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  • Woohoo… well, how would you feel if you had the solution to end poverty and illiteracy on the way to world peace? World peace huh… I know, I know what you’re thinking, “What, this guy running for “Miss America.”?
  • So if we do Social Security right on a global scale, we inter-layer the rich and the poor. You go to rich countries like America, Japan, England then we position someone from the slums of India. Then you go to Germany, Australia and Norway, then we position someone from Africa. Then we go to Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and position someone from the slums of Rio De Janeiro. And you get paid from the Global Social Security System NOT because this is some “entitlement” because you were born… but because you actually DO SOMETHING! So what do you do?
  • You read and THEN you get PAID to write commentary. The commentary is used to make the books better. We’re ending illiteracy and poverty simultaneously. The product is in your head! This is perfect because economics is based on scarcity, supply, demand and that will never be a factor because regardless of wealth, poverty, language, race, class… whatever! Everyone has an opinion.
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  • The first question is, “What do people read?”
  • What will help to forestall self-interest and greed?
  • Sports magazines? News Magazines? Fashion Magazines? Globe? Star?... None of these will lead to world peace and help us understand each other better.
  • The reading materials must help us understand each other better.
  • 84% of the planet is made up of Christians, Muslims, Buddhist slash Hindus and the other 16% believe in The LAW. Because whether you do or don’t believe in God, we all obey the LAW or go to jail. So the reading materials are the Depiction Bible, Quran, Buddhism and The LAW.
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  • Then I say, would you like to see how your dollar is going to end poverty and illiteracy? Ah, yes, the third question: “How is just a dollar going to end poverty?”
  • Poor countries will benefit first because it pays out at $3.42 that can pay rent for a home in the slums of India, Rio and parts of Africa… It won’t pay out in wealthy countries until it maxes out at $1005. $3.42 in India is a lot of money to a family of four. If they don’t know how to read, they get PAID to learn their A, B, C’s, 1, 2, 3’s… With a family of four reading, writing and getting PAID they can use Dad’s $3.42 for rent, Mom’s $3.42 for food, their son’s $3.42 for buying a bike, transportation, school supplies, or building a business, etc., and use their daughter’s $3.42 to save for the future. In wealthy countries a family of four earns $4000/month.
  • How is it perpetual? A person in the slums only gets $2.93 of $3.42 less .49 to make it happen again.In the US and wealthy countries, a person only gets $1005 of $1172 less $167.
  • How can this be sustainable? This is my absolute favorite slide! There’s as much money in the system as there is outside. If everyone in the world were POSITIONED, then all this (pointing to the Depiction Reader amount) can be used to support the system. All this money for making books can be used to end poverty first because the pages are sponsored. The books are online. We’re not killing trees and polluting the air, this book is just for show and tell. Depiction Readers supports the goal of OLPC One Laptop Per Child.
  • The idea of depiction books came to me one day while I was home schooling my children. I was teaching them something about science, not my best subject either, and they just were not getting it. I excused myself to the bathroom and quietly screamed at the top of my mind, “What do I have to do so they get it? Draw a picture!” and that small still voice said, “Yes”. You see, I really love my children. And I really wanted them to get it right because I didn’t want people like Jim Jones lying to them saying, “God wants you to drink this Kool-Aid.” or “Allah want’s you to drive this plane into buildings.”
  • Once this gets started, nobody can stop it. There are no paid employees. It will take a couple of generations if we’re lucky. It will take two years if celebrities support it. This change will not happen from the top down. Government cannot legislate this. It will get abused. This must come from the bottom up. We the people must fb, tweet, email, rss, digg, etc and get it done at DepictionReaders.org
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    6. 6. This is what it looks like in a SPREADSHEET<br />
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    8. 8. PRODUCTS PRODUCTS PRODUCTS<br />Standing naked before God everyone has an<br />OPINION<br />
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    10. 10. Read<br />Write<br />&getPAID<br />MISSIONS STATEMENT <br />End Poverty and Illiteracy while Moving Toward World Peace<br />People<br />Globe<br />Star<br />Enquirer<br />
    11. 11. Read<br />Write<br />&get PAID<br />MISSIONS STATEMENT <br />WORLD PEACE<br />Communism<br />Capitalism<br />Socialism<br />LAW<br />
    12. 12. Read<br />GET PAID<br />Write<br />Whatever feels right.<br />WORLD PEACE<br />
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    16. 16. V<br />Y<br />Y<br />[<br />Z<br />Y<br />e<br />&<br />=mc<br />2<br />© 2010 DepictionReaders.org<br />
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    25. 25. $.42 of $.49 less $.07 = $2.93 of $3.42 less .49 = max $1005 of $1172 less $167 <br />
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    30. 30. 12-12-12 @ 12 Kapiolani Park. We the People, For the People & By the People<br />