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  1. 1. Page 1 of 1    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Workplace Equality Media Kit This media kit contains the essential components that will generate enough interest in LGBT workplace equality so that the media and potential customers will want to know more. Additional items could be contained in a media kit. Backgrounder This media kit contains a backgrounder titled Equality for LGBT Employees in the Modern American Workplace. The purpose of a backgrounder is to provide information to company executives and other employees, and ideas for those writing advertising copy, annual reports, news releases, brochures, presentations, or articles.   Position Paper This media kit contains a position paper that makes the business case for LGBT workplace equality. The position paper is titled The Business Case for LGBT Workplace Equality. The position paper describes the issue fairly and honestly, using facts from the backgrounder to bolster the argument in support of LGBT rights. Press Release This media kit contains a press release, which is short paper with a strict news angle. One of the press releases is intended for broadcast journalism while the other is intended for print. Feature Story This media kit contains a feature story about a new employee resource group for LGBT employees at Symantec Corporation. The feature story is titled LGBTA Affinity Group Launched at Symantec. Additional Items Additional items that could be contained in a media kit include a biography of the writer or company, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), a fact sheet, a quote sheet, a tip sheet, additional photos, or additional articles about LGBT workplace equality. These items have been omitted from this sample media kit.