Marketing Portfolio for the Elements Food Group


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The following is a culmination of marketing efforts on behalf of the Elements Food Group, LLC.

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Marketing Portfolio for the Elements Food Group

  1. 1. Marketing Portfolio for:The Elements Food Group, LLC. Eric Griswold, Marketing Manager
  2. 2. OverviewThe following is a culmination of marketing effortson behalf of the Elements Food Group, LLC. I tookover the role of Marketing Manager in late August2010, and immediately launched a thoroughexamination of the areas in which marketing couldimprove.The primary challenge centered on how we couldgenerate buzz and community awareness on verylittle budget. With the Elements Food Grouphaving poured significant capital into the openingof a new restaurant, Elements Kitchen, it wasessential to rely upon cost-effective guerillamarketing tactics. With this realization, I focusedon four key strategies:
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy• Creating an online presence through both an electronic newsletter and social media websites. Immediately created Facebook & Twitter accounts for Elements Kitchen. Additionally, began collecting email addresses and began sending a weekly newsletter.• Building relationships with local business and charities. Through a calling campaign, we forged relationships with Pasadena based companies/charities such as: Western Asset, Kaiser-Permanente, Hathaway-Sycamores, HSBC Bank, Pasadena Junior League, JPMorgan Chase, and numerous others. These calls directly led to company parties, dinners, and corporate catering opportunities that have increased our bottom line as well as community exposure.• Enhancing search-engine optimization. In August 2010, a Google search for Elements Kitchen would yield two different addresses and numerous links to another ‘Elements Kitchen’ located in New Jersey. To resolve these issues, we created a Google places page, re-designed the website using search engine friendly methods, and reached out to popular online food blogs for editorial consideration . These efforts yielded an increase of 30,000 Google search impressions each month as well as over one million media impressions.• Securing editorial and select advertising placements within local and regional outlets. This constitutes a majority of the content highlighted within the portfolio. While this does not reflect the full-scope of press we have received, I hope that it showcases both the breadth and depth of our exposure in a relative short period of time. Every advertisement or editorial feature was acquired through discounted remnant rates, trade, or relationship building. The results proved we could have a strong presence within local mediums while adhering to a limited budget.
  4. 4. ResultsThe effects of these four strategies soonbecame apparent in overall sales: - Within six months of hiring revenue for Elements Kitchen increased 21% - In 2011 we saw 7% growth for the Elements Food Group compared to the previous year.As with any marketing campaign, success is primarilycontingent upon a quality product or service. Withoutthe tireless work ethic of the employees and owner(Onil Chibás) none of the growth achieved would bepossible. To them I owe a great deal of gratitude forensuring our marketing & business developmentefforts came to fruition.It is a pleasure to share the culmination of my workand I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.
  5. 5. Print Advertisements
  6. 6. Rose Magazine: Through relationship-building with the advertising & editorial staff at Rose Magazine, was able tonegotiate the cover, two page spread, editorial feature and full page advertisement for $1,500 in gift certificates toElements Kitchen. Rose Magazine is one of the most widely read publications within the Pasadena area - with an estimatedreadership of over 100,000. Overall sales during happy hour increased significantly with estimated cost-per-thousandat only $4.50.
  7. 7. The Magazine: Secured 12 month full page run on ½ trade at 25% of rate-card. Circulation of 20,000,thus giving Elements a cost-per-thousand of $12.50. Full-page advertisements have run highlightingour brunch, dinners, happy hour, lunches, and award-winning cocktails. In addition, The Magazineagreed to host their monthly businesses mixers in our bar as part of the agreement- therefore ensuringexposure to local young-professionals and established businesses within Pasadena.
  8. 8. Where Magazine: Able to secure a three month run for remnant rate. Over 300,000 in readership witha monthly Cost-per-Thousand to the Elements Food Group of $1.66. Additionally, able to negotiate acomplete Los Angeles concierge contact list from the ad partnership.
  9. 9. LACO Sponsorship: Organized trade agreement with the Director of Operations & Promotions at theLos Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO). In exchange for providing event catering at-cost, theElements Food Group received: logo recognition on welcome sign at the entrance, prominent flyer andpostcard display on buffet tables where food is located, full page ad in the fall 2010 and spring 2011program books (highlighted above), premier listing in Orchestra‟s honor roll of donors, and recognitionwithin the „sponsors‟ and „dining partners‟ page on the LACO website (included above).
  10. 10. Scene Magazine is geared towards young professionals in Pasadena. Circulation of 15,000 that appealsto a demographic that is an ideal target for Elements Lounge. Able to secure ½ page ad on remnantad buy for $100 in trade. Estimated Cost-per-Thousand to the Elements Food Group of two dollars.
  11. 11. Amahl & The Night Visitors Playhouse Bill: Secured full color, Inside Front Cover positioning within the billfold ofAmahal & The Night Visitors on $500 trade. A very popular holiday show starring Malcolm McDowell, all attendees receivedthe publication - helping to boost our overall awareness. Furthermore, with Elements Kitchen within close proximity to thePasadena Playhouse (the venue that hosted the performance) we saw a sizeable increase in traffic and sales.
  12. 12. Editorial Features
  13. 13. Editorial highlighting the Elements Kitchen & Elements Café Merger:Based on the decision to consolidate Elements Café, we immediately sent out press releases to localnewspapers and magazines. The primary focus was on informing long-time diners of the Café that theirfavorite food items would be available at Elements Kitchen – while also ensuring fans of ElementsKitchen that the décor and quality of food would remain unaffected. Numerous publications ran therelease, including both the Pasadena Star-News & Pasadena Magazine. As a result of the editorial, publicawareness as well as sales & consumer traffic remained strong.
  14. 14. Pasadena Magazine: Circulation of 20,000. Worked with Associate Editor and Chef de Cuisine to selectbest entrée for upcoming Food & Wine issue. Coordinated with photographer to set up photo shootand was responsible for final approval of feature.
  15. 15. „Make a Di erence Mondays‟ / Outlook Newspaper:Implemented „Make a Difference Monday‟ where each month a local charity or non-profit was selected to receive 15% ofnet Monday sales from Elements Kitchen. This was a very successful promotion that helped to increase traffic to therestaurant during slow periods. Furthermore, it enhanced our exposure to the numerous charitable organizations aroundPasadena. Through working closely with the Executive Vice President of Development at Hathaway-Sycamores, wereceived strong coverage in numerous local publications, including the Pasadena Outlook that boasts a circulation of11,000 with an estimated readership of over 30,000.
  16. 16. Culinary Trends: One of the most popular chef-driven publications in the Southwest. Coordinated withExecutive Editor, Carleigh Connelly on content and artwork to ensure editorial feature highlighting theunique cuisine of Elements Kitchen.
  17. 17. Pasadena Independent: Prior to the merging of Elements Café with Elements Kitchen, pitchedstaff writer Victor Buell on his interest in covering Elements Café for lunch. The following reviewappeared within the Pasadena Independent as well as: Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly,Sierra Madre Weekly, and Temple Tribune. Total readership of roughly 100,000. Currently working onsecuring a review for Elements Kitchen.
  18. 18. Pasadena Now: Organized local artist reception and elected to partner with local charity,Hathaway-Sycamores, to ensure editorial coverage. The reception was highlighted in Pasadena Now, alocal online newspaper that receives over 81,000 unique visitors each month.
  19. 19. Additional Reach & Exposure
  20. 20. Created postcards to help promote various events and cross-promote each division of the ElementsFood Group. Various circulation methods include: inclusion in all check presenters at ElementsKitchen, presence at all catered functions, distribution to local businesses within a one-mileradius to promote various events/offerings, and placement in over 3,000 gift bags given to seasonticket holders of the Pasadena Playhouse.
  21. 21. Electronic Newsletter: Sent every Wednesday and delivered to over 3,500 opt-in subscribers.Responsible for copy and photography, while coordinating with our graphic designer for generallayout. Based on compiled data, both open and click-through rates far exceed industry standards.
  22. 22. Transcript of 15-Second Spot“Elements Kitchen featuring an intimate dining room, andcomfortable lounge seating. Offering hand-craftedcocktails, an extensive wine list, happy hour, and dinner,lunch, and brunch.”KPCC (Southern California Public Radio):With over 615,000 unique cumulative listeners each week, KPCC is the 3rd largest public radio stationin the country. Partnering solely on 2:1 trade value, Elements Kitchen received forty-three 15-secondspots on KPCC, Southern California public radio.With an established relationship through our trade partnership, I was able to introduce ElementsKitchen for broadcast consideration on Lynee Rossetto Kasper‟s „The Splendid Table‟ – a culinary,culture, and lifestyle program that celebrates food and the arts.
  23. 23. Blog Postings: Reached out to numerous „foodie‟ and industry blogs in an effort to increase exposure ofElements Kitchen. Through these efforts, I was able to secure positive reviews from online blogs such as:Taco Maven, The Finer Things L.A. , the LA Weekly Food Blog, Urban Daddy, and NombombsLos Angeles Food Blog. These features represent a combined readership of over one million people andhave directly contributed to increasing the search engine rankings for Elements Kitchen.
  24. 24. Online Food Blogs Cont...
  25. 25. Social Media: Started Facebook and Twitter accounts for Elements Kitchen. Through an addedonline presence, was able to expand reach while connecting with both current and potentialcustomers. To date, Elements Kitchen has over 380 Facebook fans and over 570 Twitter followers.
  26. 26. OpenTable & Guilt City Promotion:To increase both sales and exposure, we partnered with OpenTable for a „Dining Spotlight‟ promotionhighlighting Elements Kitchen. Over 75% of OpenTable members are college educated, with half of themembership reporting a household income of over $100,000. Through this partnership, we sold over800 certificates - yielding $10,000 in revenue with no out of pocket costs to the Elements Food Group.Guilt City is a website with a similar platform to OpenTable Spotlight - offering their members incentivesand discounts to appealing establishments. Guilt City reaches young professionals (75% of theirmembers are between the ages of 20-39) who have means (over 60% earn more than $75,000/year).This was the ideal demographic to promote the award winning cocktails featured in the lounge area ofElements Kitchen. The promotion ran for three days, generated $3,250 in revenue, and providedtremendous exposure to over 200,000 Guilt City members within our target audience.