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How to Generate ROI With Influencer Content


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Revfluence is the content engine for over 200 brands and agencies, leveraging a network of 250,000 creators worldwide.

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How to Generate ROI With Influencer Content

  1. 1. The Content Engine for Brands & Agencies 2016
  2. 2. REVFLUENCE IS THE CONTENT ENGINE FOR CONSUMER BRANDS 2 Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  3. 3. 3 Highly-Engaging, Trusted Content A Targeted Audience of Poten@al Customers THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOR EVERY CONSUMER BRAND Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  4. 4. CONTENT IS CRUCIAL IN TODAY’S CUSTOMER JOURNEY 4 The average consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase Purchasing Decision Sources: Forrester Research Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  5. 5. GOOD CONTENT IS ENGAGING CONTENT 5 In today’s world, tradiDonal ad media is ignored in favor of naDve content on social media channels Fact: Social media pla:orms are the top 3 of 5 viewed apps and channels among today’s consumers Fact: Over 95% of ads are skipped or ignored Brands must become part of the content on social media, where consumers are most engaged Julia Engel Sources: eMarketer Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  6. 6. … AND INFLUENCER CONTENT IS THE MOST ENGAGING 6 Because influencers have trusted audiences and authenHc content, they are the perfect markeHng vehicle for authenHc brand messaging • 90% of consumers trust influencer recommendaDons • Brands generate an average of $6.50 per $1 spent on influencers • 84% of marketers plan to launch influencer markeDng campaigns this year • Influencers are even 75% cheaper than tradiDonal studio shoots Sources: eMarketer, Forrester Research, Huffington Post Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  7. 7. BUT TRADITIONAL INFLUENCER MARKETING DOESN’T SCALE 7 Most brands fail at influencer markeHng because it’s hard to generate consistent ROI Finding the right influencers is hard Managing and tracking campaigns is tedious Influencer audiences aren’t scalable There are over 200,000 influencers on social media, which ones will make an impact? CoordinaHng hundreds of individual collaboraHons is Hme-consuming How can you reach a targeted audience of tens of millions of consumers? Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  8. 8. THE REVFLUENCE SOLUTION 8 Revfluence solves the biggest challenges of content creaHon and influencer management Customized influencer communi;es Automated process for coordina;ng and tracking Na;vely amplify influencer content Our machine learning & segmentaHon on 200,000 influencers helps match the perfect influencers for any campaign Customized CRM & tracking allows you to generate content with hundreds of influencers on a single dashboard Have influencers sponsor posts directly through Facebook’s ads API for unlimited amplificaHon & reach Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  9. 9. FINALLY, A REPEATABLE, HIGH-ROI CONTENT ENGINE 9 Revfluence streamlines the process of creaHng, opHmizing and distribuHng the highest performing content, resulHng in consistent ROI month aWer month 3) Amplify highest performing content via na@ve channel ads 1) Generate new content from targeted influencers 2) Automa@cally measure ROI to iden@fy high-performers With amplificaDon Without amplificaDon REACH TIME Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  10. 10. HOW REVFLUENCE HELPS BRANDS & AGENCIES SCALE 10 Self-Service w/ 100% Transparency Sophis;cated Discovery Engine Customized CRM Groups Creator Collabora;on Toolkit Full Repor;ng & Analy;cs Na;ve Amplifica;on AcHvate campaigns with direct access to influencers, without the middleman Matching algorithm helps you find the perfect influencers for any campaign Build personalized groups of influencers based on industry, content, locaHon and quality Create, manage and automaHcally track completely customizable campaigns with a full suite of tools Custom dashboards to share results on awareness, audience composiHon, traffic and conversions Exclusive access to creators allows you to boost content organically through influencer accounts Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  11. 11. SOPHISTICATED DISCOVERY ENGINE 11 IdenHfy the best influencers from a database of 200,000+ based on every dimension • Audience demographics & interests • Content style / quality / type • Industry, keyword & loca@on filters • Social channel reach • In-depth follower analysis Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  12. 12. CUSTOMIZED INFLUENCER NETWORKS FOR EACH CAMPAIGN 12 Build a personalized influencer community in seconds by inviHng them with a single click Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  13. 13. TRUE INFLUENCER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 13 Easily manage a network of 10 to 1000 influencers with our customized collaboraHon toolkit • Responding & nego@a@ng proposals • Se^ng guidelines and reminders • Shipment tracking • Content reviews • Automa@c post tracking CRM screenshot Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  14. 14. ALL-IN-ONE ANALYTICS DASHBOARD 14 Visualize your enHre campaign and track ROI on a single, beauHful dashboard • Impressions & engagements • Audience breakdown by demographic & interest • Conversion tracking & web traffic • Comment sen@ment • Follower acquisi@on • Social listening for earned media Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  15. 15. PROPRIETARY CONTENT AMPLIFICATION ENGINE 15 Revfluence’s exclusive access to influencer ad accounts enables marketers to amplify any piece of content by buying media directly through the influencer ORIGINAL POST AMPLIFIED POST with $1,000 Spend With amplificaDon Without amplificaDon REACH TIME Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  16. 16. CASE STUDY: LEADING MENSWEAR BRAND This brand increased their ROI on Facebook and Instagram ads by 18% on a $200,000 monthly budget by leveraging Revfluence’s content creaHon + opHmizaHon engine Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo • Increased monthly revenue by $54,000 on Facebook • 50 pieces of content created per month • 12% lower CPA than standard content + Facebook ads • 5% greater customer LTV on traffic than standard content + Facebook ads
  17. 17. THE SCALABLE, HIGH-ROI CONTENT ENGINE FOR TODAY’S BRAND 16 Revfluence's plaaorm enabled us to reach huge audiences for a frac@on of the cost and we've been able to efficiently scale our influencer marke@ng” - MeUndies “ Revfluence saves my team countless hours per campaign by organizing and tracking everything.” - Blue Wheel Media “ The perfect plaaorm for marketers who value efficiency. Revfluence truly streamlines the process.” - Sole Society “ Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  18. 18. HOW TO GET STARTED WITH REVFLUENCE 17 Self-Service Plaaorm Flat monthly fee Unlimited access to over 200,000 influencers Full collaboraHon toolkit Tracking & AnalyHcs Premium Subscrip@on Full-service coordinaHon and management Guaranteed monthly targets & minimums Month-to-month ROI opHmizaHon NaHve content amplificaHon Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Demo
  19. 19. 17 Ready to get started? Eric Lam Co-Founder Anand Kishore Co-Founder Cody Liebman Director of BD Want to chat instead? Schedule a Demo