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Reaching the Retail Investor


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As one of 3,800 issuers listed on the TSX/TSX-V, how can you distinguish your story? How can you effectively connect with the retail audience?

Check out this TMX Equicom webinar and learn how to:

- Increase visibility
- Diversify your shareholder base
- Reduce volatility
- Improve liquidity

Published in: Investor Relations
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Reaching the Retail Investor

  1. 1. Reaching theRetail Investor: Investor Relations
  2. 2. Your PresentersCameron DaviesSenior Vice PresidentCrystal QuastDirector, Media RelationsMark CohenAccount Executive
  3. 3. Agenda1. About retail2. Why is retail important3. Strategies to reach retail 1. Indirect 2. Direct4. Key tools5. Q&A
  4. 4. Your key audiencesAnalysts/BankersInstitutional InvestorsRetail BrokersRetail InvestorsBusiness Media
  5. 5. About Retail InvestorsIndividual investor1 in 2 Canadians own stockPurchase in small amount$166B in discount brokeragesAverage portfolio $60-100kAverage 3-4 trades per Q*
  6. 6. About RetailTend to take long term approach 5limited time for investmentdecisions 3Invest in Companies they know 1 4 3800 co’s on TSX/TSX-V Become loyal investors 2Wave theory Investor confidence (Dent 2004)*Source: Investor Economics 2009
  7. 7. Why Retail is importantDiversify investor baseGenerate liquidityThey have capital
  8. 8. ChallengesTime consumingTypically not as knowledgeableEmotional
  9. 9. Strategies and Tactics: Attracting Investors
  10. 10. Indirect: Retail Brokers Two types: Stock picker or Asset gatherer Average 2 trades per account per quarter* Heavy reliance on analysts Move towards active management Concentrated in large urban markets*Source: Investor Economics 2009
  11. 11. Indirect: Retail Brokers % of advisors 10,000 advisors % of assets $573B in assets 39.5 42.3 19.1 19 20 16.2 13.1 12.4 5.1 3.8 4.8 4.8Source: Investor Economics 2009
  12. 12. Indirect: Retail BrokersTargeting is criticalFind championsBroker Lunches/BranchPresentationsDon’t forget local marketGather FeedbackUpdate regularly – Top 10Provide succinct and compellingpoints
  13. 13. Pitching your story: messagingthe right informationrapidly transferredwith high recall
  14. 14. the right information
  15. 15. it’s about distilled nuggets mission product table of description contents board values vision growth last year’s strategy results awards something features big coming benefits capabilities intellectual head shots property corporate governance media coverage value proposition
  16. 16. typically, the big three need expressed opportunity need strategic, core differentiator addressed (what defines you, guides all you do) growth strategy how you are going to stay on top
  17. 17. rapidly transferred
  18. 18. rapidly transferred
  19. 19. Capturing interest + making an impressionphotographymapsdiagramsillustrationsbig fonts
  20. 20. high recall
  21. 21. Ways to Make Them Rememberplotemotionimagesproprietary languagethe unexpected
  22. 22. Strategies and Tactics: Attracting Investors
  23. 23. Indirect: Sell-Side AnalystsTarget key Analysts in the sectorFocus on the growth strategy, Significant influenceClearly identify milestones over brokersCan help facilitate meetingsQuotable for media
  24. 24. The broker roadshow Quarterly CEO/CFO mandatoryRoad new potential investors/ current shareholders Tips leverage sell side Gather feedback Build presence/maintain visibility
  25. 25. Strategies and Tactics: Attracting Investors
  26. 26. Direct: Business Media - Working with JournalistsFocus on key messagesIdentify sector reporterTarget media carefullySelect a media spokespersonMedia training
  27. 27. Direct: Business Media – working with JournalistsShrinking NewsroomsGrowth of online mediaMain source of investorinformation is now onlineBuild plan – getting coveragetakes timeBe realistic
  28. 28. Direct: Social MediaEnsure maximum visibility Build concerted strategy Make your own news Amp up Google juice Crisis communications
  29. 29. Strategies and Tactics: Key Tools
  30. 30. WebsiteCritical tool – first stopInclude all relevant infoDevelop an IR section andupdate regularly
  31. 31. Virtual RoadshowAllow investors to see and hearmanagementAllow for broad distribution ofstoryIntegrate with social media
  32. 32. Fact SheetOne page double sidedEffective for introductionsSimple languageGrowth strategy & financialoverview
  33. 33. SummaryHave a 12 month planKeep messages simple Critical component forWill help generate liquidity any IR programTakes time
  34. 34. Reaching theRetail Investor: Investor Relations
  35. 35. Additional Questions Please Contact: Cameron Davies Senior Vice President TMX Equicom 416-815-0700 x 260