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Workshop presentation 2014

  1. 1. SMETrooperSMETrooper An Innovative Business Platform for Sabah SMEs Supported by DIDR Ministry Of Industrial Development Sabah
  2. 2. Background Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) including microenterprises have played an important role in fostering growth, employment and income in the country. However, going forward, amidst the uncertain global environment and growing competition, Malaysia requires a 'game changer' to transition the economy to a high income nation by 2020. Going forward, SMEs will assume a greater role in the economy. SMEs would be a key driver of growth as Malaysia advances to a high income economy.
  3. 3. Research from SME Masterplan In order to accelerate the growth of SMEs, based on Malaysia data, the Masterplan has highlighted 6 factors that influence the performance of SMEs, These 6 performance lever are: ● Innovation and technology adoption; ● Human capital development; ● Access to financing; ● Market access; ● Legal and regulatory environment;and ● Infrastructure.
  4. 4. SME Trooper Mission  To assists government to achieve high income nation status by 2020;  To promote the local SMEs products and services;  To assists Sabah SMEs in information technology adoption and access to innovation;  To improve Sabah SMEs competitiveness locally and globally;  To provide a communication path for SMEs direct access to MID, DIDR, SMECorp or related agency;  To provide a cost effective, innovative and consolidated solution to Sabah SMEs.  Selected SMEs in Sabah will be invited to receive free usage of the application for up to 12 months.
  5. 5. To Promote local SMEs products and Services ● Through the intelligence social networking connectivity (google, Yahoo, facebook etc); ● Through and portal. ● Provide e-Catalog to publish SMEs products and services. ● Provide other media channel
  6. 6. To assists Sabah SMEs in technology adoption and access to innovation After 12 months field research: SMEs Challenges! Most of the SMEs do not have a single console to manage the following challenges:- Tracking sales activity & Forecast in real time? Tracking billing and collection? Centralize file repository? Online leave application? Contact Management? Real Time Reporting? Products & Services Promotion Platform?
  7. 7. To improve Sabah SMEs competitiveness locally & globally ● Market reach out & penetration ● Branding awareness ● Global expansion
  8. 8. To provide a communication path between MID and Sabah SMEs
  9. 9. SME Trooper Eco System
  10. 10. What is SMETrooper An innovative solution comes with the following features:- ● News and annoucement ● Customer Profile Management ● Credit Control ● Sales Forecast Management ● Sales Activity Monitoring ● Actual Sales Input ● Collection Status ● File Management ● Leave Application ● Broadcasting ● Reporting Upcoming features - Inventory Control - Notification - Staff Profile - Sales Order Forms - GST Reporting
  11. 11. SMETrooper Advance - TimeTrooper ● Time Attendance Systems – attendance recording ● Fully customizable payroll systems – complex salary format ● Human Resource Management – Staff performance monitoring ● Subscription Model – low investment How much time to process?
  12. 12. Solution Benefits ● Retrieve your company and business information in real time – improve productivity & business process. ● Sharpen forecast view with better sales revenue – improve profitability. ● Real time reporting – improve business planning and analysis. ● Cost effective – No server and software licensing fees for 12 months.
  13. 13. Other Benefits Responsive information dissemination – Government is able to reach out to SMEs by broadcasting incentive program, training, funding information etc to SMEs. Targeted marketing – through smart partnership with service providers(telco, finance provider, F&B outlet, hotel, etc) marketing program can be targeted at specific SMEs. Human capital development – Government is able to disseminate computer based training program to SMEs. Foster B2G interaction – SMEs can use the SMETrooper Platform to interact with the government to apply for grant or services. Knowledge sharing – SMEs can collaborate and share industry knowledge with each other via the in-build social networking platform
  14. 14. What do you get? ● SMETrooper Application with unlimited user license, free for 12 months. Year 2 & 3 on subscription for RM1,125 quarterly. Total Fees of RM9000.00. ● An Intel or AMD server will be provided and installed without investment. ( A delivery and installation fees of RM300 will be charged upon delivery.) ● Free website & social networking publicity for company profile, products and services. ● Free Company Listing at
  15. 15. Installation Fees ✔ Server Delivery & Installation ✔ Network configuration ✔ User Setup & onsite training
  16. 16. Business &Technical Support ● In house development team – continue R&D on new features and functionality. ● Call Centre – Helpdesk support and information feeding. ● Programme Consultation – Provide SMETrooper workshop, educate SMEs to leverage on social networking or related IT facility to increase business opportunity.
  17. 17. Local Reference Innovatory Furniture Sdn. Bhd.) Cosmopolitan Wood ( Sabah ) Sdn. Bhd. Heera Food & Snack Fireworks Event (Sabah) Sdn Bhd Medik-Link (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. Kak Ejan's SyncMax Sdn. Bhd. Gam Tong (HK Recipe) Sdn. Bhd.
  18. 18. OneCore Established Since 2005. 100% Malaysian Owned Company. Software, Application Development & IT Consultation. Key customer – BNM, Celcom, CIMB etc. Technology Partner – HP,IBM,Google,Joomla,Radiant Logic.