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06 outdoor siren specification sheet.pdf1


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06 outdoor siren specification sheet.pdf1

  1. 1. Outdoor Siren/Strobe Model SE250/SE650/SE750 P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N S S H E E T Made by RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES 2206 May 2009Description FeaturesThe Outdoor Siren/Strobe Model SE250/SE650/SE750 is a > S2View® - Spread Spectrum, VIDEOFIEDTM, Interactivebattery operated, wireless combination unit designed for use in AES Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimumVIDEOFIEDTM security systems. signal integrity and security.The unit consists of a sounder, strobe light, and S2View® Spread > Sounder - provides output of 105 dB @1 meter for up to threeSpectrum, VIDEOFIEDTM, interactive, encrypted wireless minutes, in alarm.circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control > Supervised - transmits a check-in/status signal everypanel. 8 minutes indicating tamper state and battery status.The siren produces an output level of 105 dB at 1 meter for > Dual tamper - provides detection for both wall andthree minutes, in alarm. The strobe light flashes four times per cover tamper.second for three minutes, in alarm. > Alkaline batteries - four years.The unit is typically installed outdoors on the structure to helpresponding authorities locate the alarm site. The unit should Applicationsbe mounted where it is protected from weather elements, at a > Visual and audible annunciation of alarms in VIDEOFIEDTMheight where intruders cannot reach to help prevent disabling security systems.the unit. A dual tamper function provides detection for bothcover and mounting surface.The unit is powered by four alkaline batteries that can last fouryears, depending on the amount of siren/strobe activity. The unittransmits a check-in signal every eight minutes that includes itsunique identification code, along with the tamper condition andbattery There is a blue strobe for Australia and Singapore.
  2. 2. Outdoor Siren/Strobe Model SE250/SE650/SE750 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIO NSElectrical Data Physical DataPower requirements Four 1.5 V batteries Material ABS—ULV0Battery type Alkaline, D size Dimensions 227 mm x 166 mm x 80 mmBattery life 4 years (LxWxD): 9 in. x 6-1/2 in. x 3 in.RF technology S2View® Weight 880 g/31 oz. (without batteries)Radio type Spread Spectrum BidirectionalOperating frequency 868/915/920 MHz Installation/MountingTransmission security AES encryption algorithm Unit/Base Four screws secure unit to base; four screwsSupervision Polled signal every 8 minutes secure unit base to mounting surface.Antenna IntegratedTamper detection Wall and cover tamperedSpeaker impedance 4 ohmsOutput level 105 dB @ 1 meterOutput duration Three minutes maximumFlash type Strobe light tubeFlash duration Three minutes maximumFlash sequence Four flashes/secOperating temperature -25°/+70°C(-13°/158°F) Maximum relative humidity 90%, non-condensingApprovals CE/EN50131/EN300220/INCERT/IDA/NCP (SE250) UL / FCC (SE650) A-Tick (SE750) EMEA SALES USA SALES 2, rue Alexis de Tocqueville 4455 White Bear Parkway, Suite 700 92160 ANTONY White Bear Lake, MN 55110 FRANCE USA Phone +33 (0)1 55 59 10 25 Phone 877-206-5800 Fax +33 (0)3 90 20 66 36 Fax 651-762-4693 © 2008 RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES. VIDEOFIEDTM is a Registered Trademark of RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES. S2View ® is a registered trademark of RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES. Specifications subject to change without notice.