Gardening Master Book List - Albuquerque, New Mexico


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Gardening Master Book List - Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Gardening Master Book List - Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. 1. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 1 07/11/10 DD# AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT PUBLISHER745.92 AAR Aaronson, Marian Design With Plant Material Flower Arranging Grower Books745.92 AAR Aaronson, Marian Flowers In The Modern Manner Flower Arranging Grower Books635.9 ABB Abbott, Marylyn Gardening With Light & Color Gardening - Color Kyle Cathie Limited635.95 ABR Abraham, George Organic Gardening Under Glass Organic Gardening Rodale Press, Inc.635.9334 ACK Ackerson, Cornelius Complete Book Of Chrysanmums Chrysanthemums Amer. Garden Guild635.9334 ACS Abq Chrys Soc. Growing Chrysanthemums In The Southwest Chrysanthemums Albuq. Chrysmums Sov.635.7 ADA Adams, James Landscaping With Herbs Herbs Timber Press635.931 ADA Adams, Lynn 100 Easy Annuals Annuals Publications Internatl, Ltd.635.951 ADA Adams, Peter D. Art Of Bonsai Bonsai The Rutledge Press635.951 ADA Adams, Peter D. Art Of Flowering Bonsai Bonsai Ward Lock635.967 ADD Addison, Andrew R. 100 Garden Plans Garden Design Random House Publishers635.024 ADI Adil, Janeen R. Accessible Gardening For People w/ Phy Disblts Gardening w/Disabilitiesl. Woodbine House635 AHS Amer. Horticulture Soc. Encyclopedia of Gardening ( In Library Only) Gardening - Encyclopedias Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.635.907 AHS Amer. Hemerocallis Soc. New Daylily Handbook Daylilies Amer. Hemerocallis Soc.635.907 AHS Amer. Hemeracallis Soc. Judging Daylilies Daylilies Amer. Hemeracallis Soc.712.6 AHS Amer. Horticultural Society Small Gardens Gardens - Small DK Publishing712.6 AHS American Horticul. Society Small Gardens Gardens - Small DK Publishing712.62 AJA Ajay, Betty Guide To Home Landscaping Landscape Design McGraw-Hill Book Co.712.6 ALA Alaimo, Marilyn K. Stewards Of The Land Landscape Design NCSGC712.6 ALC Alcosser, Murray American In Bloom Special Gardens Rizzoli International Press598.2 ALD Alderton, David Cage and Aviary Bird Handbook Birds TFH Publications745.5 ALD Aldrich, Dot Creating With Cattails, Cones, & Pods Design/Crafts Hearthside Press589.2 ALE Alexopoulos, Constantine Introductory Mycology Fungi John Wiley & Sons631.542 ALL Allen, Oliver Pruning & Gardening Pruning Time-Life Books635 ALL Allen, Oliver E. Winter Gardens Gardening Time-Life Books635 ALL Allen, Oliver E. Gardening w/ the New Small Plants Plants - Selection Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.9339 ALL Allen, Harold H. Roses - Growing For Exhibiting Roses D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.635.9339 ALL Allen, R. C. Roses For Every Garden Roses Barrows635.967 ALL Allen, Oliver E. Shade Gardens Special Gardens Time-Life Books745.5 ALL Allen, Oliver Decorating With Plants Design/Crafts Time-Life Books745.92 ALL Allen, Judy Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Octopus Books, Ltd.745.92 ALL Allen, Ellen Japanese Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging-Japanese NC745.92 ALL Allen, Ellen Japanese Flower Arrangment In A Nutshell Flower Arranging-Japanese Charles E. Tuttle Co.598.2 ALS Alsop, Fred III Birds Of North America Birds DK Publishing635 AMB Ambler, Wayne etal Treasury of Gardening Gardening Publications International635.907 AME American Hemerocallis Handbook For Judges Flower Shows/Judging American Hemerocallis635.907 AME American Iris Society Handbook For Judges And Show Officials Flower Shows/Judging American Iris Society635.9338 AME American Orchid Society An Orchidists Glossary Orchids American Orchid Society745.5 AME Amer. Jean B. & Alma How To Make Containers And Accessories Design/Crafts Hearthside Press, Inc.635 AMG ABQ Extension Master GardDown to Earth - Gardeners Guide to Abq Area Gardening AAEMG635 AMG Albuq. Master Gardeners Down to Earth-Gardeners Guide to Albq. Area Gardening Albuq. Area Extension MGs635 AMG Albuq. Master Gardeners Down to Earth-Gardeners Guide(In Lib. Only) Gardening Albuq. Area Extension MGs
  2. 2. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 2 07/11/10635.7 AND Anderson, Frederick How To Grow Herbs For Gourmet Cooking Herbs Meredith635.9332 AND Anderson, Miles World Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents Cacti Hermes House635.9676 AND Andrews, Jonathan Creating A Wild Flower Garden Wildflowers Henry Holt & Co.581.632 ANG Angier, Bradford Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants Edible Plants Stackpole Books641.5 ANT Anton, Liz & Dooley, Beth Its the Berries Cooking Garden Way Publishing631.875 APP Applehof, Mary Worms Eat My Garbage Compost Flower Press635.932 APP Apps, Darrel Perennials Perennials Hearst Corp.635.932 ARM Armutagem, Allan M. Herbaceous Perennial Plants Perennials Varsity Press635.96 ARM Arms, Karen Environmental Gardening Ecology Halfmoon Publishing745.92 ARM Arms, John Taylor Design In Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging MacMillan & Co.632.7 ARN Arnett, Dr. Ross H. Simon & Schusters Guide to Insects Insects/Diseases Simon & Schuster, NY635.952 ARN Arnberger, L. P. Flowers Of The Southwest Mountains Native Plants Southwest Monument635.9674 ARN Arnoux, Jean-Claude Ultimate Water Garden Book Water Features Taunton Press635.9676 ARN Arnberger, Leslie P. Flowers Of The Southwest Mountains Wildflowers National Park Service589.2 ARO Arora, David All That The Rain Promises/More Fungi BioSystems Analysers, Inc.635.907 ARS American Rose Society Guidelines For Judging Roses (In Library Only) Flower Shows/Judging American Rose Society635.9339 ARS American Rose Society Guidelines For Judging Roses Roses American Rose Society635.9339 ARS American Rose Society Modern Roses Roses American Rose Society635.9339 ARS American Rose Society The Rose Roses DK Publishing, Inc.635.9339 ARS American Rose Society Ultimate Roses Roses DK Publishing, Inc.745.92 ARS American Rose Society Say It With Roses Flower Arranging-Roses American Rose Society745.92 ASC Ascher, Amalie Adler Complete Flower Arranger Flower Arranging Simon & Schuster635.7 ATH Atha, Antony Ultimate Herb Book Herbs Collins & Brown, Ltd.635.9 ATH Atha, Antony Ultimate Book Of Gardening Gardening Parragon635.9 ATH Atha, Anthony New Gardens Gardening Paragon635.967 ATK Atkinson, Dr. Robert Spot Gardens Garden Design David McKay Co.598.2 AUD Audubon, John James Birds of America (In Library Only) Birds MacMillan & Co.632.7 AUD Audubon Society Field Guide to North Amer. Insects/Spiders Insects/Diseases Alfred A. Knopf, NY635.9676 AUD Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Wildflowers Wildflowers Audubon Society635.977 AUD Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Trees Trees Knopf Publishers712.62 AUL Aul, Henry How to Plan Modern Home Ground Landscape Design Sheridan635.9 AUS Austin, Sundra Color In Garden Design Gardening - Color Taunton635.9339 AUS Austin, David English Rose Roses Viking Press635.9339 AUS Austin, David David Austins English Roses Roses Little Brown & Co.635.9339 AUS Austin, David Old Roses And English Roses Roses Antique Collectors Club635.944 AUS Austin, Claire Iris: The Classic Bearded Varieties Iris Viking Press635.944 AUS Austin, Claire Irises - A Gardeners Encyclopedia Iris Timber Press581.5 AYE Ayensu, Edware; Hewy Our Green and Living World Ecology Cambridge University582.13 BAI Bailey, L. H. & E. Z. Hortus Second Botany MacMillan & Co.582.13 BAI Bailey, L. H. Hortus Second (In Library Only) Botany MacMillan & Co.582.13 BAI Bailey, L. H. & E. Z. Hortus Third Botany MacMillan & Co.582.13 BAI Bailey, L. H. Manual of Cultivated Plants Botany Macmillan635 BAI Bailey, L. H. Garden Of Bellflowers Gardening MacMillan & Co.
  3. 3. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 3 07/11/10635 BAK Baker, Jerry Indoor, Outdoor Garden Answer Gardening Grosset & Dunlap635.9 BAL Ball, Jeff & Elizabeth Flower Garden Problem Solver Insects/Diseases St. Martins Press712.62 BAL Ball, Jeff & Elizabeth Landscape Problem Solver Landscaping Rodale Press, Inc.635.9 BAN Banks, Roger Old Cottage Garden Flowers Flowers-Heirloom Worlds Work632.7 BAR Barnes, Ervin Atlas & Manual Of Plant Path. Insects/Diseases Plenum Press635.902 BAR Barton, Barbara J. Specialty Nurseries Shopping Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.9331 BAR Bartholomew, Pauline Growing To Show - African Violets African Violets AV Enterprises Press635.964 BAR Barnard, Carolyn New Mexico Grasses Ornamental Grasses UNM Press635.9676 BAR Barker. Joan Encyclopedia of North American Wildflowers Wildflowers Parragon712.6 BAR House Beautiful Outdoor Living & Garden (House Beautiful) Gardening Hearst Books745.92 BAR Barnett & Egerick New Ways With Dried Flowers Dried Flowers Smithmark745.92 BAR Barnett, Fiona New Flower Arranger Flower Arranging Lorenz Books745.92 BAR Barrett, Fiona & Moore, T. Ultimate Book Of Fresh & Dried Flowers Flower Arranging-Cut/Fresh Hermes House745.92 BAR Barnett & Egerick New Ways With Fresh Flowers Flower Arranging-Cut/Fresh Smithmark745.5 BAU Bauzen, Peter Flower Pressing Design/Crafts Sterling635.967 BAX Baxwndale, Martin Gardening In Miniature Gardens - Small Sterling Publishing Co.745.92 BBG Brooklyn Botanic Garden Dried Flower Designs Flower Arranging-Died/Silk Brooklyn Botanic Gardens635.9339 BEA Beales, Peter Classic Roses Roses Holt, Rinehart And Winston635.9339 BEA Beales, Peter Twentieth-Century Roses Roses Collins Harvillw635.96 BEA Bearfoot, Will Mother Natures Dyes & Fibers Crafts Oliver635.9332 BEC Bechtel, Helmut Cactus Identifier - Including Succulent Plants Cacti Sterling Publishers635.965 BEC Beckett, Kenneth A. Encyclopedia Of House Plants House Plants Gallery Books635.967 BEC Becker, Jim & Dotti Everlasting Garden Special Gardens Interweave Press635.986 BEC Beckett, Kenneth A. Contained Garden Special Gardens Viking Press635.951 BEH Behme, Robert Lee Bonsai, Saikei and Bonkei Bonsai Morrow745.5 BEL Belash Braiding & Knotting Crafts General Publishing Co.745.92 BEL Belcher, Betty Creative Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Timber Press ( In Lib. Only)635 BEN Benjamin, Joan Great Garden Shortcuts Gardening - Tips Rodale Press, Inc.635.9 BEN Benjamin, Joan & Ellis No Fail Flower Garden Gardening Rodale Press, Inc.635.931 BEN Bennett, J. & Forsyth T. The Annual Garden Annuals Firefly Books635.9332 BEN Benson, Lyman Cacti Of The United States & Canada Cacti Stanford Press635.95 BEN Benjamin & Martin Great Garden Formulas Organic Gardening Rodale Press, Inc.635.965 BEN Benjamin, Lowell Indoor Plants House Plants Octopus745.4 BEN Benz, M. Flowers: Abstract Form II Design/Crafts San Jacinto Publishing745.92 BEN Benz, M. Buddy Flowers: Geometric Form Flower Arranging San Jacinto Publications635 BER Berry, Susan & Bradley Plant Life Gardening Collins & Brown Ltd.635.9 BER Berry, Susan & Steve Best Plants For Your Garden Plants - Selection Anness Publishing Co.635.9676 BER Bernard, Nelson T. Wildflowers Along Forest & Mesa Trails Wildflowers UNM Press745.92 BER Berrall, Julie Flowers & Table Settings Flower Arranging Viking Press, Inc.589.2 BES Bessette, Alan & Sandberg Mushrooms Fungi Macmillan595.78 BET Better Homes & Gardens Natures Gardens Butterflies Meredith Books635 BET Better Homes & Gardens Bird Gardens Birds Meredith635 BET Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book Gardening Better Homes & Gardening
  4. 4. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 4 07/11/10635 BET Better Homes & Gardens Choosing Plant Companions Plants - Selection Meredith Corp.635.9 BET Better Homes & Gardens New Complete Guide to Gardening Gardening Meredith635.9 BET Better Homes & Garden Successful Gardening Gardening Meredith Corp.635.9 BET Better Homes & Gardens Choosing Plant Combinations Plants - Selection Meredith635.9339 BET Better Homes & Gardens Successful Rose Gardening Roses Meredith Books712.2 BET Better Homes & Gardens Landscape Planning Landscape Design Meredith745.92 BET Better Homes & Gardens Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Meredith635.1 BIC Bicknell, Andrew New Kitchen Garden Food Gardens Penguin Books589.2 BIG Bigelow, Howard E. Mushroom, Pocket Field Guide Fungi Collier MacMillan Pub.635 BIL Billington, Jill Summer Garden Gardening Ward Lock635.9 BIL Billington, Jill Planting Companions Plants - Selection Stewart, Tabori & Chang712.6 BIL Billington, Jill Architectural Foliage Landscape Design Ward Lock, Ltd.712.6 BIL Biltmore Estates Biltmore House & Gardens Public Gardens Biltmore Co.635.986 BIN Binsacca, Rich Container Gardening Gardening - Containers Creative Publishing635 BIR Bird, Richard Companion Planting Plants - Selection Quarto Publishing635.6 BIR Bird, Richard Growing Fruit & Vegetables Fruits & Vegetables Hermes House635.7 BIR Bird, R. & Houdret, J. Kitchen & Herb Gardening Herbs Lorenz Books635.93 BIR Bird, Richard Knowing & Growing Annuals & Perennials Gardening Anness Publishing Ltd635.931 BIR Bird, Richard Annuals Annuals Anness Publishing Co.635.945 BIR Bird, Richard Lilies Lilies Chartwell Books, Inc.635.976 BIR Bird, Richard Flowering Trees & Shrubs Shrubs Quarto Publishing712.6 BIR Bird, Richard Beds & Borders Garden Design Stewart, Tabori & Chang745.4 BIR Birren, Faber Principles Of Color Design/Crafts D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.745.4 BIR Birren, Faber Your Color And Yourself Design/Crafts Prang712.6 BIS Bisgrove, Richard Gardens Of Gertrude Jekyll Gardens - Public Little, Brown & Co.635.1 BIT Bittman, Sam Salad Lovers Garden Food Gardens Doubleday & Co., Inc635.9338 BLA Black, Peter McKenzie Beautiful Orchids Orchids Hamlyn Publishing Co.745.91 BLA Blanford Scented Garlands Wreaths Blanford Press745.92 BLA Blanford Dried Flower Decorations Flower Arranging-Died/Silk Blanford Press745.92 BLA Black, Penny Book Of Potpourri Potpourri Simon & Schuster745.92 BLA Black, Penny Book Of Pressed Flowers Preserving Flowers Simon & Schuster635.932 BLO Bloom, Alan Perennials For Your Garden Perennials Floraprint745.92 BOD Bode, Frances Creativity In Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 BOD Bode, Frances New Structures In Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.788 BOD Bode, William T. Floral Designers Guide To Photography Photography House Of Bode635.9339 BOE Boerner Botanical Garden Rose Gardening Roses Pantheon Books, Knopf Pub635 BOI Boisset, Caroling Plant Growth Planter Gardening Mitchel Beazley Publishers635 BOI Boisset, Caroling Gardening In Time Gardening Prince Hall Press635.9 BOI Boisset, Caroline Vertical Gardening Gardening Weidenfeld & Nicolson635.9339 BOI Bois, Eric Roses Roses Thomas Nelson & Son712.6 BOI Boisset, Caroline Garden Source Book Landscape Design Mitchell Beazley635 BON Bonar, Ann Garden Plant Survival Manual Gardening Gallery Books635.965 BON Bonar, Ann Complete Guide To Conservatory Plants House Plants Collins & Brown Ltd.
  5. 5. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 5 07/11/10745.5 BOO Booke, Ruth Voorhees Pressed Flower Pictures Crafts Avenel Books632.7 BOR Borror, David & Richard Field Guide to the Insects of N Amer. Insects/Diseases Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.9338 BOT Botanicas Botanicas Orchids Orchids Laurel Glen635.977 BOU Bourdo, Dr. Eric A., Jr. Illustrated Book Of Trees Trees Salamander Books635.7 BOW Bown, Deni Encyclopedia of Herbs Herbs Covent Garden Books635.7 BOW Bown, Deni Encyclopedia Of Herbs & Their Uses Herbs Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.635.9338 BOW Bowen, Leslie Art & Craft Of Growing Orchids Orchids G. P. Putnams Sons635.986 BOW Bowman, Daria Potted Garden Gardening - Containers Friedman/Fairfax635.986 BOW Bowman, Daria Price Easy Garden Container Gardens Gardening - Containers Metro Books745 BOY Boyd, Nancy Long Pinecone Book Design/Crafts Prospect Hill, Baltimore635.04 BRA Bradley, Fern Marsha Experts Book Of Garden Hints Garden Tips Rodale Press, Inc.635.932 BRA Bradley, Fern Marshall Gardening With Perennials Perennials Rodale Press, Inc.745.92 BRA Brandenburger, Nelda H. Interpretive Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.635.952 BRE Brenzel, Kathleen Norris Gardening In The Southwest SW Gardening Sunset745.92 BRE Brennan, Georgeanne Backyard Bouquets Flower Arranging-Cut/Fresh Chronicle Books631.542 BRI Brickell, Christopher Pruning Pruning Mitchell Beasley Publisher631.542 BRI Brickell, Christopher Pruning and Training Pruning DK Publishing, Inc.635.061 BRI Brilmayer, Bernice All About Miniature Plants And Gardens Indoors House Plants Doubleday & Co., Inc.635.7 BRI Brimer, John Burton Growing Herbs In Pots Herbs Simon & Schuster635.9 BRI Brickell, C. & Zuk, J. A-Z Encyclopedia Of Garden Plants(InLibOnly) Plants - Encyclopedias DK Publishing, Inc.635.9332 BRI Britton, W. L. Cactacese, Vol III, IV Cacti Dover Publications, Inc.635.9332 BRI Britton, W. L. Cactacese, Vol. I, II Cacti Dover Publications, Inc.635.974 BRI Brilmayer, Bernice All About Vines And Hanging Plants Vines Doubleday & Co., Inc.712.62 BRI Briggs, Shirley A. Landscaping For Birds Birds Audubon745.92 BRI Bridges, Derek Flower Arrangers Bible Flower Arranging Purnell Book Production745.92 BRI Bridges, Derek Flower Arrangers Bible Flower Arranging Random Century631.5 BRO Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbook on Propagation Plants - Propagation Brooklyn Botanic Garden635 BRO Brown, J & DeHart, M. Horticultural Therapy: A Guide For All Seasons Garden Therapy National Garden Clubs, Inc.635 BRO Brown, Julian Garden Book Gardening Octopus Books, Ltd.635 BRO Brown, Louise & James Americaas Garden Book Gardening Charles Scribners Sons635.1 BRO Brookbank, George Desert Gardening, Fruits & Vegetables Food Gardens Fisher Books635.932 BRO Brown, Emily Landscaping With Perennials Perennials Timber Press635.9334 BRO Brook, Wallace Growing & Showing Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums David & Charles, Inc.635.945 BRO Brown, M. J. Gardners Guide To Growing Lilies Lilies Timber Press635.945 BRO Brown, M. Jefferson Lilies Lilies Ward Lock Limited635.951 BRO Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbook On Dwarfed Potted Trees Bonsai Brooklyn Botanic Gardening635.951 BRO Brooklyn Botanic Garden Indoor Bonsai Bonsai Brooklyn Botanic Garden635.977 BRO Brockman, C. Frank Trees Of North America Trees Golden Press635.986 BRO Brown, Kathleen Creative Container Gardening Gardening - Containers Michael Joseph, Ltd.712 BRO Brookes, John Garden Book Gardening Crown Publishers, Inc.712.6 BRO Brookes, John Book Of Garden Design Garden Design MacMillan Publishing Co.745.92 BRO Brown, Emily Bouquets That Last Flower Arranging-Dried/Silk Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 BRO Brooks, Myra Magic World Of Flower Arranging Flower Arranging M. Barrows & Co., Inc.
  6. 6. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 6 07/11/10635 BRU Bruce, Hank & Mariene Gardening Trivia Gardening Quilan Press635.9676 BRU Bruce, Hal How To Grow Wildflowers, Shrubs & Trees Wildflowers The Lyons Press635.9 BRY Bryant, Kate Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Plants Plants - Encyclopedias Thunder Bay Press635.5 BUB Bubel, Nancy New Seed Starter Handbook Seeds Rodale Press, Inc.635.5 BUB Bubel, Nancy Seed Starters Handbook Seeds Rodale Press, Inc.635 BUC Buczacki, Dr. Stefan Gardeners Handbook Gardening Henry Holt & Co.635 BUC Buchanan, Rita Making A Garden Gardening Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.9 BUC Bucazcki, Stefan Garden Book Gardening Octupus635.967 BUC Buczacki, Stefan Creating A Victorian Flower Garden Special Gardens Diamond Books745.92 BUF Buffet-Challie, Laurence Flower Decoration in European Homes Flower Arranging William Morrow745.91 BUG Bugbee, Audrey Stein How To Dry Flowers The Easy Way Design/Crafts Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.1 BUR Burpee, W. Atlee Burpees Farm Annual 1888 Food Gardens W. Atlee Burpee & Co.635.9339 BUR Burke, Emilia Lets Arrange Roses Roses J. McFarland Co.635.977 BUR Burn, Barbara North American Trees Trees Gramercy Books635.986 BUR Burnie, Geoffrey Encyclopedia of Container Gardening Gardening - Containers Fog City Press635 BUS Bush-Brown, James Americas Garden Book Gardening Scribners714 CAL Calkins, Carroll Gardening With Plantings & Stones Water Features Walker & Co.328.1 CAP Caplow, Theodore How To Run Any Organization Parliamentary Law Holt, Rinehart & Winston598.2 CAR Carpenter, Tom Gardeners Bird Book Birds Natl. Home Gardening Club632.7 CAR Carr, Anna Rodales Color Handbook of Garden Insects Insects/Diseases Rodale Press, Inc.635.9332 CAR Carlson, Raymond Flowering Cactus Cacti McGraw-Hill Book Co. Modern Roses XI, The World Encyclopedia of635.9339 CAR Carins, Tommy Roses Roses American Rose Society635.9339 CAR Cari____, Tommy Modern Roses, XI, World Encyclopedia of Roses Roses Academic Press635.977 CAR Carter, Jack L. Trees And Shrubs Of New Mexico Trees & Shrubs Johnson Books712 CAR Carpenter, Philip L. Plants In The Landscape Plants - Selection W. H. Freeman & Co.712.6 CAR Carley, Rachel Backyard Book Landscaping Viking Pequin, Inc.745.91 CAR Carico, Nita Cox Dried-Flower Book Design/Crafts Doubleday & Co., Inc.745.91 CAR Carter, Ming Veevers Dried Flowers Design/Crafts Coombe Books745.91 CAR Carlson, Eric Holiday Wreath Book Wreaths Sterling Publishing745.92 CAR Carr, Rachel Japanese Way With Flowers Flower Arranging-Japanese Harper & Row635.9338 CAS Case, Frederick W. J. Orchids Of The Western Great Lake Region Orchids Cranbook Institute745.92 CAS Cass, Caroline Elton Johns Flower Fantasies Flower Arranging Weidenfeld & Nicolson745.92 CAS Cassell Art Of Dried And Scented Flowers Flower Arranging-Died/Silk Cassell Publishers, Ltd.635.92 CAT Cathey, J. Marc Dr. Heat-Zone Gardening SW Gardening Time-Life635.952 CAT Cathey, H. Marc. Dr. Heat-Zone Gardening SW Gardening Time Life, Inc.635 CAV Cavendish, Marshall Gardening on a Small Scale Gardens - Small Chartwell Books, Inc.635.9332 CAV Cane, Yvonne Succulents for the Contemporary Garden Cacti Timber Press635.951 CHA Chan, Peter Bonsai Masterclass Bonsai Sterling Publishing, Inc.635.9677 CHA Chatto, Beth Dry Garden Xeriscape Sagapress, INc.712.6 CHA Chatto, Beth Green tapestry Gardening Simon & Schuster635.9 CHE Cheers, Gordon Botanica - Illustrated Encyclopedia Plants - Encyclopedias Barnes & Noble635.951 CHI Chidamian, Claude Bonsai - Minature Trees Bonsai D. Van Nostrand Co.635.951 CHI Chicamian, Claude Bonsai - Miniature Trees Bonsai D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.
  7. 7. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 7 07/11/10712.6 CHI Chivers, Susan & Woloszyn Gardens of the Heart Gardening Chatto & Windres, Ltd, UK635.9339 CHR Christopher, Tom Easy Roses Roses Readers Digest635.9677 CHR Christopher, Thomas Water-Wise Gardening Ecology Simon & Schuster635.967 CHU Church, Thomas Gardens Are For People Gardening Reinhold769.4 CHW Chwast, Seymour Illustrated Flower Flowers In Art Harmony635.7 CLA Clarke, Ethne Herb Garden Design Herbs MacMillan & Co.635.931 CLA Clark, Ethne Three Seasons Of Summer Annuals A. David & Charles Book635.932 CLA Clausen, Ruth Rogers Perennials For American Gardens Perennials Random House635.9339 CLA Clarke, Ethne Making A Rose Garden Roses Grove Weidenfeld635.967 CLA Clarke, Ethne Leaf, Bark, And Berry Gardening David & Charles635.977 CLA Clark, Robert B. Flowering Trees Trees D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.635.982 CLE Clegg, Peter Complete Greenhouse Book Greenhouses Garden Way Assoc.745.92 CLE Clements, Julia Flower Arrangements Flower Arranging B. T. Batsford, Ltd.745.92 CLE Clements, Julia Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Sterling Publishing Co.745.92 CLE Clements, Julia Flower Arranging Made Easy Flower Arranging Cassell Publishers, Ltd.745.92 CLE Clements, Julia Book Of Rose Arrangements Flower Arranging-Roses Arco Publishing Co.635.9 CLI Clifton, Joan Making A White Garden Plants - Selection Grove Weidenfeld635.907 COA Coastal Prairie Country Installations...Anyone? Clubs NCSGC635.9339 COA Coats, Peter Roses Roses Octopus Books, Ltd.635.967 COA Coats, Peter Plants For Connoisseurs Flowers Boobs-Merrill635.976 COA Coats, Alice M. Garden Shrubs Shrubs Simon & Schuster635.976 COA Coats, alice M. Garden Shrubs Shrubs Simon & Schuster582.35 COB Cobb, Broughton Field Guide to the Ferns (Peterson Guide) Ferns Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.582.13 COC Cocannouer, Joseph A. Weeds, Guardians of the Soil Organic Gardening Devin-Adair745.92 COE Coe, Stella Art Of Japanese Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging-Japanese John Day Co.635.9339 COG Coggiatti, Stelvio Guide To Roses Roses Simon & Schuster598.2 COL Collins, Henry H., Jr. Familiar Garden Birds of America Birds Harper & Roe635 COL Colborn, Nigel Getting the Best From Exposed Gardens Gardening Ward, Lock, Ltd.635 COL Colborn, Nigel Leisurely Gardening Gardening Christopher Helm635.9 COL Colborn, Nigel Flower For Everyday Plants - Selection Stewart, Tabori & Chang635.931 COL Colborn, Nigel Annuals & Bedding Plants Annuals Conran Octopus635.967 COL Colonial Williamsburg Gardens Of Williamsburg Public Gardens Colonial Williamsburg745.91 COL Colbert, Teddy Living Wreath Wreaths Gubbs Smith745.92 COL Coleman, Rona Encyclopedia Of Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Wellfleet Press745.92 COL Coleman, Rona Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Chartwell Books, Inc.635.9678 CON Conder, Josiah Landscape Gardening In Japan Gardens - Japanese Dover Publications, Inc.690.89 CON Conran, Terence Garden Style Garden Design Crown Publishers, Inc.745.91 CON Condon, Geneal Art Of Flower Preservation Design/Crafts Lane Books745.92 CON Conder, Susan Flower Arranging Book Flower Arranging Orbis Publishing, Ltd.745.92 CON Conway, G. Flowers - Their Arrangement Flower Arranging Knopf745.92 CON Conway, J. Gregory Flowers East-West Flower Arranging Alfred Knopf (In Lib. Only)745.92 CON Connolly, Shane Table Flowers Flower Arranging Trafagar Square581.5 COO Cooney, Jim High And Dry (VCR Tape) Ecology Cooney Productions
  8. 8. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 8 07/11/10581.5 COO Cooney, Jim Middle Rio Grande Water Challenge - VCR Tapes Ecology Cooney Productions581.5 COO Cooney, Jim Tapping The Legacy (VCR Tape) Ecology Cooney Productions581.5 COO Cooney, Jim Whistlin In The Desert (VCR Tape) Ecology Cooney Productions582.13 COO Coon, Nelson Dictionary of Useful Plants Botany Rodale Press635.1 COO Cook, Charles (ed.) Down To Earth Vegetable Garden Know-How Food Gardens Garden Way Publishers635.9 COO Cook, Ferris Garden Trellis Garden Structures Artisan635.9677 COO Cooney, & Watson How To Guide To Xeriscaping Xeriscape Cooney, Watson & Assoc.635.977 COO Coombes, Allen J. Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Trees & Shrubs Trees Salamander Books745.92 COO Cook, Hal Arranging, The Basics Of Contemporary Flowers Flower Arranging Wm. Morrow & Co.745.92 COR Cormack, Alan & David Flowers - Growing & Preserving Flower Arranging-Dried/Silk Crescent Books635.04 COU Council Of AGC Garden Gate - Set No. 1 Garden Tips Council Of AGC635.04 COU Council Of AGC Garden Gate - Set No. 2 Garden Tips Council Of AGC635.04 COU Council Of AGC Garden Gate - Set No. 3 Garden Tips Council Of AGC635.951 COU Coussings, Craig Bonsai For Beginners Bonsai Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.635.986 COU Courtier, James Courtyard & Patio Plants Gardening - Containers The Ivy Press635.9 COW Cowley, Jill Beds & Borders For Year Round Color Gardening - Color Sterling Publishing Co.635.967 COW Cowles, Fleur Flower Game Special Gardens William Morrow & Co.712.6 COW Cownally, Sybil & Dillon, He In an Irish Garden Gardens - Irish Waldenfield & Nicolson UK635 COX Cox, Jeff 100 Greatest Garden Ideas Gardening Rodale Press, Inc.635.9 COX Cox, Jessica Essential Gardening Encyclopedia Gardening - Encyclopedias Fog City Press635.932 COX Cox, Jeff & Marilyn Flowers For All Seasons Perennials Rodale Press, Inc.712.6 COX Cox, Jeff Landscaping With Nature Landscaping Rodale Press, Inc.712.6 COX Cox, Jeff Plant Marriages Plants - Selection Harper Collins Publishers712.6 COX Cox, Jeff Plant Marriages Plants - Selection Harper Collins Publishers632.7 CRA Cravens, Richard H. Pests and Diseases Insects/Diseases Time-Life Books632.7 CRA Cranshaw, Whitney Pests of the West Insects/Diseases Fulcrum Publishing632.7 CRA Cranshaw, Whitney Pests Of The West Insects/Diseases Fulcrum632.95 CRA Crafts, Alden S. Modern Weed Control Weeds Univ. of California Press635.1 CRA Crandall, Chuck & Barbara Movable Harvests Food Gardens Chapters635.1 CRA Crandall, Chuck & Barbara Vegetables & Fruits Food Gardens Time-Life Books635.932 CRA Craigmyle, Marshall Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Perennials Perennials Salamander Books635.932 CRA Craigmyle, Marshall Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Perennials Perennials Salamandor Books635.932 CRA Craigmyle, Marshall Perennials Perennials Colin Gower Enterprises635.9332 CRA Craig, Robert Mammillaria Handbook Cacti Abbey Garden635.9676 CRA Craigheads & Davis Field Guide To Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Wildflowers Riverside Press Cambridge635.974 CRA Cravens, Richard G. Vines Vines Time-Life Books712.6 CRA Crandall, Chuck/Barbara Creating Privacy In The Garden Garden Design Michael Friedman Publ., Inc.635 CRE Creasy, Rosalind Complete Book of Edible Landscaping Edible Plants Sierra Club Books745 CRE Creekmore, Betsy B. Making Gifts From Oddments & Outdoor Matl. Design/Crafts Hearthside Press, Inc.635.9676 CRI Crittenden, Mabel Wildflowers Of The West Wildflowers Celestial Arts635 CRO Crockett, James U. Crocketts Victory Garden Edible Plants Little, Brown & Co.635.1 CRO Crockett, James U. Vegetables & Fruits Food Gardens Time-Life Books635.7 CRO Crockett, James U. Herbs Herbs Time-Life Books
  9. 9. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 9 07/11/10635.932 CRO Crockett, James U. Perennials Perennials Time-Life Books635.9332 CRO Crockett, James U. Cacti And Succulents Cacti Time-Life Books635.9339 CRO Crockett, James U. Roses Roses Time-Life Books635.9339 CRO Crockett, James U. Roses Roses Time-Life Books635.954 CRO Crockett, James U. Gardening Under Lights Gardening - With Lights Time-Life Books635.965 CRO Crockett, James U. Crocketts Indoor Garden House Plants Lane Publishing Co.635.965 CRO Crockett, James U. Flowering House Plants House Plants Time-Life Books635.965 CRO Crockett, James U. Foliage Houseplants House Plants Time-Life Books635.9676 CRO Crockett, James U. Wildflower Gardening Wildflowers Time-Life Books635.977 CRO Crockett, James U. Evergreens Evergreens Time-Life Books635.977 CRO Crockett, James U. Trees Trees Time-Life Books635.982 CRO Crockett, James U. Greenhouse Gardening, 77th Edition Greenhouses Time-Life Books641.5 CRO Crowhurst, Adrienne Flower Cookbook Cooking Lancer Books, NY712.6 CRO Crockett, James U. Garden Construction Landscaping Time-Life Books712.62 CRO Crockett, James Landscape Gardening Landscaping Time-Life Books745.91 CRO Crocker, Betty, Co. Book Of Flowers Dried Flowers Prentice Hall747.88 CRO Crockett, James U. Decorating With Plants Decorating Time-Life Books635.9339 CRU Cruse, Eleonore Roses (Old & Species Roses) Roses Evergreen635.9676 CRU Crumpler, Hugh Wildflowers - On The Trail Of The Desert Wildflowers Tehabi Books635.9334 CUM Cummings, Roderick W. Chrysanmum Book Chrysanthemums D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.25 CUS Custer, Benjamin A. Dewey Decimal System Rules Forest Press745.92 CUS Cusick, Dawn County Herbal Crafts Crafts Rodale Press745.92 CUS Cusick, Dawn Decorating Baskets Flower Arranging Sterling Publishing Co.745.92 CUS Cusick, Dawn Nature Crafts With A Microwave Flower Arranging-Died/Silk Sterling Publishing Co. Burpee-The Complete Vegetable & Herb635.1 CUT Cutler, Karen Davis Gardener Food Gardens MacMillan745.92 CUT Cutler, Katherine N. Flower Arranging For All Occasions Flower Arranging Doubleday & Co., Inc.745.92 CUT Cutler, Katherine N. Junior Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Wm. Morrow & Co.745.4 CYP Cyphers, Emma Design & Depth in Flower Arrangement Design/Crafts Hearthside Press745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Awards For Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Foliage Arrangements Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Fruits And Vegetable Arrangements Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Holiday Flower Arrangements Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Modern Abstract Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.745.92 CYP Cyphers, Emma Nature, Art And Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hearthside Press, Inc.635.965 DAK Dakers, J. S. Greenhouse Plants In Colour House Plants W. H. & L. Collingridge, Ltd.745.92 DAL Dale, J. & Gunnell, K. Flower Arrangers Handbook Flower Arranging E. P. Dutton635.946 DAM Damp, Philip Dahlias Dahlias The Globe Pequot Press635.967 DAM Damrosch, Barbara Theme Gardens Garden Design Workman Publishers, NY635.964 DAR Darke, Rick Ornamental Grasses Ornamental Grasses Little Brown & Co.635.964 DAR Darke, Rick Ornamental Grasses Ornamental Grasses Little Brown & Co.635.9332 DAV Davidson, William Houseplants, Cacti, & Succulents Cacti Galahad Books635.952 DAV David, Ben Arthur Sourn Garden Gardening Lippincott Co.635.967 DAV Davis, Mary Creative Cottage Gardens Special Gardens Angus & Robertson
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  12. 12. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 12 07/11/10635.1 FEL Fell, Derek Vegetables Food Gardens HP Books635.7 FEL Fell, Derek Herb Gardening Herbs Friedman/Fairfax Publishers635.9 FEL Fell, Derek New Ideas In Flower Gardening Gardening Countryside Books635.932 FEL Feltwell, John Clematis For All Seasons Perennials Firefly Books635.932 FEL Fell, Derek Essential Perennials Perennials Crescent Books635.9339 FEL Fell, Derek Impressionist Roses Roses Friedman/Fairfax635.94 FEL Fell, Derek Essential Bulbs Bulbs Crescent Books635.967 FEL Fell, Derek Shade Gardening Gardens - Shade Griedman/Fairfax Publishers745.92 FEL Fell, Derek & Carolyn Glorious Flowers Flower Arranging Friedman/Fairfax745.92 FEL Fell, Derek & Carolyn Impressionist Bouquets Flower Arranging Friedman/Fairfax Publishers788 FEL Fell, Derek How to Photograph Flowers, Plants, Landscapes Photography H. P. Books, Tucson635.9678 FER Ferretti, Hollistar Friendship Through Flowers Flower Arranging - Japanese Ikebana International745.92 FER Ferguson, J. Barry Living with Flowers Flower Arranging Rizzoli International Press745.91 FET Fettner, Ann Tucker Potpourri, Incense & Other Fragrant Concoctions Crafts Workman Publishing Co.635.9 FIE Fields, Xenia Book Of Garden Flowers Flowers Hamlyn635.9339 FIE Field, Xenia Colorful World Of Roses Roses Hamlyn Publishing Co.635.9 FIN Fine Gardening Creating Beds & Borders Flowers Taunton Press712.6 FIN Fine Gardening Magazine Garden Rooms: Best Of Fine Gardening Landscaping The Taunton Press635 FIS Fischer, H. & Harshbarger Flower Family Album Gardening Univ. Of Minn.635.9 FIS Fischer, Kerwin Green Places In Small Spaces Gardens - Small Taunton635.9674 FIS Fisher, Kathleen Complete Guide To Water Gardens Water Features Creative Homeowner745.92 FIS Fisher, Louise Flower & Fruit Arrangements Of Colonial William Flower Arranging Colonial Williamsburg, Inc.635.9339 FIT Fitch, Charles Marde Miniature Roses, The Complete Guide Roses Hawthorn/Dutton, NY635.965 FIT Fitch, Charles Marde Complete Book Of House Plants House Plants Hawthorn Books, Inc.635.967 FIT Fitch And Rockwell Treasury Of American Gardens Public Gardens Harper & Bros., NY788.934 FIT Fitch, Charles Marde Garden Photography Photography Amphoto Books716 FLE Fleischmann, Melanie American Border Gardens Garden Design Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.635.964 FOL Foley, Daniel J. Ground Covers For Easier Gardening Lawns Chilton598.2 FOR Forshaw, Joseph The Nature Company Guide to Birding Birds Time-Life Books635.7 FOR Forsell, Mary Heirloom Herbs Herbs Running Heads, Inc.745.92 FOR Forsell, Mary Book Of Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Michael Friedman Publisher582.35 FOS Foster, G. Gordon Gardeners Fern Book Ferns D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.635.1 FOS Foster, Catherine O. Terrific Tomatoes Food Gardens Rodale Press, Inc.635.931 FOS Foster, Clare Great Annuals - From Bud to Seed Annuals Conran Octupus635.977 FOS Foster, Raymond Trees & Shrubs In Garden Desert Trees David & Charles635 FOX Fox, Linda (ed.) Encyclopedia of Garden Plants Plants - Encyclopedias Marshall Cavendish635.931 FRE Frese, Paul Annual Flowers In Color Annuals Gosset & Dunlap635.931 FRE Freeman, Patricia Annuals Annuals Creative Publishing635.974 FRE Fretwell, Barry Comprehensive Guide To Clematis Vines Harper Collins Publishers712.6 FRE Frey, Susan & Ellis Outdoor Living Spaces Landscape Design Rodale Press, Inc.712.6 FRE Frederick, William H. Exuberant Garden Landscaping Little, Brown & Co.745.91 FRE Frew, Timothy Great Wreath Ideas Wreaths Smithmark Publishers589.2 FRI Friedman, Sara Ann Celebrating The Wild Mushrooms Fungi Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc.
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  14. 14. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 14 07/11/10635.9339 GRI Griffiths, Trevor Celebration Of Old Roses Roses Michael Joseph642 GRO Gross, Gay Merrill Napkin Folds For Special Occasions Table Settings Running Press635.952 GUN Grundel, Herb Rocky Mountain Gardening SW Gardening Taylor Publishing Co.745.4 HAE Haekel, Ernst Art Forms In Nature Design/Crafts Dover635.944 HAG Hager, Ben R. Iris Iris Thames & Hudson745.92 HAI Hailstone, Pamela Modern Design In Floral Art Flower Arranging The Jacaranda Press635 HAL Halpin, Anne Moyuer Foolproof Planting Gardening Roundtable Press635 HAL Halfacre, R. G. & J. A. Horticulture Gardening McGraw-Hill Book Co.635.9 HAL Halpin, Anne Great Gardens From Everyday Plants Gardening Simon & Schuster635.967 HAL Halpin, Anne & Betty Cutting Gardens Gardens - Cutting Simon & Schuster635.974 HAL Halpin, Ann Morning Glories And Moonflower Vines Simon & Schuster745.92 HAL Hall, Jan & Sarah Art Of Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Salamander Books, Ltd.745.92 HAL Hallstead, Jean Book Of Centerpieces Flower Arranging Prospect Hill745.92 HAL Hall, Jan Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Salamander Books, Ltd.635.907 HAM Hamel, Ester V. Encyclopedia Of Judging Flower Shows/Judging Ponderosa635.907 HAM Hamel, Ester V. Encyclopedia Of Judging & Exhibiting Flower Shows/Judging Ponderosa Publishers635.907 HAM Hamel, Ester V. Educational Exhibits Explained Flower Shows/Judging Ponderosa Publishers635.907 HAM Hamel, Ester V. Encyclopedia Of Judging (In Library Only) Flower Shows/Judging Ponderosa Publishers745.92 HAM Hamel, Esther V. Gestault Floral Design Flower Arranging Ponderosa Publishers745.92 HAM Hamel, Esther V. Creative Designs With Dried & Contrived Flow Flower Arranging-Dried/Silk Simon & Schuster635.976 HAN Hanks, Margaret Growers Guide To Flowering Plants & Shrubs Shrubs Crescent Books745.92 HAN Hannay, Frances Outlines Of Period Flower Arrangement Flower Arranging Hannay (In Lib. Only)745.92 HAN Hannay, Frances Outlines Of Period Flower Arrangements Flower Arranging Hannay581.632 HAR Harrington, H. D. Edible Native Plants of The Rocky Mts. Edible Plants UNM Press631.5 HAR Hartmann, Hudson T. Plant Propagation, Principles & Practices Plants - Propagation Prentice-Hall632.96 HAR Hart, Rhonda Massing Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs Insects/Diseases Storey Communication635.1 HAR Harrington, Geri Grow Your Own Chinese Vegetables Food Gardens Garden Way Publishers635.5 HAR Haring, Elda Complete Book Of Growing From Seeds Seeds Diversity Books, Inc.635.5 HAR Haring, Elda Seedling Handbook Seeds Literary Guild Of America635.9 HAR Harper, Pamela J. Color |Echoes Gardening, Color MacMillan Publishing Co.635.9339 HAR Harkness, J. L. Worlds Favorite Roses Roses McGraw-Hill Book Co.635.9339 HAR Harkness, Peter Botanicas Roses Roses Grange Books635.9339 HAR Harkness, Jack Roses Roses J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd.635.9339 HAR Harkness, Peter Roses Roses W. H. Smith Publishers635.95 HAR Harper, Peter Natural Garden Book Organic Gardening Simon & Schuster635.952 HAR Harrington, H. D. Manual Of The Plants Of Colorado SW Gardening Swallow635.977 HAR Harrison, C. R. Ornamental Conifers Trees Hafner Press716 HAR Harper, Pamela J. Designing With Perennials Garden Design MacMillan Publishing Co.717 HAR Harrod, Julie Garden Wall Garden Structures Johnson Editions, Ltd.745.92 HAR Harold, Margaret Best Of Show In Flower Arrangement, Book 8 Flower Arranging Allied Publications745.92 HAR Harper, Janice Flower Arranging Flower Arranging Gallery Books635.9332 HAS Haselton, Scott Cactus And Succulents And How To Grow Them Cacti Desert Botanic Garden635 HAT Hattatt, Lance Gardening Year Gardening Parragon Publishing
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  16. 16. COUNCIL LIBRARY MASTER BOOK LIST PG 16 07/11/10712.6 HOB Hobhouse, Penelope Flower Garden Design Garden Design Frances Lincoln Limited712.6 HOB Hobhouse, Penelope Garden Designs Garden Designs Henry Holt712.62 HOB Hobhouse, Penelope Color In Your Garden Gardens - Color Little Brown & Co.635.932 HOD Hodgson, Larry Perennials For Every Purpose Perennials Rodale Press, Inc.635.7 HOL Hollis, Sarah Country Diary Herbal Herbs Henry Holt & Co.635.964 HOL Holmes, Roger Taylors Guide To Ornamental Grasses Ornamental Grasses Houghton Mifflin Co., Inc.635.9677 HOL Holmes, Roger Taylors Guide to Gardening in the Southwest SW Gardening Houghton Mifflin Co.712.6 HOL Holder, Fred Bellingrath Gardens Gardens - Public Bellingrath-Morse Foundt635 HOO Hoogvelt, Fieke Garden Gardening Rebo Books632.7 HOR Horst, R. Kenneth Westcotts Plant Disease Handbook (4th Ed) Insects/Diseases Van Nostrand Reinholt712.62 HOR Horst, Arend Jan Van Der Art Of The Formal Garden Landscape Design Seven Dials635.7 HOU Houdret, Jessica Herbs & Herb Gardening Herbs Anness Publishing Co.635.7 HOU Houdret, Jessica Practical Herb Garden Herbs Hermes House635.974 HOW Howard, Frances Landscaping With Vines Vines MacMillan & Co.712.62 HOW Howland House Beautiful Book Of Gardens Landscape Design Doubleday & Co., Inc.711 HUB Hubbard & Kimball Introduction To The Study Of Landscape Design Landscape Design Hubbard Education Trust711 HUB Hubbard, Alice This Land Of Ours Landscape Design MacMillan & Co.635.932 HUD Hudak, Joseph Gardening With Perennials Perennials Quadrangle/NY Times635.932 HUD Hudak, Joseph Gardening With Perennials Perennials Timber Press111.85 HUG Hughes, Robert Shock Of New Shopping Alfred A. Knopf635.9 HUL Hull, George F. Language Of Gardening Gardening The World Publishing Co.635.951 HUL Hull, George F. Bonsai For Americans Bonsai Doubleday & Co., Inc.635.9676 HUL Hull, Helen Wildflowers For Your Garden Wildflowers M. Barrows & Co., Inc.635.952 HUM Humelsine, Carlisle Colonial Williamsburg Gardens - Public Brown635.9 HUN Huntington, Lucy Creating A Low-Allergen Garden Gardens - Low Allergy Laurel Glen Publishing635.9338 HUN Hunt, L. Francis International Book Of Orchids Orchids Marshall Cavendish635.95 HUN Hunter, Beatrice Gardening Without Poisons Organic Gardening Riverside745.92 HUN Hunt, Vern Bowen Floral Decorations For Your Church Flower Arranging Chilton635.7 HUS Huson, Paul Mastering Herbalism Herbs Stein & Day582.13 HUX Huxley, A. J. Garden Terms Simplified Gardening Winchester635.9676 HYL Hylander, Clarence J. MacMillan Wild Flower Book (Library Only) Wildflowers MacMillan Co., NY635.9676 IME Imes, Rick Wildflower Identifier Wildflowers Mallard Press632.95 ING Ingle, L. Monograph on Chlordane Insects/Diseases Univ. of Illinois712 ING Ingels, Jack E. Landscaping, 4th Edition/Principles & Practices Landscape Design Delmar Publishers, Inc.712.2 ING Ingels, Jack Landscaping - Principles & Practices Landscape Design Delmar Publishers, Inc.745.92 ING Ingham, Vickie Elegance In Flowers Flower Arranging Oxmoor House, Inc.745.92 INM Inman, Nancy Aldrich Tropical Flower Arranging - A Practical Guide Flower Arranging-Cut/Fresh Charles E. Tuttle635.9332 INN Innes, Clive & Glass, C. Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Cacti Cacti Chartwell Books, Inc.635.9332 INN Innes, Clive & Glass, CharleCacti Cacti Portland House635.9677 IRA Irish, Mary Month by Month Gardening in the Desert SW SW Gardening Cool Springs Press712.62 IRE Ireys, Alice Recknag How To Plan And Plant Your Own Property Landscape Design M. Barrows & Co., Inc712.62 IRE Ire-Gannon Assoc. Backyard Landscaper Landscaping Homeplanners, Inc.631.542 ISH Ishimoto, Tatsuo Art of Shaping Shrubs, Trees & Plants Pruning Crown Publishers, Inc.