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Optimizing User-Experience with Carrier-Neutral Colocation


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In today’s rapidly changing and resource constrained world, aligning your IT Infrastructure with the goals of the business while driving value is challenging. Join this special case study presentation to learn how Contact Solutions has leveraged Equinix’s global platform of secure, highly-connected, carrier-neutral data centers to boost application performance, address compliance requirements, enhance IT and business flexibility, and lower costs.

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Optimizing User-Experience with Carrier-Neutral Colocation

  1. 1. Optimizing User-Experience With Carrier-Neutral Colocation Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 1
  2. 2. Our Presenters Chris Sussman; Vice President of Operations, Contact Solutions Chris Sussman is Contact Solutions’ Vice President of Operations. In this role, Mr. Sussman is responsible for all operational and administrative aspects of the company’s technological infrastructure, application support and professional services functions. Chris was hired as Contact Solutions’ first permanent employee in 2003 to build the Engineering & Operations department from the ground up. With more than 20 years experience in the information management and telecommunications industries, Chris has a superior track record delivering large scale, mission critical projects on time, under budget, and achieving the bottom line. He has managed operations and technology organizations for industry leaders British Aerospace, BAE Systems, iBasis, as well as several start-up companies. Chris is a member of the Washington Network Group (WNG) and participates in the NVTC. Lou Najdzin, Vertical Development Director, Global Enterprise Lou Najdzin is an IT Services industry veteran with a broad industry background that ranges from leading hosting and network lines of business to business development in specific vertical markets such as finance. He is currently responsible for driving the growth of the Enterprise and Systems Integrators market at Equinix. Prior to joining Equinix, Lou was a Business Development Executive in Hewlett-Packard’s Enterprise Services Business Unit focused on Outsourcing opportunities within the Capital Markets industry. Before joining HP, he led Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Solutions and Offer Development at Savvis for both the Network and Hosting lines of business. As a Senior Consultant at Telwares, Inc., he managed a team responsible for negotiating client vendor contracts for IT Services. He has also held various positions at both AT&T and Lucent in Professional Services, Product Management, International Operations, Offer Development, and Finance. Lou holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University. Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 2
  3. 3. About Equinix • The widest network-neutral footprint – 95+ data centers – 31 strategic global markets • The strongest financial metrics in our industry* – $1.895 billion in annualized revenues – $4.4+ billion investment in capacity 2007-2012 – NASDAQ-100 member (added December 24, 2012) • The most dynamic ecosystem in the industry – 4,000+ global customers – 100,000+ customer to customer connections *As announced on Q4 2012 results call, and as filed on Form 8K, on February 13, 2013. Excludes the impact from the sale of 16 IBX data centers to 365 Main as announced on 9/4/12. Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 3
  4. 4. The World’s Most Connected Sites Platform Equinix: • 5 continents • 950+ Networks • Over 90% of all Internet traffic passes through Equinix data centers • <10ms latency to 90% of the population of NA, Western Europe, Top Markets in AP, and Brazil Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 4
  5. 5. Equinix Marketplace Diverse and interconnected customer base Did you know Equinix is home to: Cloud Computing Financial Services • 9 of the top 10 content distribution networks • 450+ cloud & SaaS providers Networks • 600+ IT service providers • 800+ financial firms • 5 of the top 5 web properties (Comscore) Content & Digital Media Enterprises • 4 of the 5 smartphone platforms 5 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  6. 6. CIOs Must Focus on Their End-User’s Experience Poor application performance impacts your employees, customers, and partners • Headquarters Experience – • Still positive end-user experience, but certain applications may be impacted Remote Office or Mobile Experience – • or Branch Office Experience – • Users located in close proximity to where applications are hosted experience good application performance Negative end-user experience because of distance from application delivery Kill-Me-Now Experience – Users find it very difficult to do their jobs Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 6
  7. 7. The Data, Networks and Applications (DNA) of Flexible IT Data Management Platform Equinix as the home and foundation for all missioncritical data infrastructure Network Optimization Application Performance Platform Equinix for optimized networks and services connectivity for performance, security, and cost Platform Equinix as the home and foundation for high-performance applications, Cloud enablement, and high QoE service delivery The Flexible IT Experience Platform Equinix as the foundation for flexible, highperformance, secure, and cost efficient IT solutions spanning Data, Networks, and Applications. This is the DNA of Platform Equinix. Flexible IT 7 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  8. 8. Data: One of Your Most Important Assets DATA • Enterprise data / storage needs are growing – Structured and unstructured data – Data created from within the enterprise as well as from outside the firm • Enterprise data / storage needs are “spiky” – Large development projects drive demand for temporary storage – M&A creates strain on steady state on premise storage infrastructure • Big Data storage / analytics require large scale infrastructure “speeds and feeds” – Big Data platforms and analytic engines are increasingly being offered from the cloud where they can meet performance, bandwidth and latency requirements • The new Enterprise security “perimeter” is data – In transit and at rest Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Networks Are Changing NETWORKS At the “Epicenter of Connectivity” The result Old Way: Carrier is Center of the Network • Enterprise Data Center Carrier POP Internet Carrier POP Improved performance, lower costs, and access to choice of hundreds of network services providers • Cloud and IT Service providers also available via direct connection Branch Office New Way: Customer is the Center of the Network Enterprise WAN extended into Platform Equinix High Speed Connectivity Enterprise Data Center Branch Office Equinix IBX Data Center Internet Optional Equinix IBX Data Center 9 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  10. 10. Applications: Architect for Global Performance APPS BUSINESS CRITICALLY End user experience depends on data, network and application architecture Email HR-Finance Collaboration CRM-ERP-BI Main Frame Archive/DR Apps Transactional Apps Voice Virtual Desktop Collaboration Trading Desk Imaging Apps Video Analytics Web/HTTP Procurement Document Management Best Effort >100ms >2000km Priority <100ms <2000km Real-Time <50ms <500km Proximity <5ms <50km LATENCY SENSITIVITY Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 10
  11. 11. About Contact Solutions • Customer self-service experts • Founded in 2002, privately held • Experience - Managing 1.2B+ customer service calls annually across large business and government enterprises • Solutions – – – • IVR (500+ applications) Business intelligence Mobile customer care Business Innovation – – – – – Patent-pending, customer-driven mobile care Patented behavior-based personalization Fraud management Continuous improvement analytics Cloud Platform: zero downtime since 2004 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  12. 12. Customer Service is Broken: Significant benefits for improvement customers willing to spend 13% more with companies that provide excellent customer service of consumers ended a business relationship due to poor customer service of consumers would use a mobile app instead if available to replace some or all traditional customer service channels lost by U.S. businesses/year due to poor customer service Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc. 12
  13. 13. Contact Solutions: Case Study (Before) Challenges • Large TDM network ingress supporting IVR platform • OAM&P built around telephony platform • Small network ingress and core network • No “on ramp” to the cloud defined for additional services • Built to support domestic call volume 13 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  14. 14. Contact Solutions: Data Center Deployment Interconnection Global Footprint Business Ecosystems Immediate Requirements 1. Interconnectivity • Diverse Carriers • Equinix Ethernet Exchange 2. Global Footprint and Brand 3. Need more here… 4. More 5. More 6. More 14 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  15. 15. Contact Solutions: Infrastructure (After) Key Initiatives • Extensive system virtualization • Global site load balancing • Latest Cisco equipment (Nexus switching line) • 10Gbps core – 1Gbps edge network • WAN tiered storage • Multi-level backups (near line to cloud) 15 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  16. 16. Contact Solutions: Multi-Channel Customer Service Product Offering 16 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.
  17. 17. Questions Global Footprint Quality of Data Center Design and Security Network Density and Interconnection Services Operational Reliability Financial Stability and Expansion Strategy Ecosystems and Communities of Interest 17 Equinix Confidential - © 2012 Equinix Inc.