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PcPlus Kiosk2


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PcPlus Kiosk2

  1. 1. Interactive personalized kiosks Pc Plus designs and build complete interactive and multimedia kiosks solu- tions. Since our clients have diversi- fied needs, we offers a personalized and adapted solution. Our offer in- cludes equipments and specific per- sonalized applications. Pc Plus 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montréal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 »» • Localization assistance • Dynamic displays • Fidelity management • Ticketing • Sales assistance • Etc... Self-service reinvented!
  2. 2. Pc Plus 9125, Pascal-Gagnon; Suite 201 Montréal, Qc Canada H1P 1Z4 Tél: (514) 333-1866 »» Technical services & Programming Our technical team can adapt the solution, both at the equipment or at the software level, to meet all your requirements and needs. Customized software adapted to your needs The Pc Plus interactive kiosks are powered by a software spe- cifically adapted to the client’s needs. We adapt the functional- ities depending on the client’s objectives regarding the kiosk usage. To localize personal or services, to assist the sales process or for any other need, our software is efficient and easy to use. Our kiosks can be linked on a local network or through internet. PCP S-Line This is the ideal terminal for public environment where security is an issue. Build in steel, its base can be anchor in any type of ground. It is extremely stable and its solidity is a good protection against vandalism. Furthermore, its 19 inches touch screen is very resistant against aggression while offering a clear and effi- cient interface. This kiosk can be integrated on a local network or on internet. It comes with a 19 inches touch screen that resist aggressions. The PCP S-Line kiosk is delivered with brushed stainless steel or could be painted in the desired color. The Pc Plus kiosks are entirely made in Canada. Specifications • Lateral door with secure lock • Pneumatic top door • Powerful lateral fan • Windows XP professional Pc