Wyatt and Abbye Christmas Lesson1


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Wyatt and Abbye Christmas Lesson1

  1. 1. Wyatt and Abbye’s X-mas Lesson How Santa flies around the World in One Night
  2. 2. What Helps Santa Fly Aroundthe World• Reindeer – Rudolf• Sleigh• Elves• Magic Dust• Mrs. Claus• Boys and Girls around the World Believing
  3. 3. What are Reindeer?• They have antlers and warm fur, and we often read stories about them during the holidays!• They are reindeer, a type of deer that live in wooded forests and the cold, flat tundra.• You can find reindeer in Russia, Greenland, China, Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska, and especially the North Pole.• They love to play reindeer games.
  4. 4. What are Reindeer?• They are trained secretly by elves at the North Pole.• State of the Art training facility, hiding as a simple barn.
  5. 5. What are Reindeer?• Reindeer love to Reindeer food, ( which helps them to keep flying on Christmas Eve night.)• The Sleigh is pulled by 9 reindeer, 8 common and 1 special reindeer. – 8 Common: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupid, Donner, Blitzen – 1 Special: Rudolf
  6. 6. Who is Rudolf?• Rudolf is Santa’s special reindeer whose shiny nose lights the way for Santa and his sled full of presents on a particularly foggy Christmas Eve.• He is not allowed to play any reindeer games.• His Dad is Donner the Reindeer.• He meets a girl reindeer named Clarice.• He goes to Coach Comet’s Reindeer flying school
  7. 7. Who is Rudolf?• All of the other reindeer find out that Rudolf’s nose glows, and they make fun of him.• He runs away to the island of misfit toys and makes a friend named Hermey.• Rudolf and Hermey also meet YukonCornelius.• Rudolf saves the day by leading Santa’sSleigh thru a foggy night, with his shiny nose.
  8. 8. Why does his nose Glow?• No one knows for sure why or how Rudolph’s nose glows so brightly red, but there are some good possibilities!• Many people think Rudolph’s red nose is Christmas Magic at its best!• Without the light from Rudolph’s glowing nose, Santa’s sleigh would have to navigate through the dark on Christmas Eve!• Other people think that Rudolph’s red nose might have started out as a cold (achoo!) or that maybe it illuminates thanks to “photocytes” which is the same stuff that gives fireflies their special glow!•
  9. 9. Santa’s Sleigh• Sleigh Technology – Rustic on the outside and state-of-the-art on the inside.• Sleigh’s Interior – Garmin (so Santa knows where he is at) – Speedometer (so Santa knows how super fast he is going). – Stereo (so Santa can listen to some tunes) – DVD Player (So the elves can watch some movies) – MP3 Player Dock (so Santa can plug in his MP3 player) – Hot Chocolate Dispenser (Keep Santa warm on the long, cold night) – Naughty or Nice Sensor (so Santa knows to leave coal or presents)
  10. 10. Santa’s Sleigh• Transdimensional Present Compartment (The Bag) – Ever wonder how Santa fits all of those presents into one bag? – Santa’s gift sack is a portal between the sleigh and the North Pole. – Santa also the ability to make the presents tiny so they fit in the bag.• The Stardust Antimatter Propulsion Unit – small enough to install in the back of his sleigh and fast enough to deliver every present to all good children across the globe. – Anti-matter is what makes space ships fly. – The reindeer are a back-up in case the Anti-matter unit breaks.
  11. 11. Santa’s Sleigh••
  12. 12. Santa’s Elves• Elves – Special creatures who are small and sometimes fairy-like, with pointed ears and magical abilities, and sometimes a hint of mischief. – Known around the world for their amazing toy making abilities, and their skill with reindeer, especially flying ones. – Very loyal and trustworthy, they are dedicated to making sure X-mas is always special.
  13. 13. Extra Santa Information• What is Mrs. Claus job? – Keeps Santa fed well – Keeps track of the toy lists – Makes snacks and meals for the elves• How does Santa know what you wish for? – He reads the letters – He reads his emails – He uses his assistants (Elf on the Shelf)• Where does Santa come from? – He was orphan – Raised by the Kringle (toy making) family – Given the name Kris Kringle
  14. 14. Extra Santa Information• How will Santa bring us presents if we dont have a chimney? • A chimney will appear when Santa arrives • Through your bedroom window when he knows you are sleeping • Santa has special powers and can walk through walls • Santa has a master key to every home• How does Santa know if Ive been good? • He asks your mom and dad • Hes always watching • He asks your teacher • He keeps a list• How does Santa eat all those milk and cookies? • Delivering presents is hard work • He has a big belly • He really likes cookies • He shares them with the reindeer
  15. 15. Extra Santa Information• Why does Santa live at the North Pole? • There is lots of room for his toy shop • His reindeer like the snow • He uses a sleigh to get around • Its a quiet place to read wish lists• Where does Santa get all his toys? • His elves make the toys • The North Pole has a toy store • He collects toys from around the world
  16. 16. True Meaning of Christmas• Celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ – Born in a manger (or barn) – A star shined in the sky when he was born – Visited by three wise men – Joseph and Mary were his mother and father – He died on the cross for our sins Happy Birthday Jesus Our Savior and Redeemer
  17. 17. True Meaning of Christmas
  18. 18. Thank you!