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Infographic 121 on "Preparing for Negotiations" from ManageTrainLearn


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The Infographics series is one of the most popular collections on ManageTrainLearn. In the Skill Boosters section, you'll get 255 single slides packed with huge amounts of information. Hear what MTL customer, Indrani Narasimhan, says about them: "If you want short, sharp, effective and usable information, MTL's SkillBoosters are just the job! They contain up-to-date ideas that can be easily applied in the real world. Use them to support other learning and development materials to boost your awareness and capabilities. They're like a snack that keeps you going!". And, user, Mark Williams, says: "The MTL SkillBoosters I downloaded are simply superb. You call them SkillBoosters but I call them bundles of wisdom spread on a single sheet. I loved them and would like to have more."

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Infographic 121 on "Preparing for Negotiations" from ManageTrainLearn

  1. 1. Work done in preparing for negotiations isnever done in vain. You need time before you meet to think about your own position, your needs and wants; time to talk to your own constituents; time to gather information about the other side; time to plan the practicalities of the negotiations. Although good preparation can never guarantee success in the unpredictable process of negotiations, it can certainly increase your chances. "Prepare for negotiations by knowing your walk away conditions and by building the number of variables you can work with during the negotiations.You need to have a walk away, a combination of price, terms and deliverables that represents the least you will accept.Without one, you have no roadmap." (Thomas Keiser) "Engage only when it is in the interests of the state; cease when it is to its detriment. Do not move unless there are definite advantages to be won." (SunTzu: "The Art of War", 400 - 320BC) Preparing for Negotiations Getting a Head Start MTL Infographics Skill Boosters 121 Only negotiate if you see a clear advantage for you. Don't negotiate because you have to. A BATNA is your Best AlternativeTo a Negotiated Agreement. By preparing for negotiations with one party by sounding out an alternative deal with another party, you get “walkaway power”. To prepare for negotiations, 8 steps are necessary: 1.Check out whether you're in a negotiating situation 2.Clarify your aims 3. Gather information 4.Weigh up your respective positions 5. Negotiate with your own side 6. Get a BATNA 7. Prepare the setting 8.Prepare yourself psychologically. Before going into battle, the Iroquois prepared themselves meticulously.They ate and drank abstemiously.They ran, wrestled and hunted for hours each day. They trained like hungry prize- fighters before a fight. 1. Strategy 3. Tactics 2. Activities Align your tactics, activities, and strategy, and you create an unbeatable force.