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Xeriscape Basics: How to Make Florida Friendly Landscaping Work for You


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Xeriscape Basics: How to Make Florida Friendly Landscaping Work for You

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Xeriscape Basics: How to Make Florida Friendly Landscaping Work for You

  1. 1. How to make Florida-friendlyland~ap~~work for you.
  2. 2. Xeriscape is Florida-friendly landscaping that saves water and protects the environment through reduced use of pesticides and fertilizer. Xeriscape may also require much less maintenance than traditional landscaping. This guide will help you select and arrange plants for your own Xeriscape. Virtually any plant can be used in a Xeriscape landscape, even your favorites like roses, gardenias and annuals. The key is to group malll mU@Il9’S Plants should be grouped these plants separately according to water and sunlight needs. Plants needing so they can be full sun should be grouped separately from those A ytered’as needed needing shade or moist soil. wttnout watering me --u entire yard. Drought-toleKlnt plants Drought tolerant plants are good Xeriscape choices. Most need very little water once they are r established in the landscape. Many have fewer pest problems so they require much less time to maintain. M&m A 3” layer of mulch will improve the appearance of your landscaped beds, as well as reduce weed growth, moderate soil temperatures, 5011 alB&rSiS Knowing your soil minimize erosion, and help retain soil moisture. type will help you make better decisions about the plants you need and the way you’ll water. Your county’s coopera- Many trees can be used in a tive extension service can deter Xeriscape landscape. When mine your soil’s pH. choosing a tree, consider its potential height. width and cold hardiness. Trees cool your yard by providing shade and they help reduce evaporation, too. ost grasses requrre more water, Shrubs and qrmnd covers Shrubs are important in a Xeriscape and fertilizer and pesticides than other areas of a landscape. In a are often used in border plantings - at the edge of a landscape feature or to sepa- Xeriscape, grass is used where it is most practical, such as an rate one yard from another. Ground covers can add interest and color to a land- area for children. Ground covers, decks and walkways are scape and can be used to fill-in open areas in place of grass. often used to reduce grass in Xeriscape landscapes. The Southwest Florida Water Management District does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual’s disability state. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation under the ADA should contact the Public Communications Department at 352-796-721 I or I-800-423-1476 (Florida only), TDD only 1-800-231-6103 (FlorIda only).
  3. 3. --- __. ---__ ----. -___Southwest Florida Water Management District 2379 Broad Street Brooksville, FL 34609-6899Xeriscape: It’s Growing Like Crazy is apublic education initiative sponsored inpartnership by the Pinellas-Anclote RiverBasin Board of the Southwest FloridaWater Management District, the City ofSt. Petersburg and Pinellas County.Look for the Xeriscape demonstrationsite from the Howard Frankland Bridgeto the Sunshine Skyway along l-275 inSt. Petersburg and Pinellas County.For the location of other sites nearyou, call the Southwest Florida WaterManagement District at I-800-423-1476or TDD only I-800-23 i-6 103.