting experience to anotherlevel, creating more personalized interactionamong all event participants and providing asocial networking channel for connecting andsharing content that in the past only happenedface-to-face. Companies can capitalize on thepopularity of social and mobile ensuring theapp becomes a powerful and permanent fixtureon their employees’, customers’ and partners’devices. 2.0 6
  7. 7. ConclusionMobile apps were originally developed to replace paper event guides, capitalize onthe growing dependence on mobile devices and provide a more environmentallyfriendly alternative to traditional event materials. Today, enterprise-wide multi-eventapps are becoming central to the planning, delivery, effectiveness and participationof an event, as well as carrying the company brand and event conversations wellbeyond the conference. In the hands of customers, partners and employees,a corporate multi-event app platform offers security, flexibility, scalability andpersonalization that traditional event guides and web-based programs cannotprovide. A master mobile event app facilitates networking and content sharingthroughout the year and extends and enhances conversations that will strengthenrelationships between companies and their most important assets.Phone: +1 604 875 0403Email: sales@quickmobile.comWebsite: 7