Oregon Summer Food Fight Program


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Oregon Summer Food Fight Program

  1. 1. Oregon SummerFood Fight ProgramA STRATEGIC BRAND PLANFOR FIGHTING CHILD HUNGERDURING THE SUMMER MONTHS University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication Winter 2012
  2. 2. Contents Food For Thought The state of Oregon has a proud history of supporting one another in3) Food For Thought the community. Our pioneer spirit constantly seeks bigger and better ideas to address the growing challenges we are faced with.4) Recipe For Success We know how to lead by example through hard work and persistence.5-6) Situation in Oregon We do this so that our future generations may share and grow in the good life that Oregon provides.7-9) How the Program Works Our children are our future, and there is cause for concern that they10-13) Program Examples are not being provided a necessity in life – healthy food. We cannot allow this growing problem to create a bigger obstacle than it already14-15) Joining Oregon’s Call to Action has.16-17) Our Audience Although we may have a growing hunger problem, we do have a lot that we can be thankful for. The ongoing efforts of caring and18-19) Media Time Line innovative Oregonians in our state have given us strong shoulders to stand upon.20-21) Campaign Examples We are proud of the progressive efforts that are being used to face the22) Estimated Success Rates growing problem of child hunger in our state. We look at these proven programs for inspiration and guidance so that we may help create23) Scalability + Versatility something new to be used in the fight against hunger.24) Team Member Bios We are Oregon, and we know how to take care of our own. 3
  3. 3. Recipe for Success The Situation in OregonOur focus was to create something brand new to strengthen the Productefforts that have already been laid forth by PHFO. Oregon brands are offered the opportunity to pledge 2% of profits on any of theirOregon children are not eating enough nutritious meals during the selected products, specially marked with our Oregon Summer Food Fight labels.summer months, and the Summer Food Service Program is theestablished and proven method of dealing with this issue. By partnering with Oregon brands, our program would pilot this label to promote the fact that this brand’s product generates donations directly to the Summer FoodWe have identified the problems of awareness and funding to be the Service Program.main obstacles for the program. Bringing focused awareness is at thecore of advertising, so we believe that we are the right people for the Placejob. We are not promoting a product, but a movement that is drivenand sustained through Oregon brands and their products. Oregon has an established Summer Food Service Programs, but it is struggling to generate donations, and provides little room for an increase in funding. While hungerWe have a creative appetite to build a new strategic approach to our is growing, the relief is not. We are drawing attention to every Oregonian’s abilityproblem by leveraging the power of our Oregon brands to fuel the to strengthen their community, and brand’s opportunity to step up and support theneeded awareness and funding. community that supports them.With this task comes great responsibility. We were required to do We are bringing much needed attention to a pre-existing program, while alsosubstantial research, but we also needed to throw all preconceived reinforcing this program so that it has the stability for immediate growth.notions and exhausted mentalities about hunger out the window. The program will be available via the participating products that are available forWe are leveraging the consumer influence of Oregon brands with our purchase in Oregon retail stores locations.state’s history and culture of supporting the local community.We want Oregon to start a Food Fight. 4 5
  4. 4. The Situation in Oregon How the Program WorksPriceChild hunger creates a greater problem than the physical discomfort felt by the CALL TO PHFOyouth. Children who face food insecurity at home are unable to participate in school ACTION +at the necessary level. They struggle with focusing on and retaining new materials. OREGON BRANDSThe monetary prices will vary from product to product, but should be approximate toexisting retail prices, while also reflecting existing profit margins.Promotion OregonIn store interactions and program recognition with participating products willbe essential. We must get brands participating in the program, and rely on their Brandsestablished product distribution channels to get the program on store shelves, andin the mind of consumers.We are recommending that the program runs in close proximity to the calendarschool year: September 1st - April 30th. AWARENESSBrands will be encouraged, but not required to volunteer their consistently top + 2% PROFITselling products, as well as limited seasonal offerings that are heavily sought during FUNDING PLEDGEthe holiday seasons. 6 7
  5. 5. How the Program Works What It Is Benefits to Customers Benefits to Oregon Brands • Purchase Oregon made products while gaining• Oregon brands donate 2% of profit generated • Brands are provided an easy and flexible way awareness of the child hunger situation and on their selected products during the calendar to support the communities they operate in. efforts. school year to the Summer Food Service Program. • Scalable program to fit each brand’s individual • Awareness that they are supporting local needs and capacities during the calendar children.• The donations steadily accumulate during the school year. school year in anticipation for the summer months when children are not receiving the • Cycles Oregon dollars in the local economy, meals they normally do during the school year. • Supplemental donation option for brands that creating a closed-loop system. have established relationships with various hunger organizations.• Products are easily identifiable with our custom Oregon Summer Food Fight product • Tax incentives label. 8 9
  6. 6. Food Fight Label Example Food Fight Label ExampleThis is our product label - our program’sidentification for the food fight.We will use it to leverage the consumerbrand recognition of our Oregonbrands. Sample Oregon Brands 10 11
  7. 7. Leveraging Oregon Brands Inspiration + Validation 12 13
  8. 8. How Our Program Relates To Current Efforts Oregon’s Call To Action: 5 Year Plan: 2010 - 2015 Goal #1 Goal #3 Increase economic stability for Goal #2 people, communities, and the state Improve the food assistance safety net Cultivate a strong regional food system here in Oregon • Improve outreach and development of federal• Promote savings and asset building for individuals and families programs to under served groups such as • Ensure all Oregonians can access healthy people with disabilities, seniors, immigrants, and affordable food in their communities rural residents, and people who are homeless• Ensure living wage jobs are available and accessible to all Oregonians • Strengthen Oregon’s ability to produce, • process, and distribute food in ways that • Streamline and increase the capacity of the• Reform Oregon’s tax and revenue system so help feed and employ Oregonians federal nutrition programs to ensure year- that it is stable, fair, and sustainable round access in and out of school settings • Integrate food systems, health, and equity • • Strengthen programs that offset recommendations into local zoning, land • Ensure all Oregonians can access food living expenses for low and fixed income use, and public planning documents assistance when they need it Oregonians • • Expand healthy food options and nutrition education throughout the food safety net 14 15
  9. 9. Our Audience Audience PollPHASE ONE The products sold don’t have to cost more, but what if they did so brands don’t have to• Our program’s initial audience is Oregon food producing brands, sacrifice established profit margins? focusing on the brands that generally sell healthy food and focus on 88% good nutrition.• The heart of our campaign centers on the strategy that Oregon takes care of its own. Many of these companies already have personal connections to Oregon children that participate in the Free / Reduced price school will spend more for a good cause lunches, After School Snack and Meals Program, and the Summer Food Service Program. 30% $.01 - $.50• These brands have likely already earned the respect from the Oregon community. 45% $.51 - $1.00• The Oregon Summer Food Fight Program allows these brands to have a more strategic outreach to their recognized support of Oregon children. 25% $1.00+PHASE TWO• After Oregon brands join the food fight, the audience focus shifts to Oregon consumers who purchase these products in local retail stores. 52 polled | 75% Oregonian | 56% female, 44% male 16 17
  10. 10. Campaign Timeline Seasonal Assembly: Launch begins. Gather Annouce success. First brand begins data. Track Thank brands distributing success. and consumers. specially marked Launch radio spots Bring Produce adjusted in- Begin organizing products with the directed at program Bring additional additional store promotions for summer food food fight label. awareness + brand brands on board. brands on new brands. service program. participation board.September 2012 Spring May 2013 2013 2013 Winter Basic promoting our Seasonal Seasonal April. Last label are displayed on Assembly: Brand Assembly: Brand month to storefront windows + PHFO members + PHFO members contribute of stores selling the speak to local speak to local + donate. products communities. communities. 18 19
  11. 11. Campaign Examples Campaign Examples Radio Advertisements *click to listen 20 21
  12. 12. Campaign Examples Projected Success Rates Oregon: Brand Participation Keeping a continual line of communication with participatingTHE FOOD FIGHT HAS BEGUN brands will be essential for both parties, with an in-depth program review after the pilot year. -Don’t be left empty handed.- THREE MONTHS - 4 participating brands + 40% consumer awareness SIX MONTHS - 8 participating brands + 50% consumer awareness NINE MONTHS - 10 participating brands + 60% consumer awareness ONE YEAR - 80% satisfied pilot brands + influx in brands volunteering for the second year. Consumer Awareness Informal surveys conducted by volunteers + participating brands to Look for brands prove if consumers are aware of the overall goals of the program. doing their part. 21 22
  13. 13. Scalability + Versatility Team Member BiosThe greatest strength of our program is its potential for scalability & versatility. Hillary HildenBrands can participate in this program voluntarily, and for as long as it fits with Hillary is in advertising because she Eric Perrenoudtheir needs. believes learning should happen outside of the classroom. With a spark for Eric is in his final year of a longBrands that may already have an established way of giving back to the Oregon running, good health, and a good meal and diverse college career. He feels fortunate that he was able to turn hiscommunity can do this in addition to those efforts. If not, they now have an easy she wants to improve how people live obsession for advertising into many by changing the way they think.and viable option. rewarding experiences, both in and out of the classroom. He is a comedyThey can start will a small pledge and choose to grow at their own pace. We’re enthusiast, but took this project on Joey Zolfaghari as no laughing matter. Eric is a writernot asking for a leap of faith, but a chance to prove our program works. by trade, but you can often find him attempting anything and everything he Enthusiastic of all things entertaining, can get his hands on.Brands can pledge donations on popular products, limited items, or new and all things creative. Born andproducts and adapt to their customer’s needs. raised in Portland, Oregon, as a first generation Iranian-American. Insightful,Most importantly, this program is scalable and adaptable to the needs often too sarcastic for his own good, Julia Sullivan and a class act (or so he thinks). Joey isof Partners For a Hunger-Free Oregon. an advertising major pursuing a career in copywriting. His only desire from this Julia loves dissecting brands and career is to be as passionate for it 20 finding out the purpose and passionWe made this program for you. We trust that you years from now as he is today. behind them. She is not a native Oregonian, but has a lot of pride in thiscan bring out the best in it. state. 23 24