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ERIC KIPLING MACUL 2014 Presentation


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Breaking Down Classroom Walls to Create a Connected, Collaborative and Creative Language Arts and US History Extravaganza

Published in: Education
  • Eric - I love how each slide of your presentation is filled with a memorable quote that enhances your message. What a great way to hit home what you are trying to say! Good Luck!
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ERIC KIPLING MACUL 2014 Presentation

  1. 1. ekipling31
  2. 2. Day Starters As students enter Video, Song, Quote, Image, Doc Get them thinking Samples throughout presentation for you
  3. 3. Day Starter
  4. 4. How do I learn?
  5. 5. H ow do I learn?
  6. 6. How do I learn?
  7. 7. How do I teach?
  8. 8. How do I teach? Exactly how we learn!
  9. 9. Advice: Read this! Read this!
  10. 10. Read 20 minutes per night ONLY Outside WORK?
  11. 11. CCSS ELA HST&
  12. 12. Why not teach History & Language Arts together?
  13. 13. Non-Fiction = 100% in Math, Science, SS. Overlap? Do things once = allows for creativity! Example: Realistic Fiction in historical unit.
  14. 14. Day Starter
  15. 15. Students must learn on
  16. 16. Collaboration Become character or author. “Groups” Students submit work Quizzes, polls, responses, etc.
  17. 17. Student account Share folders Anything is accessible to shared people. Editable by peers, teachers. Accessible on any device. Even offline.
  18. 18. Annotate PDFs Images Documents Letters Speeches Writings Voice record
  19. 19. Day Starter Poem by Shane Koyczan
  20. 20. “TWEET” YOUR LEARNING: 140 characters or less. CAN YOU TWEET YOUR KNOWLEDGE? Fluff not accepted! FAILURE? BRING IT ON! LEARN FROM IT! It is a critical part of learning. And FUN! Try to live right there!
  21. 21. Catch-all of reading grade! Book Talks Book Trailers iMovie (into QR code then in Media Center) Reading goal Mini book reviews Written reflection on their own reading
  22. 22. Authentic Audience Share link Parents love it! USTREAM.TV & APP
  23. 23. People vs Columbus Trial
  24. 24. Founding Fathers “Cribs”
  25. 25. Constitutional Convention Role Play
  26. 26. D ay Starter
  27. 27. Irish Immigration Hunger Trial
  28. 28. Day Starter
  29. 29. Bill of Rights Rap
  30. 30. Creative History Enlist Parents, community members as much as possible Cherokee Removal Role Play 1860 Election Role Play Civil War Simulations
  31. 31. Free up time for choice! Genius Hour Every Wednesday through year Sample
  32. 32. Genius Hour
  33. 33. ekipling3 1