Marketing and Selling with Heart & Soul


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A new approach to "marketing and selling" for people who don't like to... one that honours your own values and honestly serves others.

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Marketing and Selling with Heart & Soul

  1. 1. Marketing and Selling with Heart and Soul - - - - - aka - - - - - Be Real, Relate and Deliver Morning Presentation by Eric Hellman ( or )
  2. 2. Traditional Marketing and Sales is: The way you get others to think about and buy what you have or do
  3. 3. Doing what you love, care about and value... Finding others who love, value & care about it too... and helping them to have or do it. New Marketing and Sales is:
  4. 4. You Others Be Fully Yourself......................and............. Reach into where others are
  5. 5. Behind or beneath every action we take... there is an intention or consciousness.
  6. 6. Actions / Behaviours
  7. 7. ______________ Intention Mindset Way of thinking Consciousness
  8. 8. i.e. how do you lure and hook a client...? “Old” Marketing is often done using the principles of “fishing”...
  9. 9. Instead of: How do you SERVE the client or customer?
  10. 10. Donald Cooper (Donald is a marketing expert/speaker, and was founder of the award-winning clothing store, “Alive and Well”)
  11. 11. Human Marketing® is: Thinking and feeling into the needs of your customers... - Donald Cooper (Creator of “Human Marketing®”)
  12. 12. Dave Nichol - Loblaws For example, Loblaw’s Dave Nichol created Green Products®, No Name® and No Frills® in response to customers needs... and President’s Choice® as an expression of what HE loved!
  13. 13. Your Outcomes will result from: The consciousness you choose + The spirit, energy and intention behind what you do... and the larger outcome you want to create
  14. 14. Lack / Get / Fear / Control (small self) Have / Give / Love / Offer (Whole self) - I “have to” / I don’t enjoy it - goes against my/others values - creates more ‘commercialism’ - my interests - lack, need, getting - fear - manipulates (hooks) - convinces, pressures - bends truth - in your face/attention - I want to! (It brings me what I want) - expresses our values/honours others - creates the world we want - OUR interests - having, fullness, giving - love, trust - empowers, serves - listen, consult, offer - respect, integrity - meaning, relationship Our Split Self
  15. 15. We are in the midst of a Paradigm Shift in Marketing, Sales and Business - a shift in the intention/consciousness of what we do - a desire to incorporate our personal values, and shared values - a desire to connect our ‘soul’ and our ‘role,’ and to inspire/revitalize the human spirit - the need/value of turning to a deeper wisdom within - a desire to use our work to create the world we want - it’s not just WHAT we do... but HOW we do it
  16. 16. Marketing and selling are just tools – to accomplish something... What is that for you? Your products, services, business are just tools – to accomplish something... What is that for you? What is your larger purpose? What is the experience you want out of this – For yourself....? For others...?
  17. 17. I had a love of nature, and didn’t want to see it polluted...
  18. 18. Garbage/3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as a ‘tool’ for change Choice No value/Don’t care Value/Caring Photos: / Maclean’s / Wikipedia // / / So I used...
  19. 19. Nyle Ludolph, Manager of Waste Collection for Superior Sanitation, Kitchener “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do recycling city-wide...?” And met two men who also cared & wanted to see change...
  20. 20. Ron Murray, President of Superior Sanitation (and Laidlaw Waste Management Systems), Kitchener ‘It doesn’t make sense for the City to pay us just to collect garbage. Isn’t there a better way?’
  21. 21. So our company (RIS Ltd.) proposed a test project for a new recycling program... which Superior/Laidlaw then hired us to create:
  22. 22. We educated & involved local residents, the Alderman, Mayor, media, and the whole community...
  23. 23. And 250 homes received a Blue Box  It first looked like this... It later became this... 
  24. 24. But even more important was the consciousness behind it. We believed that people cared and wanted to make a difference... so that was chosen as our program ‘slogan’: And as the Blue Box program grew, it helped ‘launch’ this phrase into common usage around the world...
  25. 25. What is Your Larger Intention/ Purpose / Outcome? - What do I love/value/care about? What would I love to share/do? - Do I have a vision for something I’d like to see in the world, or a problem I want to solve? - Why do I want to bring it to others? Why would it be valuable to them? - How do I want to feel? How do I want others to feel?
  26. 26. How do you make your work... and how you market, promote and sell it... An expression of WHAT YOU VALUE and What you WANT TO CREATE in the world?
  27. 27. How could I make my customers happier? Inspired by a dream, this driver turned his taxi into an entertainment hotspot – called the “Cosmic Cab” (Print story:; Video story: Akber Batada
  28. 28. Before marketing, ask yourself: - Am I ready to market yet, or... - Do I need to get clearer on what my work is? - Do I like what I’m doing? - Am I clear on my purpose? - Is this right for me? Does my heart lie elsewhere?
  29. 29. What if What I do Doesn’t Work? Dealing with fear, failure and disappointment Ask yourself: - How am I feeling? - What was I supposed to learn here? Not all business projects are meant to succeed These are stepping stones, or pushes, to do the work we are really meant to do...
  30. 30. New Marketing is about creating a bridge or connection: between what you love, care about and do – and those who would value it too.
  31. 31. Do what you do so well that when other people see what it is that you do, they will want to see you do it again… And they will bring others with them to show them what it is that you do. - Walt Disney
  32. 32. Tips to Use the “New Marketing” Ask yourself: - am I “marketing and selling” someone... or wanting to “raise” them? - am I marketing from fear/lack/need –or- love, fullness, a desire to serve? - am I trying to get/control/convince –or– give, inspire, help others to know and get what they really need/want? - am I telling people the truth... and being honest with myself? - do I value what I’m marketing/selling, and how I’m doing it? - would I want to be treated this way? Listen to your spirit / energy...
  33. 33. In the New Marketing: the more you are yourself... the more ‘unique’ you will be - listen to your call, and what feels right to you - “how would I like to people to feel?” - “how would I like to be treated?” - which intention/ mindset/ consciousness am I coming from? (Notice how you’re feeling) How does it feel to approach “marketing” this way?
  34. 34. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: 416-233-8665 -or- Much success, joy and fulfillment in YOUR marketing, selling and work! Eric