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Amarillo ISD Action Plan                                                               1
        Eric Gomez

Amarillo ISD Action Plan                                                              2
Eric Gomez
The teacher will provid...
Amarillo ISD Action Plan                                                            3
Eric Gomez

GOAL: According to last...
Amarillo ISD Action Plan                                                       4
  Eric Gomez

Strategies      Descript...
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Action Plan Eric Gomez


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Action Plan Eric Gomez

  1. 1. Amarillo ISD Action Plan 1 Eric Gomez Technology Flow Chart School Board Superintendent Assistant Director of Superintendent Technology Executive Educational PEIMS PC Support Network Director Technology Analyst Specialist Facilitator Principal Learning Facilitators Teachers Instructional Technologies Technicians/sp ecialist Students School Board: The school board acts as the buffer between school and the community. The school board provides feedback to superintendents from community members on technology implementation. Superintendent: The superintendent will oversee the everyday operations. This allows the superintendent to ensure the district’s movement towards the technology goals. Assistant Superintendent: The assistant superintendent will supervise campus administrators to ensure they are facilitating learning. Executive Director: The executive director will oversee the day in day out duties of campus administrators, teachers, and students, and their respective campuses. Learning Facilitators: The learning Facilitator is in charge of curriculum development. They provide the ensuring alignment of a school curriculum. Principal: The campus principal will oversee the campus’ daily operations. The campus principal will ensure the technology is effective and available for teachers and students. Teachers: The subject teachers will create and present material for student learning.
  2. 2. Amarillo ISD Action Plan 2 Eric Gomez The teacher will provide technology opportunities to enhance subject achievement and student growth. Students: Students will be provided proper technology training to ensure achievement in the 21st century. Director of Technology: The Director of Technology will oversee the overall performance of technology, from proper use to maintenance. Network Specialist: The specialists will handle the technology hardware. They will be in charge of handling the setup of networks and providing Internet to schools. PC support Specialist: The PC support specialist will provide help in the areas of computer programming, student records, and personnel records along with archives. PEIMS analyst: The PEIMS analyst provides data received from the schools to the state. Educational Technology Facilitator: Educational Technology Facilitator will study and provide information on trends in technology for school application. They will ensure and maintain proper technology licensing. Instructional Technology Technicians/Specialist: The Specialist and technicians will provide support on the district’s computers and networks. Professional Development Plan
  3. 3. Amarillo ISD Action Plan 3 Eric Gomez GOAL: According to last year’s data gathered from the State Technology and Readiness chart we need to improve in Educator Preparation & Development. Our goal is to provide professional development to improve this key area. Objective: provide key strategies to help improve the preparedness and development of our teachers. Strategies Description Timeline Facilitator Location Comments Blog The purpose of August 2009 Technology Library Teachers are these blogs Specialist encouraged to would be to create blogs implement for students to online writing reflect on for students to lessons and ask reflect on. questions of other students. Smart Board The smart board January Technology Library Teachers will will be 2009 Specialist be educated on implemented the use of the into classrooms. smart board in This will the classroom. provide teachers This will help the digital tools the transition needed to teach of the new the technology technology and native. ensure the proper use of the board to its fullest capacity. Cyber Ethics Programs such Ongoing Technology Library Teachers will as NetSmartz Specialist learn a variety will be of strategies implemented to and helpful daily learning. websites to This will ensure ensure cyber the safety of our ethics are students while being taught on the internet. on a daily basis. Evaluation
  4. 4. Amarillo ISD Action Plan 4 Eric Gomez Strategies Description Facilitator Location Timeline Classroom Walk Weekly classroom Principal/Assistant Classroom Weekly Through walkthroughs will Principal allow teachers and administrators to assess the use of technology in the classrooms. STaR Chart The data gathered Principal/Technology Technology Yearly Analysis from the STaR Specialist classrooms charts will help technology specialists and administration with the areas of technology that need more assistance. Web Web conferences Technology Classroom Ongoing Conferences will allow teachers Specialist to connect with administration on important topics throughout the school year.