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Leist power point pdf

  1. 1. Eric Leist - PowerPoint Mini Project 4
  2. 2. Times are changing.
  3. 3. In the past decade, daily newspaper circulation is newspapers down over 10%.
  4. 4. Most of that decline is from the last 3 years.
  5. 5. Newspapers are dying. And they’re dying quickly.
  6. 6. The number of people skipping through TV commercials is growing too!
  7. 7. Spam filters are hard at work helping consumers keep unwanted messages out.
  8. 8. This must be some kind of conspiracy...
  9. 9. Is it the end of all things as we know it?
  10. 10. There’s
  11. 11. All over the WORLD…
  12. 12. People a re pulling TUFF the S nt in wa they ad t o re see nd h ear. a
  13. 13. Using social media, RSS and those little email subscription boxes. They look like this.
  14. 14. AND We have a new gateway to the world!
  15. 15. Search on, baby! Okay!
  16. 16. People a lot. (It’s a verb now.) 34,000 times per second, in fact.
  17. 17. What does this mean for PR?
  18. 18. Marketing?
  19. 19. rtis ing? Adve
  20. 20. We used to send messages OUT through old channels. But the old channels are drowning!
  21. 21. “We interrupt this broadcast and your lives to bring you a very special announcement about our product.”
  22. 22. SHH! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of people turning on YouTube and Netflix through their Blu-Ray players.
  23. 23. It’s happening all the time!
  24. 24. And 1/2 of adults are now watching online video.
  25. 25. Welcome to the world of narrowcast. It’s the long tail at work.
  26. 26. Brought to you by YOU.
  27. 27. So tho se old ch an ne ls are d isa pp ea rin g.
  28. 28. Now, there’s nowhere to send our messages OUT to. Well, there is. But if a tree falls in the middle of a forest... You get the idea.
  29. 29. SO we need to RETHINK the way we do our jobs.
  30. 30. We’ve got to stop clogging And start blogging (and vlogging.)
  31. 31. Now, we’re all publishers: PR folks marke ters Oh yeah. And the little guys adve rtisers we used to call the audience.
  32. 32. The power is shifting.
  33. 33. People will call on us when they need us.
  34. 34. IF We give them what information they need when they need it.
  35. 35. This is the new PR.
  36. 36. We’ve got to start thinking about FSO (Facebook Search Optimization) TSO (Twitter Search Optimization)
  37. 37. I’m talking about…
  38. 38. The online presence The social presence The searchable presence
  39. 39. If w eb uild it … in a wa y that’s remarkable interesting amazing…
  40. 40. People will come. People will most definitely come.
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