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Xeriscaping: An Approach To Water Conserving Landscapes - Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre


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Xeriscaping: An Approach To Water Conserving Landscapes - Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre

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Xeriscaping: An Approach To Water Conserving Landscapes - Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre

  1. 1. THEThe Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre EDUCATION CENTRE GREATER VICTORIA COMPOST Spring 2001 SPRING 2001 XERISCAPINGAN APPROACH TO WATER CONSERVING LANDSCAPES by David LewisWhat is xeriscape? trees that may compete for grouped together according to The word xeriscape is derived moisture. If the ground is sloped, their sunshine and wateringfrom the Greek word “xeros”, place the most drought tolerant needs. In this way it is possiblemeaning dry, and was coined by plants at the top of the slope and to have a garden that has sunnythe Denver Water Board when the moisture loving plants at the and shady areas, dry and moistpromoting a water conservation base. The soil should be well areas, which can be wateredprogram in the 1970s. accordingly. Mulch reducesXeriscaping combines the use of evaporation from the soil surfacedrought tolerant plants, while conserving moistureextensive mulching and efficient Efficient watering, within the ground for use by thewatering techniques, to create an mulching, and plants. Make sure you have aattractive low maintenance careful plant layer of mulch that is at least 2garden. A xeriscaped garden may to 3 inches deep.still require some watering selection make How can I conserve waterduring the summer months, but it possible to elsewhere in my garden?much less than a typical garden. Efficient watering, mulching,Why create a xeriscape garden? reduce water use and careful plant selection make A xeriscaped garden is much in many parts of it possible to reduce water use inbetter in withstanding a sudden the garden. many parts of the garden.decrease in available water. Mulches are very attractive onMulch significantly reduces flower and shrub beds and at thewater evaporation from the soil base of trees. Placement ofwhile effectively smothering drained. If there is heavy clay moisture loving plants inweeds. The garden requires less soil, incorporate sand and naturally damp parts of themaintenance. gypsum lime to help break it up. garden reduces the water theyHow do I create a xeriscaped All soils will benefit from need. Remember that deep,garden? additions of organic matter infrequent watering will A good site has an appropriate (compost, well rotted manure, conserve water while helpingmix of sun and shade to suit the etc.) which is excellent at plants to become more droughtplants in the landscape plan. It retaining water. tolerant.should be sheltered from strong When designing a xeriscaped If you wish to contact Daviddrying winds, and not too close garden consider using drought- Lewis you can E-mail him atto the roots of mature shrubs or resistant plants. Plants should be 1
  2. 2. The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre Spring 2001 Victoria Compost andConservation Education Society Water Use Board of Directors Katherine Cook Restrictions Compiled by the CRD Water Department Angela Deering Farheen Haq Victoria relies on rainfall to grass will help to shade the soil Maria Miller fill our reservoirs. This year the and reduce water evaporation. Donna Sanford precipitation has been 50% of • Water around the base of plants Tom Watkins the usual. To manage this slowly and deeply, moistening Staff shortfall the CRD Water the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. Geoff Johnson Department has implemented an Lynn Marie outdoor water use by-law. Private Car and Boat Washing Kristin Meissner Currently the Capital Region is • Hand washing of cars or boats Steve Young under Stage 3 water restrictions. is permitted only when using a In this stage, the goal is to hand-held hose with a spring- Newsletter Layout reduce water consumption by 25 loaded shut-off valve or with a Alex Ball to 30%. Below is a summary of hand-held container. the Stage 3 water restrictions. Contributors This Issue Other Outdoor Uses Alan Ginsworm Landscape Watering • Residential swimming and Geoff Johnson • Drip or micro irrigation that wading or hot tubs may not David Lewis operates at low pressure (under be filled. Lynn Marie 25 psi) and supplies less than 20 • Exterior building surfaces, Kristin Meissner gallons of water per hour is parking lots, driveways or Steve Young permitted. sidewalks may not be washedPublished four times annually in • Hand watering with a hand-held with a hose.winter, spring, summer, and fall. container or with a spring-loaded shut-off valve is permitted. General Guidelines Submissions to the newsletter • Decorative fountains may • No person shall damage or can be brought or mailed to the be operated if they use re- allow the deterioration of any Compost Education Centre, circulated water. appliance that will result in a 1216 North Park Street • Soaker hoses and sprinkler waste of water. (at Chambers), watering is not permitted. • Restrictions do not apply to Victoria, BC V8T 1C9; • Lawn watering is not permitted outdoor areas that may be by fax at 386-9678; or at any time. required by law to be cleaned so e-mail to • New sod or newly seeded lawns as to comply with health or Our website is may not be watered at any time. safety standards. • Water restrictions do not apply Our telephone number To help conserve water in to water from private wells or is 386-WORM. the garden consider these private irrigation water sources,Deadline for submissions for the suggestions: however facilities that have such summer issue is July 13, 2001. • Using a thick mulch (5 to 10 sources are encouraged to post cm) on the garden will help to signs indicating their water source. Unless otherwise noted, articles reduce soil moisture loss and appearing in this newsletter may moderate soil temperatures. The goal of the by-law is tobe reprinted only in other not-for- • Weeding regularly will reduce stretch the remaining water profit publications, with credit competition for precious water supply and to maintain the highgiven to the author (when named) in the soil. quality of water available to all and The Latest Dirt. • Raise your lawn mower height citizens. If we each save a little, to its highest level. The taller we all save a lot. 2
  3. 3. The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre Spring 2001On the Air and In the News Now more people will be turning compost accompanied the Support these retailers who support composting in our community. Show yourmade aware of the Greater article. An abbreviated version of membership card andVictoria Compost Education the article was also featured in the receive a discount on yourCentre, thanks to a public Esquimalt News on the same day. purchases.service announcement produced We are hoping that all theby Camosun College student publicity will attract moreChristina Rawn. The awareness to the importance of Dig Thisannouncement was produced as composting and to the programs Bastion Square,part of her media course at the offered at the Compost Broadmead Village, andcollege and can be heard on AM Education Centre. Our presence Sidney900 The Village, the Camosun in the local media is paying off Big BarnCollege radio station. Thanks to as we hear more and more folks Garden CentreChristina for producing an telling us that they found outexcellent commercial. about us when they read the Borden Mercantile The Centre’s Geoff Johnson and articles and the advertisements.Steve Young were featured on the Danica NurseriesCFAX Open Line Gardening GardenWorksShow on Sunday, May 6th. In Blenkinsop, Oak Bay, andaddition we were featured on The Old Island HighwayQ’s Environmental Page and you Many thanks tomay have seen Steve on Gordie’s the City of Victoria Hooked OnWorld, shown on CHEK 6 News for donating Water Gardenson Wednesday, May 2nd. several yards The Centre was the subject of a of leaf mold The Garden Pathfront-page article in the April 18th to the Centre. Organic Plantedition of the Saanich News. A Nurseryterrific photograph of volunteerAngela Hunter hard at work Lynne’s Little Elf Garden Centre Meadow Oak Upcoming Compost Club Lectures Nursery All lectures take place at the Centre in the Straw Bale Building Thanks to these merchants unless otherwise noted. Workshops start at 7 pm. for their support. Some restrictions may apply. Wednesday, June 13 Hot Composting with John Stonehouse Not enough compost? If you are looking for a way to speed up nature’s process to yield more compost in less time, then hot composting is for you. Join John in this informative talk on We would like building a hot compost pile and producing compost in five weeks! to thank the Wednesday, August 8 Fernwood Winter Veggie Gardening with Gillian Elcock Yes, it is possible! Don’t let this season go to waste. Learn the Community basics of starting your own winter veggie garden and extend your Association for gardening season for yummy healthy vegetables. their support. 3
  4. 4. The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre Spring 2001ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Worm on Our AGM was held on February We are pleased to welcome26th at the Cornerstone ChristianChurch in Fernwood. Despite a Farheen and Katherine to our Board and we extend our thanks the Weblight turnout of members we to outgoing Board Memberenjoyed a productive and Dianne LeFebvre. It has finally happened! Our newinformative meeting. Thanks to our Compost website is Most of our present Board Educator, Geoff Johnson, for an up and running. We hope youmembers were re-elected by enjoyable and informative slide will “surf-on-in” and check outacclamation and two more have show on the topic of some of the new features. Signbeen appointed. Here is our “Permaculture and Sustainable our Guest Book and let us knowpresent Board: Living.” what you think of the site. YourPresident Maria Miller Thanks also to Sandy at The comments will help to ensureVice President Tom Watkins Parsonage Café for donating that we are providing the kindsTreasurer Donna Sanford coffee, tea and providing us of information that you areSecretary Farheen Haq with delicious sandwiches and looking for. As always ourDirector Angela Deering dessert treats. friendly worm presides over theDirector Katherine Cook site, making sure that there is lots of “ wiggle room”. Thanks to Tom Spetter of Cyan DesignThanks to Gillian and the UBC Campus Sustainability Office for this: for donating his time to design and build our site. ODE TO A WORM by Alan Ginsworm Oh wiggly, squiggly, squirming worm Most brilliant creature under terra-firm Builder of tunnels so exquisitely round Creator of dirt so deliciously ground Engineer-builder without college degree You eat up your work — and you do it for free. Introductory Composting OUTREACH Course Our mobile displays have been This summer we will be offering visiting shopping malls anda scaled-down version of our retail centers all over GreaterMaster Composter Volunteer Victoria. So far almost 2000 people have stopped to pick upTraining Program. It is designedto introduce newcomers to the art information about composting Name Thatand science of composting and wehope it will enable more folks to and to ask questions. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been Worm Contestbecome avid backyard composters staffing the displays and special Last call for entries! Contestas these volunteers go out and thanks to Lynn Marie for closes June 30th. If you haven’tspread the dirt on composting. coordinating all the events. already come up with a name for The course will be offered on In June look for us in Oak our new mascot then you shouldthe weekend of July 7th and 8th. Bay, in July we will be in hurry. Grand prize is a wormFor further information, please Esquimalt and in August we will composting kit valued at $ the Centre at 386-WORM. be on the Saanich Peninsula. Send in your entry today! 4
  5. 5. The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre Spring 2001 Site Update OPEN HOUSE Approximately 170 people by Geoff Johnson (VCEC site educator) attended our open house in early Now that spring has fully sprung, the Greater Victoria Compost May. Thanks to all our staff andEducation Centre has once again become a lush urban oasis, bursting volunteers who worked so hardwith vegetative vitality. Camas is blooming, fava beans are forming, to make this event a success.and fig leaves are unfurling. It is also a critter fest around here. Blue Congratulations to the winnersorchard mason bees abound, lady bugs are looking around for early of our door prizes.aphid appetizers, and the worms in our slowly warming earth machine Megan Halstead and M. Berryare now almost as feisty as our super-senior MCP volunteer, the both won a watering wand/nozzleincredible John Lee. combination. Paul Galewitz Despite the water restrictions, this water-wise site is flourishing. The received a hanging basket soakercombination of drought-tolerant native plants, drip irrigation, a rain kit. Nancy Prescott won veggiecatchment system, and heavily mulched, compost-rich soil will ensure garden soaker kit. And Barba lasting lushness for months to come. Bennett took home the grand prize As for the organic veggie demo garden, most of the plentiful winter of a backyard composter.produce has been harvested and we are well on the way to cultivating Thanks to Kevin Hale at Thecompost-fueled abundance for the late spring. My experiments with zero- Home Depot for generouslytillage in one of the beds have proven an awesome success, and anyone donating the prizes.wanting to learn (or share) about this or any of the basics of organicgardening should come out to our weekly drop-in gardening sessions Special thanks to theseon Friday evenings 5:00pm - 7:00 pm. members who have donated to the Compost Centre. Neil and Pat Boyle Angela Deering Volunteer Update Jeannette Funke-Furber FD Grady by Lynn Marie Eithne Hogan Holy composting cow patties! In the few short months since Myrna Ladouceurcompleting the Master Composter Volunteer Training Program, our Colleen Loadervolunteers have contributed over 170 hours of their time. Staggering! Marlene LovellTheir efforts have included site and office work at the Centre, school Walter Meyer zu Erpenprograms, mobile displays, banner making and work at our open Darlene Monkmanhouse. Thank you! We were especially appreciative of the hours spent Alison Phosyat our mobile displays. This season was very busy with our outreach Donna Sanfordevents and we couldn’t have done it alone! Our open house was a Leslie Wickssuccess thanks to those who shoveled compost, constructed worm bins,greeted visitors and staffed the kids’ corner. The volunteer smoothie A special thanks also goesparty was a nice finish for all the hours dedicated that week. to Wes-Tech Irrigation who Congratulations and thanks go to Sam Kohn and John Lee for generously donated $230.00earning their Master Composter Certificates by donating over 30 hours worth of irrigation supplies.of their time and talents. Sam was invaluable in the office and at our These drip irrigation systemsmobile displays, while John (now nicknamed “the Machine”) donated are on display in thehis muscles and endurance at Springride Commons and in the Compost demonstration gardens.Centre gardens. Nice work! A big cheer also for Chris Wells, Leona Thanks also to RMX forSmith and Melissa Jozwiak who are following closely with their hours. rocks and C&F Gravel Mart Thank you to past Master Composters, the Garth Homer Groups, and for their rock donations toBoard members who continue to volunteer. We value your time and Spring Ridge Commons.commitment! 5
  6. 6. The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre Spring 2001 WormCycle PARTNER’S PLACE Rides Again! How would you like a free In recognition of those composting. All vegetables at compost evaluation? You can get business partners who support The Garden Path are open one this summer thanks to funding the Compost Education Centre pollinated so that you can start from the BC E-Team. Once again in a variety of ways we would your own seeds. The Garden our popular WormCycle program like to share some information Path is hosting a number of will be offering free compost about them and urge you to workshops this summer: evaluations to residents of patronize their businesses. Victoria and surrounding areas. Tree Fruits for Vancouver If you wish to learn about The Garden Path Organic Island with Bob Duncan improvements to your composting Plant Nursery Saturday, June 9th, 10:30 am system or practices you can get a If you are seeking unusual, Native Habitats for Home free compost evaluation simply heritage, or old-fashioned Landscapes with Susan Bastin by calling the Centre and booking plants, Carolyn Herriot, owner Saturday, June 16th, 10:30am an appointment. Our bike-riding of The Garden Path is the Bamboos for our Coastal specialist will visit your home, person to see. Carolyn’s Region with Doug Box assess your compost and make generosity has been of great Saturday, June 23rd, 10:30am recommendations. Call the benefit to the Compost composting hotline at 386-WORM Education Centre and we All workshops are $7.50 and to book your appointment. Be sure appreciate her on-going will be held at The Garden to call soon as this is a popular encouragement and support. Path Nursery, 395 Conway program! The Garden Path is Victoria’s Road. For details you can only organic plant nursery contact Carolyn at 881-1555. with two acres of organic Special thanks to gardens, where you will see Thanks to The Garden Path the CRD and lots of evidence of good soil- Organic Plant Nursery for the City of Victoria building practices including their continuing support of the compost bins and windrow Compost Education Centre. for their ongoing funding and support.Name:Address:City: Postal Code:Phone (home): (work):Date: New Renewal Senior, Student, Unwaged $8 Individual $10 Family $12 Group/Corporate $30I would like to increase my support for the Victoria Compost Education Centres work. Enclosed is my tax deductible donation for: $20 $35 $50 $100 $Total amount enclosed $Drop off or mail completed forms to the Compost Centre, 1216 North Park Street (at Chambers), Victoria, BC V8T 1C9.All memberships run one year from date of purchase. Receipts for donations under $20 will only be issued upon request. 6