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Form Price to Value. How to sell AXIS


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3 Rules, 4 Actions. I will lead you to success!!

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Form Price to Value. How to sell AXIS

  1. 1. From Price To Value -How to sell Axis-Eric Chiu, Regional Sales Director, Taiwan
  2. 2. To avoid the pricing trap> Who will set the trap?> Pricing trap ≠ Pricing war> Keep the Rule ABC in your mind> Follow the Action 1~4 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  3. 3. If you want to close a deal…> What is the most three important? – Price? – Price?? – Price???> We all agree that PRICE is very important.> Only PRICE = LOW Margin = HARD to achieve the target = YOU are not special RULE A: Never talk this at the first stage. 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  4. 4. What is your faith?> From Market – Everyone should use network video products> From Product – Axis product is excellent than others> From Yourself – We JUST promote the best product to my customer. RULE B: Believe the products that you sell and keep it as your faith 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  5. 5. You’re not alone… RULE C: Believe the team. No one is a special one. 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  6. 6. Action 1: Familiar with your products. Be an expert!Fixed PTZ/ PTZ domes AXIS M1103 AXIS M5013 AXIS P5534/-E AXIS P1311 AXIS P1347/-E AXIS 212 PTZ/-VAXIS M1011/-W AXIS M1104 AXIS M5014 AXIS P5544 AXIS P1343/-E AXIS 221 AXIS 214 PTZAXIS M1031-W AXIS M1113/-E AXIS P5512/-E AXIS Q6032/-E AXIS P1344/-E AXIS Q1602/-E AXIS 215/-E PTZAXIS M1054 AXIS M1114/-E AXIS P5522/-E AXIS Q6034/-E AXIS P1346/-E AXIS Q1755/-E AXIS 233D AXIS 211W AXIS P5532/-E AXIS Q6035/-EFixed domes Thermal AXIS M3113-R/M3114-R AXIS M3203/-V AXIS P3343/-V/-VE AXIS Q1910-EAXIS M3011 AXIS M3113-VE/M3114-VE AXIS M3204/-V AXIS P3344/-V/-VE AXIS Q1910AXIS M3014 AXIS 216FD/-V AXIS P3301/-V AXIS P3346/-V/-VE AXIS Q1921-EAXIS 209FD AXIS 216MFD/-V AXIS P3304/-V AXIS P3367-V/-VE AXIS Q1921Encoders/decoders Software & recordingAXIS 241Q/241QA AXIS Q7404 AXIS 240Q Blade AXIS Camera StationAXIS 240Q AXIS Q7401 AXIS Q7900 Rack AXIS Camera ManagementAXIS 243SA AXIS Q7414 Blade AXIS 3U Video Server Rack AXIS Mobile MonitorAXIS M7001 AXIS Q7406 Blade AXIS 291 1U Rack AXIS Q8108-R Network Video RecorderAXIS 241S AXIS 243Q Blade AXIS P7701 ADP > 800 partnersAXIS 247S AXIS 241Q Blade Accessories 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  7. 7. AXIS features> Three year warranty > HDTV> Good image quality > ACAP> ARPTEC chipset > Edge Storage> ONVIF > Image adjust functions> VAPIX API > Alarm/event rule> Network Security > Easy Installation> H.264/MJPEG > P-Iris> Multi-streaming > LightFinder™ > Super WDR 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  8. 8. Action 2: Identify your customers, then create the needs 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  9. 9. Differentiated by verticalAddValue City Transport Surveillance Retail Banking Semiconductor SMB Securities Military Government Education Construction M-Line P-Line and Q-Line Target Vertical Intelligent Video 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  10. 10. Action 3: Never behind your SI. Find out the heat! 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  11. 11. Needs and Wants > Your SI can only tell you the needs… > You always get the “Organizational Needs” > You should find our the “Personal Wants” > Only discuss the price at “Buyer pressure points” – Time – Spec-in – Availability – Painless 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  12. 12. Action 4: Call the right persons at right time CALL KEY, CALL HIGH, CALL COACH 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  13. 13. Level I-II-III concept High-level decision makersUser Influencers Logistics Buyers 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  14. 14. The basic way to sell AXIS> Basic, but it’s the shortcut> To see is to believe – Video – A lots video – Not only images> Live demo – Axis Solution Center – Technical consultant> Avoid pass the camera only 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  15. 15. S.A.L.E Service Aspiration Learning Empathy 創新 • 開放 • 領航者
  16. 16. Get the Axis picture. Stay one step ahead. competence convergence Axis leader intelligent HDTV worldwidepartner network network video open megapixel camera easy installation Thank you! safe innovation outdoor global thermal environment protect leader ease of use integration H.264 image usability focus video encoder創新 • 開放 • 領航者