Mobileye a story of success


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Mobileye a story of success

  1. 1. MobileyeA Story of Success November 2011
  2. 2. Corporate BackgroundFounded in 1999World pioneer and leader in vision-basedAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)Largest artificial vision R&D center in the worldInvestors include Goldman Sachs, majorInsurance companies and private investors
  3. 3. OEM Partners
  4. 4. Renault Trucks Mobileye installed as standard on the PREMIUM Truck, (presented by Renault at the IAA 2008 Trade Show in Hannover). In 2010, Renault started to offer Mobileye C2-270 in their MAGNUM trucks series as well.
  5. 5. Distribution Agreements Increase in Distribution Agreements60.0055.0050.0045.0040.0035.0030.0025.0020.0015.0010.00 5.00 0.00 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Colas Bitumen Tankers Fleet
  6. 6. DistributorsOver sixty partners around the globe TopVision China
  7. 7. DistributorsOver sixty partners around the globe Chuan Fa Auto Pte. Ltd
  8. 8. VolvoProperty damageliability claims per 100insured vehicles years,2010 Volvo XC60 withcity safety vs. other2009-2010 midsizeluxury SUNs/Volvos.
  9. 9. Mobileye – Worldwide Recognition October 2011- Mobileye received the International Fleet Industry Award, Fleet Europe. 2008-2010- Three years in a row, Mobileye received the UK “Brake” Award for car safety products. December 2008 -Mobileye processor, EyeQ2, voted as best electronic design in the “Electronic Design Magazine”. December 2006- “Frost and Sullivan” chose Mobileye to be entrepreneur company of the year. December 2005- Mobileye chosen by Red Herring magazine as one of the top 100 innovative entrepreneur companies.
  10. 10. Mobileye – Proven Effectiveness Denmark Mobileye Tested by the Danish FDM September 2011 – FDM, the Danish Automobile Association, reenacts a terrible truck crash (occurring 1 year earlier), without and with Mobileye System.
  11. 11. Mobileye – Proven Effectiveness2000 Trucks with Mobileye A control group of 400 trucks 1 Year Testing and 77 million kilometers No Collisions 5 Collisions (11-13 Expected) (4-5 Expected)
  12. 12. Fleet Sector - Adopting Mobileye Linsa Colas Bitumen Tankers Fleet
  13. 13. U.S. - C.R. England C.R. England, the largest refrigerated trucking company(4000 trucks) achieved a 37% reductionin crash costs per mile by usingMobileye.
  14. 14. Coca-Cola Hellenic South and East Europe 350 Improving Driving PatternsAverage incidents 300 250 200 HMW 40% reduction LDW 150 FCW 100 50% reduction 50 80% reduction 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week Week 6 Week 7 Week Week 9 Week Week AVG AVG AVG AVG 5AVG AVG AVG 8AVG AVG 10 AVG 11 AVG
  15. 15. Nestle - Switzerland Improving Driving Patterns
  16. 16. KiMs - DenmarkKiMs, the leading Danish-owned brand ofchips and snacks, has chosen to installMobileye C2-270 in their entire truck fleet.
  17. 17. Anneberg – DenmarkLargest logistics fleet in Denmark
  18. 18. Hualpén Buses - ChileFleet of 500 vehiclesin southern Chile.Use Mobileye asstandard in all newvehicles,
  19. 19. Minera Escondida - ChileLargest single copper producer in theworld, producing copper from open pitmining.Mobileye distributor TrackTec has equippedMinera Escondida’s fleet of 3000 vehicleswith Mobileye systems. Minera Escondida INSISTS THAT ALL ITSSUPPLIERS EQUIP THEIR ENTIRE FLEET WITHMOBILEYE SYSTEMS
  20. 20. LINSA Logistics Fleet - Chile Chilean Distributor’s Demo Van
  21. 21. Coca-Cola Trucks – EuropeAdriAlps is the Renault Trucks distributor that hasinstalled Mobileye systems on Coca-Coladistribution trucks across Europe(Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia andHerzegovina).
  22. 22. Dart Transit - U.S.One of the United States largest fleetcompaniesDeclared safety and customer service toppriority and stated that Mobileye’stechnology is the perfect platform fortaking safe driving to the next level.
  23. 23. Camping World - U.S.Mobileye US has signed a US nationwideagreement with CampingWorld, , the world’slargest RV retailer.
  24. 24. Transmilenio - ColombiaBiggest mass transportationsystem in Latin America, basedin Bogotá - over 1.7 millionpassengers every day.
  25. 25. School Buses - IsraelSchool buses in Israel nowfeature Mobileyeprotection:Municipalities equipschool buses withMobileye systems.
  26. 26. Leasing Sector - Adopting Mobileye
  27. 27. Sumitomo Mitsui – JapanTotal of 540,000 leased cars.First Japanese leasing company toincorporate Mobileye’s Advanced DriverAssistance System in its own fleet and for itsmany customers
  28. 28. Nordania Leasing - Scandinavia
  29. 29. FMS Sector - Adopting Mobileye
  30. 30. Insurance Companies 25% discount to customers installing Mobileye. 25% discount to customers installing Mobileye. 10% discount to customers installing Mobileye. 20% discount to customers installing Mobileye.
  31. 31. Driving Schools Around the World Adopt Mobileye
  32. 32. Ukraine Osvita-Auto: Kiev’s largest driving schoolThe school has outfitted itsvehicles with Mobileye’s C2-270.All students learning to drive willbe able to do so in a MobileyeC2-270-equipped car.Decreases anxiety among youngdrivers, especially in a densetraffic city like the Ukrainiancapital.
  33. 33. Netherlands Bruinsma Verkeersopleidingen:Netherland’s largest driving school
  34. 34. ChinaShenzhen Tongpin driving school