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Survey Field to Finish


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Land surveyors and designers need to learn how to setup and use AutoCAD Civil 3D as a Field to Finish solution to increase their productivity and profits, but can this be done with AutoCAD Civil 3D? In a word, yes.

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Survey Field to Finish

  1. 1. Land Surveyors Lose 85%± Productivity* Not Using Field to Finish (F2F) Surveying tools & techniques *100% Estimated Value
  2. 2. is only a rough estimate Well, Okay,
  3. 3. But, what I've seen looks like this: 2%­5%± Increased Field Data Collection Effort 85%­90%± Decreased Office/CAD Effort And this is from my own land surveying company and others I've consulted with
  4. 4. One tool for field to finish land surveying is AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, But Some Land Surveyors Are Uncomfortable Using AutoCAD® Civil 3D® or just struggle getting it to work AutoCAD® Civil 3D® is a registered trademark of Autodesk
  5. 5. To setup F2F, you must: Develop Point Codes For Field Data Collection Use Linework Codes In The Field (Beg, End, Close etc.)
  6. 6. To setup F2F, you must: Setup Point Styles Setup Point Label Styles Setup Description Key File Setup Point Groups
  7. 7. To setup F2F, you must: Setup The Survey Database Creating, Editing And Import .fbk Files And/Or Point Files 
  8. 8. To setup F2F, you must: Setup Figure Styles Setup A Figure Prefix Database Setup Linework Code Sets
  9. 9. To setup F2F, you must: Adjust and Balance Your Traverse (Compass, Least Squares Adjustment, etc.)
  10. 10. To setup F2F, you must: Work With Points (Point Styles, Point Label Styles, Point Groups) From Worksheet To Finished Plan Add Notes And Labels
  11. 11. Need More Info or help with field to finish setup and use with AutoCAD® Civil 3D®?
  12. 12. Learn How to successfully setup and use AutoCAD® Civil 3D® as a Field to Finish solution Comprehensive Webinar For Land Surveyors You Can Master and profit from field to finish! N E W
  14. 14. CLICK HERE REGISTER NOW! Learn from Professional land surveyor and geo-business innovator Eric Colburn Eric Has Trained Land Surveyors, Engineers And Designers To Use And Leverage AutoCAD® Civil 3D® To Improve Their Work And Business Bottom Lines Since 2008