A&s video verification product exploration article


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A&s video verification product exploration article

  1. 1. Product Exploration Video Verification Cuts Cost and Time As integration bring video and alarms together, video verification overcomes the weaknesses of each system alone. When properly done, it relieves human operators from physically verifying whether every alarm was a real intrusion. BY LING-MEI WONGI ntegration has become an unstop- security solution. fastest growing market in remote pable force in security, affecting Video monitoring uses alarms to monitoring, which revenue expected video to alarm systems. Video detect events, with most solutions to grow nearly 20 percent annuallyand intrusion detection alone have alerting cameras to switch on only over the next five years in Europetheir faults, with video requiring when an event is occurring. This and North America, according tostorage and detectors being prone allows operators to verify in real IMS Research.to high false alarm rates. However, time whether the event requires “Integrators in the Unitedcombining the further attention, such as a human Kingdom and Benelux have warmlytwo provides intruder, and saves operators a trip to embraced remote video monitoring,”a winning the alarms site. As the video checks said IMS Research Analyst Niall if the alarm is legitimate, video Jenkins in a prepared statement. monitoring is also referred to as video verification. An efficient solution such as video verification makes it the 86 www.asmag.com
  2. 2. “In mainland Europe, integrators in of our opportunities is the copper TrenDsFrance and Germany are expected theft,” said Jeanne-Marie Ferre, Alarms and video add to securityto follow suit as their rigorous video Marketing Manager for RSI Video and peace of mind. “These days,surveillance regulations are relaxed, Technologies. “Skyrocketing prices alarm owners are looking to upgradeto combat the modern threats to for metals, especially copper, have t h e i r p ro p e r t y, a s c r i m e r i s e spublic and private properties.” made what was once a minor dramatically,” said Eli Keren, Export More services for remote video nuisance into a major problem Manager, Av-Gad Systems. “As soonmake its outlook a positive costing more than US$1 billion as owners see the benefits, they areone. “Intrusion-activated video per year, according to the U.S. willing to invest more in protection.”monitoring remains popular,” the Department of Energy.” More accurate alarms are partIMS Research report said. “However, Copper thieves target out-of- of a growing trend. “In outdoorthere is increasing use of services t h e - w a y o r d i ff i c u l t t o s e c u re sensors, we see a trend away fromsuch as remote guard tours; where locations, such as construction sites, active-beam sensors and towardthe video monitor operates at set communication towers and electrical high-performance PIR sensors,” saidtimes of the day. Remote monitoring substations, Ferre said. “In addition, Eric Micko, Director of R&D, Surenfor staff protection and bodyguard the collateral damage done ripping Systems.systems are also showing signs of pipes and wires out of walls far Along with better detection,acceptance in the European market.” exceeds the actual cost of the copper more networking is a trend. “The stolen.” current trend isDemanD full integration Video monitoring solutions are o f v i d e omost in demand for remote sites, components intowhich are difficult to access. “One alarm systems, as well as using more and more network and www.asmag.com 87
  3. 3. Product ExplorationInternet solutions for sending videoand alarm information,” said UriEngelsman, VP Sales and Marketing,Pima Electronic Systems. Networked solutions are leading tomore management of alarms. “Usersare asking for an integrated alarmmonitoring and video recordingsystem that lets them view liveimages from cameras associated withalarm events, control PTZ functions,and view live video,” said GaryDAries, Ingersoll Rand SecurityTechnologies, Vice President, SchlageSoftware and Controllers. “Theywant to search stored video clipsby time and date with establishedparameters for pre- and post- alarmevent recording.” Video analytics are also expected toaid alarms more and more, as moreefficient video compression makethem a reality. “H.264 is expectedto be the video standard of choicein the coming years,” said GerardOtterspeer, Product MarketingManager for EMEA, Bosch SecuritySystems. “Furthermore, the ongoing ▲ Video monitoring solutions are most in demand for remote sites, which are difficult to access.development of video contentanalysis will significantly improve automatically or manually,” Keren situation and a false one by sendingthe effectiveness of video surveil- said. “The user or central station a real-time video clip of the eventlance systems.” can remotely activate the video via MMS messages to a FTP server verification by simple command and then onward to a CMS or usersTechnology from mobile or office phone. The mobile phone.”InTegraTIon command is done by DTMF dial Also on the product level are PIR Combining several systems suits with password protection, a unique cameras, combining a PIR detectorremote monitoring needs, such as feature that does not exist in other with a camera. “The portable battery-power line transmission sending panels.” powered P-cam (PIR motion sensoralarm and video over the same Alarm support can be seen in video with integrated camera and illumi-cables. Some alarm cables now servers as well, demonstrating that nators) can be installed anywhere,support video, saving cabling costs integration is alive and well. “The often mounted on portable standssignificantly. VVR (Video Alarm Verification that can be picked up and moved Other solutions have video built Reporter) is an IP video server around as the situation demands —right into some alarm systems. “In specially designed for the security no trenching, no wires,” Ferre said.Av-Gad alarm panels, a dedicated market to be integrated with “The integrated PIR motion sensoroutput is activating the video intruder control panels,” Engelsman detects intruders in storms andcamera, so the user or installer can said. “The VVR helps verify and blizzards, ignoring the rain or snow.”program this feature to activate distinguish between a real alarm Other vendors integrate video 88 www.asmag.com
  4. 4. and alarms at the management This text information on alarm keep false alarms down. As it can besoftware level. “Visonic offers a location gives users a better idea costly to respond to every triggeredfully integrated broadband based of how serious the alarm is, such alarm, smarter detection is a boon forsurveillance and control solution,” as one at a highly restricted area. integrated video and alarm solutions.said Oren Kotlicki, Head of Product “They dont need to waste time by Integration with mobile devicesManagement, Visonic. “The solution first checking the video system for can determine whether an event is anis targeted at mass market service such details,” DAries said. “Without actual or false alarm. “The VVR helpsproviders wishing to offer video having to physically verify what reduce false alarms by capturingalarm verification solution with is happening on their surveillance real-time alarm situations andthe ability to grow to a full-grade system, they can immediately transmitting them directly to the endWeb-based remote control, surveil- respond to the alarm and take users mobile phone in a video cliplance and messaging service offered action.” MMS format,” Engelsman said. “Thisto end users.” Law enforcement can use real-time allows the end user to view the alarm images to respond appropriately. scene immediately and evaluate theVIDeo VerIfIcaTIon “Police treat video verified alarms situation — whether it is a real alarm Integration is intended to give as a crime in progress and respond situation or a false one created byhuman operators a better idea of faster than for a routine alarm,” an animal passing by or a windowwhats going on, with video verifi- Ferre said. “Video verification makes broken from a windy weather.”cation presenting information in a law enforcement more efficient and Remotely verifying alarms bytimely fashion. Thus, real-time alerts provides greater security to the video will provide operators withfor operators are vital. property owner.” more information and may not Systems can be configured for The networked response has necessarily reduce false alarms.cameras to start rolling when alarms advantages over analog video, which “Video verification does not reduceor other devices are triggered. “If the is more for forensic purposes rather false alarms but provides the centralaccess system or alarm sensor detects than real-time alerts. “In contrast, station with the ability to recognizeunwanted activity, the video recorder property owners use traditional that the alarm is false,” Kotlicki said.can be programmed to increase CCTV systems and DVRs to review “The combination of PIR detectorsthe recorded pictures per second,” what happened after an incident with a camera compared to a videoDAries said. “In addition, security occurs and identify the intruder,” motion detection (VMD) basedguards, managers, administrators, Ferre said. “More often than not, camera as a stand-alone solutionbusiness owners and even law identification is impossible because provides dramatic reduction in falseenforcement can be notified upon of poor lighting and intruders alarms as alarms are triggered by PIRan alarm. They immediately know wearing masks or hoods.” detectors.”the location and nature of the alarm A P-cam can be an affordable wayso they can remedy the problem reDucIng false alarms to reduce false alarms. “The PIRimmediately.” Several solutions are deployed to detector and camera solution is in▲ Jeanne-Marie Ferre, Marketing ▲ Eli Keren, Export Manager, Av-Gad ▲ Uri Engelsman, VP Sales and ▲ Gary D’Aries, Ingersoll Rand ▲ Gerard Otterspeer, Produc t Manager for RSI Video Technologies Systems Marketing, Pima Electronic Systems Security Technologies, Vice Marketing Manager for EMEA, President, Schlage Software and Bosch Security Systems Controllers www.asmag.com 89
  5. 5. Product Explorationmany times more cost-effective, as wireless solutions also will help to automation devices to switch themhigh-end VMD cameras are quite reduce installation costs.” off when left on, such as lights or airexpensive, while low-end VMD Networked solutions also incur conditioners.cameras are not reliable in terms fewer costs. “Pimas VVR offersof video motion detection and can an alternative low-cost solution hIgh-enD crITerIaprovide lots of false alarms,” Kotlicki for video verification by using the Several pointers should be kept insaid. Internet instead of paying the high mind for a quality video and alarm Other solutions focus on costs of cellular MMS charges,” integration solution. They includefine-tuning the alarms themselves, Engelsman said. The remote video reliability, cost, compatibility andensuring they are not triggered solution “saves time, traveling and interoperability.for non-events. “Surens DFIR loss of property.” “When installers choose an alarm(dual-frequency infrared) technology Considering the amounts of data system, the two major elements toinherently rejects all non-moving required for video alarm verification, consider are the products reliabilitytemperature-changing objects and Internet transmission drives the and costs,” Engelsman said.limited-motion objects — the biggest overall cost lower. “The solution “Professional intruder installerssources of false alarms,” Micko said. empowers the broadband connec- are mostly looking for products“Of course, video verification can tivity channel,” Kotlicki said. “While that are easy, fast and friendly tohelp, but that requires an operators PSTN communications and GPRS are install, and have friendly setting andtime. Surens thinking is to avoid charged by communication or by the programming.”alerting the operator unless there amount of data sent, which get quite Solutions should mesh seamlesslyis actually a person moving in the expensive when video has to be sent, with existing technology. “To assuresensors monitored area.” broadband communication has a compatibility and ease of use, the If users already have cameras fixed price to it.” integrated systems must operateand can support analytics, they can Too many false alarms can result in in multiple server environments,set rules to minimize false alarms, fees. “In many countries, the police including Windows NT, 2000, 2003such as rain or snow. “To help or the central station charges the and XP, and be OBDC and MDACensure alarms are only triggered end user a fine in case that the alarm compliant,” DAries said. “Thefor real events, features such as is a false alarm,” Kotlicki said. The controllers should provide multiplecamera calibration and perspective Visonic solution also cuts energy communications options and be ablecorrection greatly enhance costs, by integrating with home to make decisions at the local level inintelligent video analysis accuracyand reliability,” Otterspeer said.“Also, special filters for size, speed,direction and aspect ratio minimize Integration is intended to give humanfalse alarm rates.” operators a better idea of whats going on,cosT-saVIng feaTures with video verification presenting information The goal of video and alarm in a timely fashion.integration is to save humanoperating expenses, which translatesinto a range of functions. Some are designed for the alarmsthemselves to be more discrimi-nating. “Surens solution will providemaximum false-alarm rejection,including animals, so as to reducecosts of operators responding tofalse alarms,” Micko said. “Surens 90 www.asmag.com
  6. 6. the event that communication with smart thing to do.” protocols, such as ZigBee, to evaluatethe host is severed.” their progress regarding interoper- P ro d u c t s s h o u l d c o n f o r m t o challenges ability,” Micko said. “However, evenaccepted standards as well. “All The integration of video and if such standard platforms achieveindustry standard technologies alarms requires the makers of video excellent plug-n-play interoper-i n a d d i t i o n t o wireless access and alarm solutions to branch out ability, some companies will stilland hardwired devices should of their respective niches. This is elect to use proprietary protocolsbe supported,” DAries said. easier said than done, as convergence in an effort to keep customers“Purchasers want to assure that an present a challenge. from creating multi-supplierunlimited number of controllers Keeping up with technology systems made up of interoperableand downstream devices may be means providers need to do their components.”used. Add video analytics to the mix homework. “The challenge to stay on Some providers believe the timeand youve got a system with the top of market needs is to create more has arrived for truly integratedopportunity to be high-end, if the products and solutions in the video solutions. “Were very prepared toapplication warrants it.” area, and the connection of the video meet the challenges of these applica- Standardization is sometimes to other media through network and tions,” DAries said. “The hardwaremandated, making it a key criterion. cellular,” Engelsman said. and software is available, the market“The alarm industry is protected by The rise of integration means is asking for such solutions, andstrict certifications,” Kotlicki said. vendors must make their products we provide the interoperability“When selecting an alarm system, play nicely with other solutions. “We standards.”looking at the certifications it has is a can say that were watching wireless www.asmag.com 91