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Fleet Mangement Industry ERP - eresource ERP. With eresource ERP in the operational mode, you can manage your Fleet and Transport business with efficiency and it is an user-friendly ERP solution.

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Fleet management erp-brochure

  1. 1. Achieving Supply Chain Management ExcellenceAn ERP solution that can accelerate your fleet management Access your business Anytime, AnywhereThe challenges faced by the Transportation and Logistics Industry started Working on a Web-based ERP system like eresource willwitnessing rapid changes with the advent of Web-based eresource ERP. give you the freedom and flexibility to manage youreresource ERP solution for Transportation and Logistics Industry support your enterprise from anywhere. With eresource ERP it iscomplete range of business processes – from supply chain management to possible for you to work from office, home or whilecustomer relationship management, financials and maintenance operations – travelling. It enables share your business informationon a single business process platform. . with colleagues even without having to send files backeresource ERP for Transportation and Logistics industry will help you and forth. An advantage indeed!overcome overhead expenses, unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime Manage your business more effectivelydue to neglected fleet vehicles and equipment. Besides monitoring and Eresource ERP allows users to access modules basedresponding to events from anywhere on real time basis managing the business on the access permission granted to them. Even thefrom your desktop becomes reality. contractors, customers and suppliers can access theireresource ERP serves as a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel respective information through the permitted modules.usage and driver management. Also this solution helps you to handle areas All the events clicked by any user are recorded in thelike Insurance, Asset Management, Tyre Management, Inventory activity log section, which makes sure that everyone isManagement, LR Management, Contract Management, as well as all accountable and every transaction is traceable.expenses associated with the operations of your fleet of vehicles and other It is affordable, easy to use and quick to implementmechanical assets with just a click of your mouse button. With eresource, you and your employees can access thisWe would also like emphasis the importance of eresource ERP as a powerful business application with just a computer and an Internetbusiness application that based on master configuration, which allows you to connection. Simply put it, you have the flexibility toeasily create individual vehicle configurations and maintenance plans. manage and access your companys information fromeresource ERP has empowered many customers across the world by anywhere and at any time.providing excellence, building and delivering enterprise solutions. Primaryobjective of eresource ERP is to provide organization with the strategic insight, eresource ERP has empowered many customers acrossinstill the ability to differentiate; increase productivity and give required the world by providing excellence, building and deliveringflexibility to achieve success. enterprise solutions. Primary objective of eresource ERP is to provide organization with the strategic insight, instill the ability to differentiate; increase productivity and give required flexibility to achieve success.
  2. 2. Grow your Business faster and more profitable with eresource ERPOperation ManagementOperation module in eresource ERP provides a collaborative environment forperforming day-to-day tasks. Operation Management module covers dailyvehicle transactions. This module helps track the vehicle and availability.Whether it is owned vehicle or managed Vehicle, the operation managementmodule allows you plan out a proper operational strategyFueling ManagementAverage fuel consumption from destination to destination for different kindand type of vehicles are captured in the master file. Facility for defining thetolerance limit of fuel consumption from destination to destination is alsodefined. This module helps you budget the cost per trip and actual cost afterthe trip.Branch AccountingAbility to create different branches. Branches can maintain their accountingdifferently but it is all stored on a central system. Branches can capture dailyexpenses data. Being a centrally managed application, the master data (suchas Toll...) and branch accounting information can be consolidated under thegroup company book of accounts.Billing ManagementLR Details is captured in the billing module. LR informationis automatically affected in billing, thus avoiding dataredundancy. Billing can be performed against the LR, against the Contract,against the sales order, on the basis of trip voucher or delivery challan.R.T.O. (Road/Regional Transport Office)This module compiles Transport Office regulation. Ability to capture, mandateRTO expenses such as Counter Permit renewal, Counter Permit Tax, FitnessCertificate, Tax, if any, National Permit renewal, PUC, Permit Tax, etc.,InsuranceInsurance information for all moving assets is captured in this section. Thismodule automatically triggers insurance expiry information from two monthsprior to the expiry date until the insurance is renewed.Freight Memo & LR ManagementSupport for handling inbound and outbound of shipment or Goods, GoodsInward Memo, Door Delivery Approval, Customizable Invoices. Supports bothcompany owned and outsourced transport. Enables goods transfer todifferent locations through internal transfers within a given location (andmoving the same to destination location and finally to the Customers).
  3. 3. Stay Ahead of your CompetitorsTransshipment ManagementTransshipment of goods or container is managed through this module.Loading and unloading of material in the case of change of the means oftransport or the shipment of goods or container to an intermediate destinationand then from there to yet another destination is provided in TransshipmentManagement ModuleDriver ManagementDriver Information is captured in this module. This is a part of HumanResource Management. Access to Driver Information and driver related datacan be accessed from Driver Management module.Tyre Inventory ManagementInventory of tyre is maintained through this section. eresource ERP inventorymanagement is a key part of our cost savings program. The tyre inventorymodule will help you track tyre information, usage of tyre in vehicle, tyreresoling information and many more.Purchase Order ProcessingPurchase module in eresource ERP streamlines procurement ofrequired vehicle spare parts and other non-inventory materials. Itautomates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, SupplierEvaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation,Inventory ManagementInventory module provides a powerful and flexible set of features tohelp you manage and report your inventory information. eresourceInventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining theappropriate level of stock in a warehouseHuman Resource ManagementHuman Resource module streamlines the management of humanresources and human capitals. It comprises of 4 broad sections,mainly Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HR module ineresource routinely maintains a complete employee record.Accounts and Finance ManagementFinance Resource Management in eresource gathers financial datafrom various functional departments and generates valuable financialreports such as balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers,Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross ProfitAnalysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis,profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, TaxManagement and many more.
  4. 4. SecurityEresource ERP solution is integrated with rich security features to protect your valuable data. Granting and controlling userauthentication is far more flexible and provides security at micro level.On-time implementation and 24x7 supportEresource Infotech promises on-time implementation of ERP system. Our "Go Live on Time" program guarantees the customers on-timeimplementation of integrated ERP system backed up 27x4 customer support.System RequirementsBeing a web-based ERP solution, you need to have a computer with standard hardware configuration with MS Windows 2000,XP orVista, an Internet connection (a high speed connection is recommended) and Internet browser application (MS Internet Explorer 6 orabove).to access eresource ERP system.Here are some of the key benefits of eresource ERP system: eresource ERP advantage:???? customer loyalty – eresource ERP provides organizations with more Increased flexible and extensible system that enables them to easily adapt, change and add operational functionality to the system in order to meet customer demands ? ? ? ? relationship Customer and easily adjust to changes in the marketplace. With eresource ERP, you can Management (CRM): gain visibility into your customers needs and build the right strategies to meet Automation and integration of those needs – so you can serve a broader range of customers and meet the sales marketing, support and unique needs of each. e-commerce helps you win???? Management of Vehicles: Continuous planning of transport and the Optimised sales and improve customer logistics involved decreases wasted journeys. i.e. Those made without a satisfaction, increasing profitable burden. Increased visibility, through system, of available time allows customer responsiveness and more effective and efficient use of time. loyalty. ? Cost Saving on Transportation: With integrated software solutions you are given more control of the execution of activities of the vehicles in your fleet, enabling ? E-commerce: you to track and trace activities in real-time, ensuring that potential problems are Web-based application and spotted and handled before they actually become problematic. adoption of Microsofts .NET technology enables you to ? Management of Tariffs: The software allows for an easy and flexible Flexible access information, sell management of your tariffs, payable and receivable, as well as easy updates for increases such as fuel. product, run business processes and connect with ? Measurement of Lifespan of Order: Investigation of order history can help you to customers and partners improve the efficiency of your transportation as well as providing strong anytime, anywhere via the performance indicators to enable consistent improvement. Internet. ? efficiency: Reduce costs through effective planning and therefore less Increased wasted kilometers and more running time. ? enterprise: Extended ? Lower technology costs – Being a web based ERP solution, eresource lowers eresource ERP is designed the total cost of IT ownership by evolving to support the latest technologies; to support businesses that allowing easy integration with partners, suppliers, and customers; and operate at a single location or supporting the entire value chain. with multiple plants. ? Faster turnaround – eresource ERP helps organizations to provide better service and be more responsive to the demands of customers and business partners through multi dimensional tracking features and advanced order- ? Technology infrastructure: promising capabilities. With eresource solutions, you can communicate easily Microsoft based solution with suppliers and customers – optimizing complex program management, facilitates a smooth, quick reducing cycle times in the supply chain, and speeding reporting. implementation and simplified ? asset performance – eresource solutions enable optimal asset Improved system administration, utilization and efficient asset maintenance by lowering repair costs, decreasing customization and integration labor costs, and making planners and technicians more productive. of your business system, ? Higher profits – With the use of eresource ERP software system, organizations while also providing a stable, can set budgets, review costs, track activities and resources. You can perform scalable technology profitability analyses that help you focus on the most profitable value-added infrastructure. services, offerings, and customers. Registered Office: TMA House, 1st Floor, Road No 16, Plot No. 6, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane (West) 400 604, Maharashtra. India Tel: +91 22 25827692, +91 22 25828775, +91 22 65130234 • e-mail : sales@eresourceerp.com. • www.eresourceerp.com Middle East Sales Office: eresource International FZCO, P.O. Box 32339, Dubai, UAE, Tel: + 971 4 3262550, Fax: + 971 4 3262552, email: sales@eresourceint.com • www.eresourceint.com