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Remote CIDR Surveying


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Mapping out network segmentation for pentests

Published in: Internet
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Remote CIDR Surveying

  1. 1. @VirusFriendly Remote CIDR Surveying
  2. 2. @VirusFriendly: • • Reasons for Abnormal Arp Requests • Reasons for Abnormal ICMP errors • Reasons for Abnormal Traceroute Results
  3. 3. Our mission is to foster creative and technical growth through open collaboration by providing tools and resources within the greater Baltimore-Washington Metro area. Who we are: • We are a hacker/maker space • We are a non profit 501(c)(3) • Everything you see here was donated by the community • Everything you see here is free for public use (although some may require minor training)
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  5. 5. No matter the day there is almost always something going on here and events can be found on the following social media outlets. @unallocated !forum/unallocated-space
  6. 6. UDP “Unix” Traceroute Mechanics
  7. 7. ICMP “Windows” Traceroute Mechanics Uses ICMP Echo instead of UDP Allowed by RFC 1393
  8. 8. TTL Gotchas • Proxies and Switches operate on incompatible layers • Any layer 3 device (router, gateway, firewall) that doesn’t decrement TTL won’t be detectable
  9. 9. Why Survey Network CIDR Network segregation • Ownership • Location • Business function • Policy • Sensitivity
  10. 10. CIDR Determination by flipping bits
  11. 11. Router Interface Determination After routed segregation is determined Switched (vlan) segregation can be determined by mapping router interfaced Note: The router interface/IP sending the ICMP error may or may not be the same IP address we probed
  12. 12. HardCidr @VirusFriendly