MiceMedia Presentation kit
3 x MacBook Pro 15-inch 2,3 Ghz quad-core Intel with Solid state drive a...
Power infra structure
1 x audio recorder Zoom H4
1 x full backup service for the duration of 1 year
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Micemedia presentation kit


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MiceMedia BV launches The Presentation kit with full hybrid Mac/ Windows compatibility. PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Haiku Deck, PDF, Flash............the tools used by presenters are evermore growing and now you can facilitate them all. Doing off-site and on-site production, MiceMedia BV comes with the tools that are specially developed to design and deliver your message in any format anywhere in the world. We are truly prepared for every event!

Combined with the consultancy and production of MiceMedia this gives you the all in one tool to stage your message anywhere in the world and since we are truly independant we hand you all the benefits.

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Micemedia presentation kit

  1. 1. Description: MiceMedia Presentation kit Contents: 3 x MacBook Pro 15-inch 2,3 Ghz quad-core Intel with Solid state drive and multi-standard software Are your speakers using Mac presentations? No problem: With a unique software image, the multi-standard software is able to handle Windows PowerPoints, Mac Keynotes, PDF presentations, Prezi presentations and all known video formats. Not only can the laptops handle the different programmes but it can also be used to convert one to another. With a total of 3 laptops you will be able to run any event. 2 can be used as presentation laptops and the 3rd can be assigned as background laptop and alternate between tasks such as projection of HD background, workstation for editing, workstation for conversion and/ ore editing of movies, platform to play movies separately from a solid state drive (is faster and more reliable). However each laptop is universally configured and can be assigned to any task. The unique MiceMedia software image on each laptop provides you with all the tools you or your speakers might ever need and running on a platform (MacBook Pro) that is world famous for its reliability and outstanding performance. 2 x Cue light receiver with 3 wireless remotes, one wired remote and spare batteries A light and sound signalling system that enables a speaker to send cues to a laptop using a wireless hand-held actuator. Each of the 2 receivers can control 2 laptops via USB connection where 1 receiver is usually main and the other backup. Also the 3 wireless remotes are backed up by one hard wired failsafe remote located on stage. 1 x Sony EVI HD1 camera (OPTIONAL) Conference rooms everywhere are making the transition to HD, and the Sony EVI-HD1 makes this change effortless. Used with a fixed shot it can provide HD recordings (recordings in combination with H265 recorder) for archives or for presenters who want a video recording of their presentation. The camera can be remote controlled meaning that different shots are possible and potential use for Webcast is foreseen. This versatile use combined with it's specifications make this the perfect camera for the presentation kit. 1 x Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder including laptop (OPTIONAL) WE COME PREPARED FOR ANY EVENT The MiceMedia presentation kit is a one out of the box (suitcase) solution that travels to any of your events anywhere in the world. Weighing no more than 23KG and being no bigger than any regular suitcase it is able to travel with any airline as additional luggage. All equipment is well protected during travel by the case that is shockproof, watertight and heat and chemical resistant. In combination with the Sony camera, the H.264 not only enables you to record the video on high quality but it enables you as well to distribute H.264 video files (specific format used for webcast) to websites, YouTube™, iPhone™ and even iPad™. The Blackmagic Design's H.264 can encode directly from professional broadcast decks and enables streaming your video to the internet! Presentation Kit Page 1
  2. 2. Power infra structure 1 x audio recorder Zoom H4 1 x full backup service for the duration of 1 year All the presentations and recordings that have been made available will also be backed up on the MiceMedia servers. All data will remain stored for a period of one year as a backup measure. Upon your request this backup can be made available for download or sent to your office. Featuring built-in condenser microphones in an X-Y stereo pattern combined with the ability to record in stereo or 4-track mode, the Zoom audio recorder comes with it's own backup. The H4 can record in stereo WAV or compressed (MP3) files and has virtually unlimited storage capacity in recording hours even at the highest quality setting (uncompressed PCM WAV, 24 bit, 96 kHz, stereo). Using professional standard sound connections such as XLR it is able to integrate in any existing sound system. The kit comes with it's own power distribution tools and convertors to supply power to all of the presentation devices. The power distribution is separately fused ensuring that the equipment will stay unharmed in the event of a power peak. The kit also holds a total of 4 multi-standard-power plugs and since it only uses 2 the other 2 can be used as an additional service for your speakers that bring their own equipment. With the EA4500 Gigabit router, you will be able to network all the presentation laptops (hard wired) in a gigabit network enabling super fast transfer of big files. The added functionality of wireless allows presenters to connect any devices that they use during their presentation enabling them to run of the internet (provided by venue). 1 x HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer With the HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer, you can print Up to 18 ppm - colour draft - A4. It comes equipped with Bluetooth wireless printing, and flexible connection options enabling your presenters to print back stage at the last minute from any wireless device. The HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer is a useful accessory for working on the road. The convenience comes with quick prints, wireless access, and rechargeable battery (making it truly mobile). 1 x external hard drive on USB 3 to keep for archive At the end of each project you will receive a hard drive that contains a complete backup of all the presentations and audio and video recordings that have been made during the conference. This hard drive is for you to keep in your archives enabling you to always access the data in the future. 1 x Cisco EA4500 router with wireless capability Presentation Kit Page 2