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Aeronautic Freight


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Aeronautic Freight

  1. 1. 10th December 2007 Eric Crespin PC Plus 9125 Pascal – Gagnon, Suite201 St. Leonard, QC Canada Dear Eric, We have been using the Integra software designed for Freight Forwarders in Canada by your company since 2006. We have found this software to be user friendly and innovative. The integration with accounts is also quite seamless and has helped us get a control over our outstanding Debtors and Creditors accounts. We would like to move ahead with the software and offer our clients “Track and Trace” abilities which we want to display on our website. As you are aware, we have been recommending your company to other forwarders in our industry, only because we think that your package offers “Value for Money” The inclusion of an ”On Line” Customer service is an added feature which is very beneficial and one that we use quite often. We wish you and your team much success in the future. Yours sincerely Richard D’Cunha Vice president AERONAUTIC FREIGHT SYSTEMS INC. 1690 BONHILL ROAD, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L5T 1C8 Tel: (905) 672 5606 Fax: (905) 672 9834