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2017 Call Erasmus+ Information Sessions UK


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Introduction the Erasmus+ programme for UK organisations interested in applying for funding in 2017. This is the main presentation. For slides from the sector-specific sessions (higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education and youth), please visit our clipboard:

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2017 Call Erasmus+ Information Sessions UK

  1. 1. Erasmus+ Information sessions 2017 Call November 2016
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. • Giving you an overview of Erasmus+ in the UK • Covering opportunities for all sectors of education, training and youth • Introducing you to the UK National Agency and the support we can offer you Today’s information session is all about:
  4. 4. Overview of Erasmus+
  5. 5. Erasmus+ is for… Adult education Youth Sport Higher education Vocational education and training Schools
  6. 6. Erasmus+ 2014 - 2020 The programme is structured around five Actions Key Action 1 Key Action 2 Key Action 3 Jean Monnet Activities Sport There are two methods of management… Centralised Decentralised …and three types of decentralised project Key Action 1: Mobility of learners and staff Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships Key Action 3: Youth structured dialogue
  7. 7. Benefits Individuals • Personal and professional development • Increased skills and employability • Broaden cultural horizons • Boost confidence • Develop language skills Organisations • Training and career development for staff • Better opportunities for engaging learners • Share and discover good practice • Improve provision
  8. 8. Erasmus+ budget: €14.7 billion
  9. 9. Programme management Overall programme management: European Commission Centralised activities European Agency: Education and Culture Executive Agency Decentralised activities UK National Authority UK National Agency: British Council and Ecorys UK
  10. 10. • Partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK • Integrated approach to promotion and management of the programme • Clear split of responsibilities by sector and project type UK National Agency
  11. 11. UK National Agency • Higher education • Schools • Youth Key Actions 2 and 3 British Council • Vocational education and training • Adult education • Youth Key Action 1 Ecorys UK
  12. 12. • Programme is open to organisations active in education, training and youth • Applications from individuals are not allowed • Some youth projects allow informal groups of young people to apply Who can take part?
  13. 13. • Your organisation does not have to be an educational institution to take part in Erasmus+. • Your organisation must be legally constituted in order to take part in the programme - this definition varies across the UK • Sole traders, partnerships and unincorporated associations are – with limited exception - not eligible to apply for Erasmus+ funding. Please check with us for more details Who can take part?
  14. 14. • Programme Countries can participate in all activities • Partner Countries can also participate but only in certain activities • Full list of different categories of countries and any restrictions on participation are in the Programme Guide Which countries can participate?
  15. 15. Programme Countries Member States of the European Union Belgium Greece Lithuania Portugal Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Romania Czech Republic France Hungary Slovenia Denmark Croatia Malta Slovakia Germany Italy Netherlands Finland Estonia Cyprus Austria Sweden Ireland Latvia Poland United Kingdom Non-EU Programme Countries former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Iceland Norway Liechtenstein Turkey
  16. 16. Call for Proposals document sets out deadlines and activities Programme Guide contains detailed application information, priorities, project and activity durations and funding amounts 2017 Call for Proposals
  17. 17. Priority areas for promotion in the UK • Key Action 1 mobility • Key Action 2 in the field of Schools 2017 applications
  18. 18. 20 October 2016 European Commission published 2017 Call for Proposals confirming deadlines European Commission published 2017 Programme Guide containing detailed application information From November 2016 Draft application forms published followed by ‘live’ eForms We will publish detailed guidance and run webinars to support applicants February 2017 onwards Application deadlines – one per year per Key Action except for youth which has multiple deadlines 2017 application timetable
  19. 19. Key Action Activity Field Deadline(s) Key Action 1: Mobility of individuals Mobility of learners and staff Higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education 2 February 2017 Youth 2 February 2017 26 April 2017 4 October 2017 2017 deadlines
  20. 20. Key Action Activity Field Deadline(s) Key Action 2: Co-operation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnerships Higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education (including any applications covering more than one field) 29 March 2017 Youth 2 February 2017 26 April 2017 4 October 2017 2017 deadlines
  21. 21. Key Action Activity Field Deadlines Key Action 3: Support for policy reform Structured Dialogue Youth 2 February 2017 26 April 2017 4 October 2017 2017 deadlines
  22. 22. Erasmus+ after the EU referendum
  23. 23. Erasmus+ and the EU referendum • No change for UK organisations applying for Erasmus+ funding in 2017, or taking part as a partner or consortium member. • Applications that are successful under the 2017 Call will be awarded funding for the duration of the project. 2017 applications
  24. 24. For general enquiries you can contact either the British Council or Ecorys UK as follows: British Council T: 0161 957 7755 Ecorys UK T: 0121 212 8947 Contact us
  25. 25. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. The Erasmus+ UK National Agency is a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK. Find us online @erasmusplusuk ukerasmusplus erasmusplusuk