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Printable self esteem worksheets for kids, teens and adults

There are several self esteem exercises inside of this worksheets for kids, teens and adults.

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Printable self esteem worksheets for kids, teens and adults

  1. 1. BayArt with Science-based Practices for a Meaningful Life is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. Let get your workbook today & join us. When visit BayArt’s Daily Blog, You’ll find posts about happiness, motivation, inspiration, meditation, meaning, possibilities, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, simplicity, minimalism, and letting go. BayArt is a really welcoming community! It’s a lot easier to be who you want to be in this world when you remember you are never alone. We are all in this together, and we all have something to teach and something to learn.
  2. 2. About Me Sentence Completion Sentence-completion is a deceptively simple yet uniquely powerful tool for raising self- understanding, self-esteem and personal effectiveness and also help us accept unpleasant facts, shed light on hidden motivations, and demystify fears. I was really happy when If I bring more awareness to my life today I’m proud of If I pay more attention to how I deal with people today… If I bring 5 percent more awareness to my most important relationships…
  3. 3. Challenging Negative Thoughts The hard part about self-talk is that it always feels true. Even though your thoughts might often be biased or incorrect, you tend to assume that they're facts. Remember that our thoughts and evaluations are often opinions. Therefore they are open to question, and should not be something we just blindly accept if they are causing us distress. Instead, you can dispute, dissect, examine, and assess them like a detective or lawyer would, to see how realistic they are and put things in perspective. What is my evidence for and against my thinking? Are there any other ways that I could look at this situation? If I were being positive, how would I perceive this situation? Is there anything good about this situation? Negative thought Evidence against it
  4. 4. Self-Esteem Journal You can use journal prompts to improve self-esteem and get to know yourself on a deeper level. When you journal, you tap into different states of mind that help you become clearer about your desires and the person you want to become. The more often you journal to improve self-esteem, the better your relationship with yourself will be. Some examples of prompts within this handout are: I felt proud when... Today I accomplished … Something I did for someone … I am grateful for … I want to feel tomorrow …
  5. 5. Gratitude Journal Grateful thinking promotes the savoring of positive life experiences. By relishing and taking pleasure in some of the gifts of your life, you will be able to extract the maximum possible satisfaction and enjoyment from your current circumstances. When you realize how much people have done for you or how much you have accomplished, you feel more confident and efficacious. A gratitude journal is exactly what it says – a journey or diary documenting daily the things (5- 10) that you are grateful for. I am grateful.…
  6. 6. My Strengths and Qualities Your thoughts determine your feelings and the functioning of your brain. Focus on your positive aspects so you fill your brain with the best fuel possible. Write about your Strenghts, Good Traits, Achievements, Successes. Things I am good at:… Compliments I have received:… Challenges I have overcome:… I’ve helped others by: … Printable self-esteem exercises - worksheets give you the tools necessary to build new brain pathways. But doing them once is not enough. Building positive self esteem requires consistent regular practice. For an overview of this process, must-seen article is self-esteem activities for children, teens, and young Adults.